Juvenile – Mardi Gras (Artwork)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 21, 2012

Juvenile returns to the scene with a brand new mixtape titled, Mardi Gras due out on February 21st. The project will be hosted by the one and only DJ Smallz.

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  • First I Park My Car, Then I Fuck Your Bitch

    Why so many dislikes? Y'all some pussy ass niggas

  • Ball Saks Fifth Avenue

    Maybe cause that cover is gay as hell!

  • SMH

    Pause (this cover).

  • REAL

    Probablly a good move, if Wayne can wear zebra pants and Drake can be relevent its safe to say rappers gotta cater for fags in 2012

  • Aremac

    obviously the only homo's are you fags in the c-section who apparently know NOTHING about Mardi Gras. If you don't know shit about New Orleans and/or Mardi Gras, then you wouldn't get this cover. You're all amateurs.

  • Lou

    Maybe I'm not homophobic enough, but I'm not getting the "gayness" about this cover.

  • Rio$

    obviously the only homo’s are you fags in the c-section who apparently know NOTHING about Mardi Gras. If you don’t know shit about New Orleans and/or Mardi Gras, then you wouldn’t get this cover. You’re all amateurs.
    Aremac said this on January 22nd, 2012 at 6:59 am

    You dress up like an idiot, women show tits and get beads thrown at them, you drink and probably have lots of sex, you leave a mess (but hey it's all fun) Oh the south............america's toilet...............Ohh it's all too complex...

  • Camera

    Cosign Rio$. What the fuck is so diffuclt to understand about Mardi Gras?

  • M

    I think its a decent cover but I never thought I'd see a Juvenile project with the title 'Mardi Gras' do you go from 400 degrees & G Code to Mardi Gras?

    But I'll probably check it out...maybe

  • Will this be produced by mannie fresh? hmmm and hopefully they redo the cover cuz ehhhh not feelin it mayn, I kno he tryna hold it down for the N.O. but there are other ways lol

  • meis tria

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  • nigga lips

    Juvie look like hes ready to suck a dick on that cover the font dosen't help either.

  • This cover look like something from Banjo Kazooie

  • the presi

    Vega quits street fighter II to join the Moulin Rouge

  • theboss

    Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Font

  • Aremac

    @Rio$ and Camera,

    It's idiots like you who come down here THINKING that Mardi Gras is all about getting wasted and partying in the streets, while that is PART of it, it's not at all what' it's all about. But since you northerners, or wherever the fuck you're from, know SOO much about the history of this country, i need not go into any depth about the culturally rich background of New Orleans and Mardi Gras.

    Try picking up a book, or even read a Wiki page about it you ignorant fucks.

  • padybu

    there was already a great unofficial mixtape of a load of lil wayne mixes called ' MARDIGRAS ' , isnt this the same hot boyt who brought out that ***degrees album?. is this another jab at wayne or is he just showing his south side

  • Aremac


    You're thinking way too deep. This is definitely not a "jab" at Wayne, it has nothing to do with him. This is simply Juvie keeping at his craft and supplying the listeners. Period.