My President Is Black…

blame it on Meka January 20, 2012

Last night At his reelection fundraiser at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, President Obama did a quick, impromptu rendition of Al Green’s instant vintage “Let’s Stay Together.” Not bad, actually. It’s a lot better than my “sounds like I’m going through puberty” vocals when I sing in the shower.

  • fuckyouhoeassniggas

    if the country is ever ran by a white man again, i be dammneeedddd

  • BoyWiddaBeard

    He can sing Al Green all he wants, still bombing African countries

  • CP

    Sounds like someone’s whoring for money and votes again… yup, it’s 2012.

  • DBS

    You told us you’d do a lot of things you never did so why would they expect otherwise now.


    ppl dont understand politics, their dumb as fuck. RON PAUL? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. RP = America in a toilet. Who wants to let a crazy old fuck run our country lol….leave that muhfucka in the library lol.

  • recko

    And he is doing such a terrible job to pass legislation on what he vowed to “Change”…he needs to grow a set of balls, and Fuck the republicans in the ass. but thanks to our president, the majority of, House of representatives switched from Blue seats to Red seats, now the Republicans are the majority in the house, and President Obama is doing a shitty job to pass “Universal Health care”, “ceate more Jobs”,, But OH YEAH, WALL STREET GOT BAILED OUT WITH NO PROSECUTIONS, AIG, FANNIE MAY, FREDDY MAC, B of A, etc….

  • fonzworth bentley

    You’re dumb as fuck. You can’t even tell the difference between their and they’re.

  • recko

    he is terrorizing the mid-east,,, mass murdering mid-east populated countries for no explicit reason…he announced in the 2010 state of the union he was going to bring the troops home, but instead our soldiers are still dying for a war with no cause.

  • recko


  • jmt999

    Stop worrying about singing, and start worrying about fixing this country that is turning into a turd. I’d rather have a billy goat as president than this guy.

  • randy watson

    I feel played for giving this dude my first vote. For buying that Undcrwn tee of him to show my “support”. Wish I knew the things I know now (about politics, history, and the government), back then when I was fresh out of high school. Smh. Cosign BoyWiddaBeard

  • DeathBogn


  • lol you think you cast one vote and it ends? you gotta keep w/ the struggle. president is one 1/3 of your gov.

  • ronPeezyBitch

    barry obama’s a tool and so are you if you vote for him because of shit like this. grow up, the only color people should be worried about is green. this country (and the world because of it) is in serious trouble.

  • ALF the quarrelsome

    Again, you negros are missing the crux of the matter. You put ALL your faith, hopes and aspirations in one man. The system is still fucked my friends. You could put MLK in the oval office right now, it wouldnt mean a damn thing. Its up to people (us) to change things. Fuck it, lets just talk about bamma-ass rappers.

  • politicking

    cosign @triPAUD and ALF the quarrelsome

  • ronPeezyBitch

    instead of singing “let’s stay together” he should take a listen to “what’s going on” by marvin



  • Sane

    Man people kill me blaming this man! These issues we have didn’t just occur 4yr’s ago! They’ve been yrs in the making but I guess lets just blame one guy for everything like alot of us are actually doing anything! Half of the people I see on here rarely support a artist they love by purchasing an album or helping to promote them to see that artist win. So i’m pretty sure a good bit of you aren’t that concerned with politics! lol! No rant so don’t take it personal people

  • feb8

    I feel played for giving this dude my first vote. For buying that Undcrwn tee of him to show my “support”. Wish I knew the things I know now (about politics, history, and the government), back then when I was fresh out of high school. Smh. Cosign BoyWiddaBeard

    smh, so you feel played for voting because you went in and voted without knowing anything huh? Saw Obama running, saw the hype, saw he was black, went out and copped a tee and voted and then just assumed he would fix America after the state it was in when he took office? Like others said you can’t be serious about blaming one man for all of OUR country’s problems. People want to run around and complain about everything but I bet you a lot of people decrying Obama haven’t done ANYTHING, provided ANY effort towards “fixing” America because they just assume you vote and that’s it, your job is done.

    You say you know things about politics, government and history now huh? OK, so what do you know NOW that you didn’t know 4 years ago? And better yet, what are you going to do with that knowledge? How are you going to better the country? Are you going to vote for someone else now because of what you know? I’d love to read your response, and I hope you prove me wrong in thinking that you aren’t going to know or do much more than you would have 4 years ago.

    I’m not saying that Obama has done an excellent job and we’re well on our way to real change in this country but you can’t just vote for a man and expect him to fix everything just because he TOLD you he would. If every president could do what they SAY they’re going to do we wouldn’t be in the state we are now trust me. It’s pretty difficult to get any REAL change when the president is a Democrat and Congress is Republican (or vice-versa).

    There are MUCH bigger problems with this country than one man so before everyone gets out their pitchforks and torches over Obama we should all at least KNOW what we’re talking about.

  • randy watson

    I’m sorry for once thinking a guy who finally looked like me was going to step in office to do some real shxt. I did expect a lot from him before I realized he was just 1 one them with a bit more melanin & soulful Pandora stations. I’m also aware that no superman is gonna turn this crooked ass govt around at once. Check this man’s track record tho.

    Alf is correct, I completely agree with you. Problem is, people aren’t aware and don’t care to see past government facades and mind fucks. Seeing all of these politicians daily now that election time is approaching is just fxckin annoying.

  • MusicHead

    It’s funny how people believe one man can make America such a bad place in 4 years. If yall REALLY did your research you would know that the economy was going down since Bill Clinton was in office and maybe before then. Stop trying to blame Obama for something none of us can fix. The only thing you need to ask yourself is, “if I was in that position, would I do a better job??” If you believe you can, then you should go run for president. If not, SHUT THEE FUCK UP!!!

  • Positive Vibe

    100% agree with MusicHead


    #1 donator to Obama and Romney is Goldman donator to Ron Paul is people serving in the military.
    Obama and rest of them are frauds
    RON PAUL 2012 or this country is gonna go down quick

  • marty mcfly

    You can hate on him all you want but bottom line is if somebody else was the president this country would be so much worse then it is now its crazy. We would be still be fighting in war on a bigger scale and the economy would have gotten so much more worse you probably would be considering moving to Canada by now. Some of you so mad at Obama but who could do a better Job? Bush? Or some of these new candidates that just showed up? Who did more in the first four years of their term for this country? Keeping in mind that this country in 08 was the worst its been in the last 50 years. What president did more on behalf of working class people in four years? EXACTLY cause the last good president this country had was assassinated in 1963 so STFU.

  • marty mcfly

    If you run inside a burning house and you only put out fires in a few rooms ( more then other presidents did ), are you to blame for the house being on fire in the first place? No because this country was in bad shape ten years before Obama even showed up and four years is not enough time to fix everything especially when congress and many other people in positions of power in this country refuse to be held accountable for their own positions and wont even try to do anything to help anybody including themselves.

  • @BoyWiddaBeard

    @BoyWiddaBeard If you were to ask anybody from Africa (for instance Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, etc.) whether or not Northern countries were “African” like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia or Morocco, they will tell you that they are not really African, rather they just live on Africa. Now, are they African countries? Yes. But are they Africans, debatable.

  • McTrollster

    Hopefully people aren’t so stupid to vote for this guy again. If so, then December 21st needs to happen. The US Government should be dropping gas prices, oil prices, etc…instead of trying to control the internet to make a dollar that won’t go to fixing our country.

  • randy watson

    feb8 before you get your panties in a bunch, just take a deep breath my nigga.
    Now… President Obama isn’t THE problem, but he is INDEED part of the problem. The front man of the problem… I have nothing wrong with admitting my ignorance when I was 19 years old. You should take that up with society and the fantastic school systems of America. So yes, I did vote for him because he was black and talked a good game. As far as I’m concerned all of these guys are full of shit and will be puppets because the system is very corrupted. My vote will go towards whoever I think will be best beneficial to the country (or less likely to completely drag the people all the way to hell and back). The people are who I’m most concerned with anyway. I may not have a solution, but my efforts in getting people hip to what’s going on, and continuing to educate myself is me playing my role. Your preaching is not needed over here but I appreciate your concern.

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ If not Obama then WHO? Who would you trust the future of this country with? You want a new guy with a new administration in the white house at this point? Do they even have an opinion on the economy other then its your fault and not theirs? Just saying. If not Obama then WHO?

  • He high as shit – smoked out with some of his bodyguards and said “I’ma sing some Al Green on stage.”

  • Your President is WACK! You seem to forget the fact that he’s only half black, and half white, the white half being the reason he’s prez. He comes from a long line chosen from the “elite” bloodline, who basically been runnin sh!t the last couple hundred of years, related to Bush and Cheney just to name a few, (google that shit) he was chosen and groomed from a young age to play the part and carry on an agenda. So sad to see so many duped into eating up the BS they feed you and believe this crook was actually something different. Wake THE FUCK UP homeboy. Ron Paul 2012. REAL CHANGE.

  • marty mcfly

    That whole story doesnt connect with his real life upbringing because he has proof of the work he put in to get where he’s at and saying Ron Paul name is the easy way out because its the only name you can choose BUT his skills as a president are untested and his intentions is still a question mark. Plus you really already no that in comparison to Obama, Ron Paul would not do a better job. At least you can say some positive things about Obama because his reputation is set in stone and is factual. If it was somebody else besides Ron Paul the only shit you could say would be something negative.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean KNOW… and that whole illuminiati bloodline shit is a distraction to make people focus on some evil conspiracy theory instead of looking anything positive in Obamas first term.

  • alex


  • huh?? The easy way out?? naw, not at all, Ron Paul really is the only viable option for change we have. Obama has done nothing to change the direction of this country in a positive way. For one, he’s inflated the national debt and added more to it than all the presidents put together before him. And Fuck yes, I KNOW Dr. Paul would do a much better job than this fuckin joke, Obama is a fraud, bottom line. And the whole bllodline deal, is Real sh!t homie, look into it. He’s been groomed to be where he’s at, distraction??? how is it a distraction when it is barely even know to the general public??? His reputation is set in stone, and is shameful and checkered. I voted for Ron Paul last election, and will do so this election. Wake up homie and read up on some facts. I’m informed on the world and it’s workings. Do somoe research, then come back and have a credible argument. Fuck Obama.

  • kyle

    Fuck that stupid fucking monkey that you all call obama. He is ruining our country whether you want to admit it or not. The facts are out there that he is fucking America behinds its back. All obama is is a monkey puppet for the globalist. If yall knew anything youd see how evil he really is. That dumb Fuck obama signed the NDAA bill so that he can throw us the American people into internment camps. He’s also a punk bitch ass president that begs on his knees to try n get our hi-tech drone back from Iran. Obama is also now the food stamp king. He put us in almost 6 trillion dollars worth of debt which is more thqn any other president EVER!! and jus because he seems friendly on t.v. and knows how to read a teleprompter doesnt make him a fit president. And now we can all see that his message of ” CHANGE” is for the worst. So actually think before you vote next election. And if you don’t want America to become communist like north Korea then vote for Ron Paul. He is our only true solution for America. N for you stoners out there who thought that obama would legalize pot guess again. The only person who wants to decriminalize and legalize weed is Ron Paul. So do your part n save America by voting Ron Paul next election. Thank you

  • “eSpO’

    Thank you Kyle.

  • marty mcfly

    @espO, You talk about doing research when the shit you saying is not true. That whole bloodline shit is not the whole truth and it has its own set of flaws because it can never be 100% proven and even if it is, the fact is alot of peoples bloodline can be traced back to people in the white house. The further you go back the more chances you get but you can be traced back by bloodline to a million people who you never knew was there your entire life and that goes for everybody. Obama not doing anything positive is also a matter of opinion and not the whole truth because if you really do the research you’ll see many things have gotten better. Some things will be right in your face and obvious and 2ndly who are you comparing that opinion too? Bush? Clinton? Reagan? COMEONSON. Him inflating the debt more then any other president is also a flawed argument because thats like trying to put a bandaid on a leak during a flood. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for any human being to turn around the debt or stop it from getting worse in a few years after Bush. You talk about do my research on Obama and his administration but I did and if anybody else did the overall conclusion would be its pretty impressive and admirable and especially in comparison to the last 8 presidents. He wasnt groomed for this by an elite cause the elite were not around him before he was president cause he;s the only one who built up his campaign on a grassroots level with help from lobbyists. Obama’s first four years was better then the last 8 presidents all across the board in almost every category and that was coming in at the worst time ever. After Bush. You talking about Ron Paul would do a better job then Obama when clearly you must’ve missed some of the reasons why he is the president in the first place. Its no way that Ron Paul can do a better job in four years or 8 years then Obama because the only way that would be possible is if he had a whole army of people with him in his administration and he doesnt. Obama does and he’s already in the position so now you wanna start all over instead of seeing Obama’s economic plans through in which many have yet to even agreed upon by republicans because they dont give a fuck about the working class. You wanna go back to zero with Ron Paul? Just because he’s a good talker? You could hate Obama and still not pick Ron Paul over him because experience speaks louder then words and even if you hate Obama with all your heart, to say he hasnt done anything positive would only mean your either blind or just going with what you heard on FOX news instead of real life. If Obama was has bad a president has you say he was then what the fuck was Bush? Cause the problems you say are Obamas doing, really are 20 years in the making and thats before Obama showed up. How you blaming Obama for a debt that was cause by a thousand bad decisions that Obama had nothing to do with? Yeah those other presidents gave you CHANGE by sacrificing your financial security and the countries economic future for their own greed and thats what you want back again?

  • marty mcfly

    You talking about bills that he signed ( that have many different functions ) but you dont talk about bills he DIDNT sign and you dont know what those bills really say because no one outside of certain people have ALL that information. I guess you think the last president did a great job. LOL who was the real puppet, Bush still taking orders from his dad years after he left DC? Or Obama a dude who worked his ass off in the streets of Chicago for years and earned the respect from the people by working for them in front of their own eyes for the majority of his life. I guess because Ron Paul means well and talks good ( because he can barely stand for that long because he’s so old, no diss just saying ), you think that he has the drive and diplomatic and political power to do a better job. GTFOH

  • marty mcfly

    I mean withOUT help from lobbyists… in that first big comment.

  • rootsunda

    @eSPO @Kyle u silly babies are so misled by conspiracy theories n such the prez has done a lot of positive things but they lie to you numbskulls and u fall right much racist garbage the GOP is and entire Conservative base spews at this man you should be apalled its vile and disgusting and its very sad that in 2012 we can’t disagree respectfully without the bullshit. President Obama didnt get us in this shit were in President Bush made awful decisions the war,tax breaks for the rich, bank bailouts.Republicans hate that he ran one of the most successful campaigns in the history of politics and hes black !!! Everybody has an agenda EVERYBODY EVEN RON PAUL !! He doesnt agree with the Civil Rights Act of 64 ! Are you serious ? You say he has raise the debt more than any other prez NOT TRUE !! Bush ran the debt up, check ur facts..Fox brainwashes you, the GOP….They want this country to be in their hands and things will be worse.

  • marty mcfly

    And Obama’s bloodline was traced back to Dick Cheney by a distant relative from the 17th century from 11 generations before Obama. So that dumb illuminati bloodline shit people talk about only holds so much weight.

  • recko

    @marty McFAG ^ U stupid FUCK! Obama has yet To pass, or change any legislation due to his bowing down to the republicans. Due to President Obama, in 2010 the majority of the House seats switched from Blue to Red, thus resulting in Obama having lease power to pass legislation that he “VOWED” to “CHANGE”! Hilary Clinton would have been a likely candidate, and would have done the country well, because her domestic spending policies are those synonymous to obamas, but her foreign policies are more peaceful than obamas. Also her policies on universal health care were similar to Obamas,also her domestic social policies cater more to the single parent homes making below $35,000,,,Obama promised a whole lot of things to “CHANGE” but he has failed to prove so in 4 years. he has yet to scratch the surface. California is still unemployed by 10%….

  • rootsunda

    @marty mcfly man you and I know that bullshit is meant to distract people, silly Illuminati talk. Then they say oh you guys are blind lol. I’ve been waiting on the Illuminati to takeover for 12 years I’m fucking 32 years old and nothing has come about. Y2K ?? Uhh SARS, UHH Swine Flu…Niggas love to pretend to be knowledgeable and know whats going on in this world. But they really don’t..the vitriol is powered by racism and hate. Food stamp President ?? Socialist ?? These are powerful accusations that are meant to capitalize off the anger and frustration that most Americans feel because of what the Republicans chose to do for 8 years, be favorable to the rich and pretend to help the poor and disadvantaged..and it’s not Barack’s fault. He just came at a bad time time. Lets set it straight I don’t agree with every single thing he does, but I support 100% because he is educated,inspiring and has worked hard to change the course of the country and any time a black man gets into a powerful position it’s always gotta be some controversy.

  • Cali Grown

    Obama disregards the Constitution like any other puppet put before us as President. We need our Constitution and Bill of Rights restored. I bet most on this post don’t even know what Habeas Corpus is and how Obama has taken it from us.

    The ratio of the Federal Reserve Note is still controlled by unelected members of the privately owned Federal Reserve who profit off our anguish and devalue the dollar through deliberate inflation and deflation (which is basically theft). The big banksters who ENGINEERED the crash of the housing market and got bailed out by the American people’s tax dollars are still not in jail. And Obama is still making police action wars without the approval of Congress like he’s some fucking king.

    There’s a reason why home-schoolers, gun enthusiasts, returned veterans (of the many who support Ron Paul), and Constitutionalists (such as Ron Paul) are declared domestic terrorists now. If I’m a terrorist because I strongly believe in my rights or want to home school myself then there’s something very wrong.

    But it all comes down to us people. True change is only brought about by the people. Whether we like it or not freedom is not free. WE ALL have a responsibility, as free citizens, to do our part to better our country. Let’s not let history repeat itself because after all there’s nothing new under the sun.

  • Mr. Newton

    Im a free thinker, you @recko you’re a stupid fuck !! This country was so deep in shit when Dubya left, it would be impossible for any incoming president to change in two years let alone four what that cracka Bush screwed up so wake up you cum drinking, spineless, lost, test tube faggot. We still paying for those 2 wars yo white ass daddy got us into. Bitch…

  • ALF the quarrelsome

    LOL @ negroes co-signing Ron Paul. Have you geechie booger-bears forgotten that we have a bicameral legislature. The house and the senate would filibuster the shit out of Ron Pauls libertarian policies [just like they filibustered obamas shxt a record number of times]. Come on yall, read up on your shxt. I said it earlier, Ill say it again, THE PRESIDENT Does not shape the country, people do. Jesus.

  • Poltical Jugganot

    OK @CALIGROWN smart guy who does the President has to convince ?? CONGRESS….RON PAUL IS A RADICAL LOOKING TO APPEASE THOSE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES INDEPENDENTS WHY DON’T HE JUST CALL HIMSELF A FUCKING INDEPENDENT AND NOT REGISTER AS A FUCKING REPUBLICAN !!!! He’s in the MIDDLE, he will never become President because CONSERVATIVES, don’t agree with withdrawing from the war, and LIBERALS HONOR THE CIVIL RIGHTS BILL and which he doesn’t support he said THAT SUBLIMINALLY ON TV !!!!!!

  • BeinganAdult

    I’m 100% right when I say that Ron Paul is for less big (federal) government and more for state and local government (like the Constitution states). Please understand that the federal government does more harm than good. Yes, President Obama has done some good, but his flaws are tremendous (which is sad because I really believed in him)! President Obama stated that when he would be elected he would bring the troops home right away, close down Guantanamo, and was against the national debt, but look what has happened. He lied and that is fact. This generation and future generation WILL have to pay for this national debt. We are only able to fund our wars by China lending us money. I ask all of you to look at which candidate gets the most donations from Active Military Troops and ponder why this candidate gets more donations than the Commander in Chief himself.

  • Mr. Newton

    I challenge you @BeinganAdult to prove to me the national debt is higher SOLELY because of Barack. C’mon and don’t quote Bill O’ Reilly or Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity or Karl Rove or Newt much static has he had to deal with sine he been in OFFICE….

  • ronPizzle

    “saying Ron Paul name is the easy way out because its the only name you can choose BUT his skills as a president are untested and his intentions is still a question mark”

    ^REALLY? …THIS? This is your response? Ron Paul’s intentions have always been clear as day. Go do your research and see what he’s been up to the past couple decades. If you’re lazy then just do yourself a favor and watch a couple of his interviews and speeches on youtube to see what he stands on. And btw, Obama’s “skills as a president” were untested when he ran aswell, and the same goes for every United State Presidential Candidate Ever (that wasn’t already the sitting-in president). I mean do you think these people get trial runs or something?

    “Plus you really already no that in comparison to Obama, Ron Paul would not do a better job.”

    ^How in the hell so?

    “THE PRESIDENT Does not shape the country, people do.”

    ^You’re right but you’re wrong. Let’s be realistic. People don’t/won’t take action, they’re too preoccupied with their own daily struggles. The president has all sorts of powers to effect change, whether big or small. And he is put into power for such reasons. If he does not, then you atleast try the next guy who might do a better job. To all the people who say Obama is not super man and cannot fix all the problems that’s been placed in his lap. You’re right also. But atleast give some examples of his ATTEMPTS at fixing the shit…or fill us in on his PLANS for the next 4 years. Thus far, I haven’t seen much real “change”. I’m actually curious to see what how he run his campaign in the upcoming election.

  • marty mcfly

    @rootsunda, COSIGN I already know and the sad part about it is most people are just dumb and im not dissing people when I say that but im just being honest when I say 9 outta ten people really dont know what they talking about when they talk politics or Obama. Im not blaming them either because I know they have everyday life to deal with but most people dont wanna admit they dont know something so they just turn on FOX news or go to some gossip site and anything they see they just cosign that opinion. @Cali Grown, I get it man your upset about the same things that can be said about every president before Obama. My thing is this, what are people mad about? Its the ECONOMY right? Its the ECONOMY and a few other problems but mostly the ECONOMY and JOBS? Am I right? OK now ask yourself, when you watch these politic debates, how many times do these new candidates avoid the topic of the economy? Now how many answers do they give that are really vague and none specific and just sound like something they heard from somebody else that really isnt even close to being a solution? Thats what im talking about right there. If you really watch this political shit they spend 95% of their time talking about somebody else or some bullshit that has nothing to do with helping people but still people want to vote for someone else just to be different. Now what person really acts like they with the people? Obama having the peoples best interest at heart is not just opinion because there is tons of evidence in his history that prove his character as somebody who cares about americans. Is he perfect? No cause nobody is but there is no way possible that anybody with any common sense can actually believe that any other person in politics is gonna bring positive change. If not Obama its not gonna happen and that has been proven by the last fucking 50 years of this country. Now how many times has Obama made steps that are outside of what the other presidents have done? How many times has he gone against the grain? ALOT so all this talk about him being a puppet really doesnt make sense when he clearly is not in agreement with MOST of Washington and he has been fighting for four years for universal health care, ending the war in Iraq, holding the rich more accountable for the money they make and spend and keeping this countries national security intact. So all this shit about how Obama is ruining this country because of shit he had nothing to do with is bullshit and people need to wake up and stop thinking were gonna get Jesus Christ as president and just realize that no other person in politics gives a fuck about YOU. If somebody else gets in the white house they would STEAL MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and put the money in offshore accounts and leave the country even more fucked up because thats whats been going on for years. Obama is not doing that because this guy has been turning down shit that would cost middle class tax payers more money every year some bullshit like that comes across his desk. This is the last president that cares about everyday people. The last president you mite catch out just eating at a fast food joint or taking his family out for some everyday type of shit like a normal person. The next time we get a white republican multi millionaire in the white house, we’ll be back in another recession thats even worse then the one were in now because nobody in Washington gives a fuck about YOU, they spend way more time talking about TV commercials in bad taste toward the other candidates and shit like gays in the military and abortion and keeping the rich financially secure and a bunch of other issues that really dont help us but when they get to JOBS and the ECONOMY they give some weak answers then they change the subject because they plan on ROBBING AMERICANS BOTTOM LINE. Obama spends most of his time dealing with those two issues first because there the hardest to overcome and you can tell he means well because you cant fake your intentions for most of your whole life and Obama has always been about the people you can find the proof about that. Look up these other cats in Washington and you’ll find out that they really just political puppets and crooks with not even half the credibility Obama earned before he even went to Washington. Even if everything about Ron Paul is positive you still gotta realize that Obama has a better chance at helping this country because if Ron Paul was in there, republican would treat him even worse then Obama because they hate that man with passion so its no way he would be effective when if every time he tried to make change he wouldnt get any help from anybody in politics. Its better to go with the guy thats four years in already because he’s already familiar with the whole machine and his administration is solidified. So @ronPizzle, even if everything your saying is right about Ron Paul it wouldnt matter because he still needs POLITICAL POWER AND INFLUENCE and thats two things he never had in the white house.

  • Cali Grown

    The president is just a puppet for the powers that be. Someone for us to point our finger at or put hope in for change that won’t come unless we alienate the real puppet masters or until some one like Kennedy or Ron Paul is elected. Kennedy wanted to end the fed just like Ron Paul and look how he ended up. No president’s attempted to do the same since.

    You’d have to be blind not to see that Ron Paul is truly for the people. Vote for him and legalize freedom. The most politically consistent.

  • marty mcfly

    Obama stepped in the white house as a community leader and political teacher with years of experience in the subject of politics from Harvard University and he built a presidential campaign that has never been seen before with so much support from the middle class it was historic and everybody who knew him gave there full 100% support. Fast forward to now and people saying he’s twice as strong as before and this years president run for a 2nd term will be the on the biggest scale that has ever been seen from any other president by november. Im sorry, Ron Paul is cool but I think todays world is just too complex for him to fully understand. Considering Obama may have the best and most effective administrative team that this country has ever seen and you already know that he definitely is the smartest president ever based on his education. Done

  • Cali Grown

    @marty mcfly
    Yes, people are mad about the economy but that’s not the only thing. It’s also the gradual seizing of our rights due to all this War on Terror propaganda.

    If you actually watch the presidential debates and tell me Ron Paul is not for the people than I don’t know what to tell you. Obama’s the type to lock you up indefinitely for being a “domestic terrorist” and Ron Paul is the type to protect not only your constitutional rights but your natural rights.

    You couldn’t be more wrong, Marty. Obama has sent more troops to Iraq then Bush and his administration works in favor of wall street not the people.

    I can accept your ranting about how Jay Z is the best but to say Obama is for the people more than Ron Paul is just pure nonsense and an illusion. You shouldn’t base your political beliefs off Jay Z songs or the President’s favorite rapper.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have blunts to smoke and whiskey to drink on this fine LA night. Vote Ron Paul and legalize freedom!

  • marty mcfly

    @Cali Grown, you still missing he point because your stuck on the war in Iraq and terrorists when the truth is that Bush and his father are 100x times more responsible for that problem then Obama is because he came into the office when that problem was already outta control. Your talking about constitutional rights about domestic terrorist when guess what? That problem has been around since the beginning of american history so how you mad at Obama? Especially when there is no solution to that particular problem cause americans have never had complete freedom when it comes to being considered a domestic terrorist. As long as you live in this country there will always be a possibility you can be locked up and your rights dont mean shit because you dont have no fucking rights in america, you never did. Your guilty until proven innocent and that will never change. 2nd Dont believe that bullshit about how Obama sent more troops to Iraq then Bush because that wouldnt make sense when Bush declared war in the first place and that war started ten years before Obama even showed up. Now you saying he did it in favor of wall street when Bush is the only president to gain money off the war. Obama been losing money trying to end it so what are you talking about? Obama sent troops over there to make a proper exit out of the country, not to set up new bases like Bush did. Now back to Ron Paul, again even if what your saying is true. Ron Paul has the least power out of everyone in washington so how effective can he be even if he was president? Ron Paul can be with the people all he wants but he lacks the support of most people ( just cause they dont know much about him ), he lacks the support for his own campaign and he has very little political connections and support so most likely if he was president nothing would change because he doesnt have enough support to make a change. You talk about freedom and domestic terrorism, which is ok but what about the economy? Yeah Ron Paul has a good opinion about the matter but he has hardly any power to do anything and most american people dont have faith in him even though the like him.

  • marty mcfly

    and Obama doesnt lock people up, judges do. Obama actually reduced the jail sentence for petty crimes because a few years ago you could get ten years for selling a gram of coke and Obama changed that so little kids didnt get they whole life fucked off just for making the wrong decision behind some little ass non violent crime that really means nothing. You think Bush gave a fuck about your freedom? You think people gonna turn on Obama for Ron Paul? A person they barely know anything about? I doubt it

  • a lot better than i’d expect any president to be able to sing haha.

  • Snowww

    i don’t care to read a bunch of idiotic comments accusing Obama of a bunch of nonsense and spewing ron paul garbage like ending the fed. I just wanted to comment that I CANNOT WAIT TO VOTE FOR OBAMA THIS YEAR AND I CANNOT WAIT TO SEND SOME MONEY TO HIS CAMPAIGN TO TRY AND UNDO SOME OF THE DAMAGE IDIOTS LIKE SOME OF THE POSTERS ON HERE WANT TO TRY TO DO TO HIM. ps i am white (shoot me), have a bachelors in economics, and am currently getting a masters in statistics and econometrics. and regarding some of the accusations against Obama, i think we are in a shitty economy right now not because of Obama but because (very generally speaking) that is a feature of capitalist economies- occasional large upswings and occasional large downswings. some times this is due to financial meltdowns and sometimes its not.

  • ronPizzle

    @marty mcfly, you’re saying all that to say what? Yes Ron Paul is hated by the republicans with a passion. Just like Obama was by them, and STILL is, and still will be for even 4 more years if elected. Ron Paul has been gaining political power and influence from the growing number of people that support his campaign, message, and ideals. If he gets elected, he will be able to take on those 2 things with him IN the whitehouse. And I don’t see how Obama’s administration is solidified, or what that even means really, but I’m sure Ron Paul is very familiar with how the political machine works, he didn’t just pop up out of nowhere you know. He does not pander to the crowd. He has been speaking his mind in the face of these same people all this time, no matter the outcome. Obama on the otherhand has done exactly the opposite of what you stated. Obama gave up on the universal health care notion the moment after he got elected when he gave the republicans power in it’s creation. He also went ahead and bailed out the rich instead of holding them accountable. And is on the path of drumming up another war with Iran by putting more and more harsh sanctions against them. We are also still in Afghanistan and messed with the sovereignty of other nations as well. So…what are you really talking about here? Are you talking about likeability? Yes Barack Obama is the most likeable candidate. He’s younger and better looking than the others and he can recite a few lyrics from a classic song (which is a subliminal message about getting re-elected might I add). But so what.

    Also, lol, since you were the one that brought up prison and the war on drugs. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, don’t just take my word for it, go and google Ron Paul’s stance on non-violent drug offenders and also his view on how that affects minorities. Then comeback and see what you wrote about Obama and compare the two.

  • marty mcfly

    @ronPizzle, The question is not if Ron Paul is a good guy or not, some of us know he’s ok. The question is can he accomplish more in the next four years then Obama? Thats the question and trust me I dont just ride with him cause he’s black or because he likes hip hop. My vote is on him because of work ethic bottom line, this guy goes to work without hesitation and he brings home results. Its all public record just go look at all the bills and acts and policies Obama has put in place or presented thus far cause its hundreds of them and most of them are constructive not destructive and are in the best interests of working class people. You talk about he bailed out the rich and didnt make them accountable when he did the exact opposite of that. He stopped most of them from bailing out and forced them to be accountable with banking and financial reform acts. The president gets a THOUSAND DIFFERENT situations to deal with on his desk every day of the week and most of them are serious issues that will effect the country for years and most of them are all multi million dollar concerns and decisions that have multi layered complexities. That YOU everyday people will be forced to pay for if you want a better life like Education, health care, housing etc and I just dont believe Ron Paul can handle that on a daily basis like Obama does cause after all Obama has studied and even taught the hundreds of different factors of politics for years out of his life. We all knew four years was not enough time to change a decade of bad decisions by the government and being that he’s smart it wouldnt be intelligent for him to play his best cards in the first term. So have some faith in the president for a change. Americans never have faith in a president past four years, people always wanna give up as soon as possible and thats just not gonna produce any change at all. Just give Obama a chance, shit Bush almost put this country in a grave economically and people were quick to give him a chance even though they knew the whole war was a huge mistake and he straight up lied about 80% of everything he ever said. If americans give up the next four years for a new guy that has to start all over again and get familiar with the people in congress and other factions of government all over again and it turns out worse? That’ll a be a huge mistake especially while were this close to turning things around for the better overall in this country. People have fought to hard and we’ve come way to close to just give up now and bring in the new guy who most people hardly know nothing about. Obama 2nd term 2012 !!! Cause you fucking life could depend on it…

  • Nuff

    my dick is black my president too

  • Mr. Newton

    Ron Paul is not gaining any fucking support at all he’s dead last in every damn poll you pull up he hasn’t won a primary. Stop lying and he still has to deal with Congress regardless of what damn bill, amendment or ratification ow whatever the hell he wants to institute…Rand Paul his son is part of the Tea Party what makes you think Dr. Paul is the best option ? He’s still republican !!

  • BeinganAdult

    @marty mcfly President Obama has increased the national debt more in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years! Also, as President, Obama has the power to bring the troops back home at any time (the President is the Commander in Chief). Also, the fact the wars that are funded are not even constitutional is sad! There was never a declaration of war for any of these wars (Iraq, Yemen, Libya). Do you even know why 9/11 happened? It was because of blowback, not because of our freedoms. Look up Ron Paul vs Giuliani on youtube. Yes, Obama has passed a lot of bills, but do we have the money to even support these bills? No! This country is broke and I’m sorry that I believe that we need to stop spending and get this country out of debt. I don’t want my children to pay for this BS debt! It’s unethical. I do want to say thanks to all those posting that are polite and have some depth!

  • Pauly D

    I wouldn’t vote for Perry or Barack, but Obama still signed the NDAA…and, even though he can key some Al Green notes, he’s still promoting a bad agenda IMO.

  • Mr. Newton

    The National Defense Authorization Act is a United States federal law that has been enacted for each of the past 49 years to specify the budget and expenditures of the United States Department of Defense.[1]

  • realtalkbitches

    2dopeboyz c-section is clearly the best place for discussing politics. You are all so well informed. Thank you all for blessing us with your A+ opinions.

  • marty mcfly

    @BeinganAdult, He did not increase the debt in 4 years more then bush did in 8 because that wouldnt make sense. Thats some shit you heard on FOX news so you think its the truth. What he did do is put a stimulus package together that people say would put us in more debt but is thats not the case or he whole truth. What Obama did do is put bills in place to take us out of a recession that was being compared to the great depression last year. The president does uphold whats in the constitution but you dont need a declaration of war to go to war because its not 1780 anymore. The president did not start this war, he ended it and most of the troops are home at this point but of course were still over there in some ways because exiting a country you’ve been fighting since the 90s is not that easy. You cant just 100% stop spending to get out of debt because that wouldnt make sense cause we still have to function like a country and slowing down the financial problem also takes money. Stop using the debt as a reason to be mad because thats a cop out. We’ve been in debt for more then 100 years and it will always be that way unless we completely stop doing business with other countries. Were you mad when any other president increased the debt? NO so dont start using that shit now. The president is not the only person responsible for the problems in this country, WE all are at fault in some way or another.

  • marty mcfly

    and since the 1780 shit was probably over your head so you wont see the joke in it. I’ll just say its not 1941 anymore when the last declaration of war was signed.

  • rootsunda

    @marty mcfly my brother you see right through the bullshit, those claims that President Obama is destroying the country are grandiose and so exaggerated. The GOP are so desperate its sad and fucking funny lol.

  • marty mcfly

    @rootsunda, really I understand everyones frustration and point of views but that aint a solution. This country needs less complaining and more solutions and unity and thats where we go wrong because people in american politics never want to work together for a common good. They just want to point fingers and thats why everyday people end up suffering the consequences over all. Sooner or later things will be cool in this country because everything always goes up and down but its gonna take some unity in washington.

  • BeinganAdult

    @ marty mcfly I’m pretty sure CBS news is not Fox news. Your statement is ignorant. Yes, I was mad at other presidents that increased the debt, especially W. Bush. For solutions, look at Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America.” He is going to cut $1 trillion dollars (not 100%) of federal spending in his first year in office! President Obama supported the Wall St. bailouts, how can you not be mad at him. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution states that only Congress can declare war. The Afghan war (“combat mission) has been changed to a “support” mission, there will still be troops based in Afghanistan. I don’t know why you associate a Ron Paul supporter as someone who mainly listens to Fox News when the fact is all mainstream media is against Ron Paul because he is against the status quo (Federal/big government spending, following the Constitution!) @ rootsunda How is increasing the national debt not destroying the country? PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU, TO DO YOUR RESEARCH! All of our taxpayer money is funding this unconstitutional and unethical federal government spending BS!

  • marty mcfly

    @BeinganAdult, Again I have not said anything really negative about Ron Paul or his supporters because I have nothing to really say about him or his supporters because he is losing and barely has any support. He is a cool dude but he will not cut 1 trillion dollars of federal spending and there are several reasons why he would not be able to do that. The reason why I talk about the debt the way I do is because US the people have bigger problems then the debt because whether the debt goes up or down it will always continue to increase in one area or another and we have no power to control how that money is spent. Obama put most of the tax payers money back into the their own hands with several different acts and he does not support the rich getting more rich if that means the poor get no help so I dont know where your getting that from. Ron Paul will not even come close to winning against Newt Gingrich or Rick santorums stupidass so I dont know why we even keep talking about Ron Paul when you know he has already lost. Dont waste your time being angry about a debt situation that you have absolutely no control over. You should be concerned how and where that money is spent because the debt will increase whether you like it or not. Obama has been saying this for four years, he has been telling you he cant get no help from congress to slow down federal spending so he just redirects it. If Obama doesnt get a 2nd term more people will lose their homes their health care and other benefits and the middle class will suffer another recession. Bottom line

  • marty mcfly

    And I meant Mitt Romneys stupidass but all them white folks dont care about this country as much as they care about their own pockets.

  • BeinganAdult

    *I meant not for federal/big government spending in my last post @ marty mcfly I’ll end on this note: I do believe that Ron Paul will succeed in getting the nomination and then becoming President and that is why I will continue to support him. I do believe that we the people do have control over the debt situation by protesting and voting against those in Congress and/or the President that we don’t want are troops overseas and anymore bailouts! ALSO: I do believe that Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum will definitely increase the national debt more than Obama (The only big differences are Health Care (which they all used to support *Paul didn’t) and Military spending (they want more military spending *Paul wants less*, yet they say they want less big government) I seriously don’t understand how the national debt is not the main concern because as the debt increases, the value of the dollar decreases, causing everything to cost more essentially (food, education, health care, etc.) though the Fed Reserve (another bad thing!) helps prevent this temporarily I think your last post should say: “The majority of those political folks (any race) don’t care about this country as much as they care about their own pockets” Marty, I thank you for actually giving a damn about what the government is doing! Not giving a damn only fuels the corrupt (racist, greedy, war-hungry) people.

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