• Druggid

    Kool G Rap is dope, that's obvious. I've always had mixed feelings about Necro though..That guys got some ridiculous skills, but a really limited subject matter. Part of my wants to hate him because only raps about that murder death kill shit, the other part respects him for taking his skills and doing whatever the fuck he wants with them. I wish his flow was just a little more smooth..

  • SMH

    Looks like Kool G Rap is "gettin it in" on Necro. Necro seems to be enjoying it judging by the double thumbs up, but awkward face.

  • jack johnson

    This is the album I'm looking forward to most this year. Kool G Rap over Necro's beat OOOOMG this is gonna be crazy. I love Necro's style of flow too, it has a huge influence from G Rap's flow too

  • Tony Stark

    This is going to be the shit.