WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – WZRD (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 21, 2012

KiD CuDi unveils the official tracklisting for his long awaited collaborative album with producer Dot Da Genius, WZRD which will be released February 28th. Anyone excited for the KiD CuDi album? Does anyone think it will be better than the last?

1. The Arrival
2. High Off Life
3. The Dream Time Machine
4. Love Hard
5. Live & Learn
6. Brake
7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie feat. Desire
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
9. Efflictim
10. The Upper Room

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  • red

    Nothing here to like or dislike but ok…

  • JA

    I’m excited for this, but also kinda disappointed that it’s only 10 tracks…

  • aggzworth

    Quality >>> Quantity

  • WeOutHereMyNigga!!

    Big CuDi fan but have no clue how this will turn out, hoping for the best tho.

  • Bored

    Better than the last? I certainly hope so, because MOTM2 kinda sucked (was he HONKING on Ghost!?), but I doubt it. Some people just can’t make good rock (or “rock-inspired”) music, and Kid Cudi should be their poster-boy. Bottom line is, no, I’m not excited for this album; but hopefully after it flops terribly, rappers will finally learn the difference between chess and checkers. Stick with checkers, Cudi.

  • brite

    His music is complete trash for hipster idiots and suicidal self hating black nerds.

  • This just gon make me want motm3 even more but im sure itle still be dope and fuck dat nigga saying motm2 was wack fuck dat nigga

  • HermesArtificerGod

    Hoping that it would be an overall good project… motm2 was just bad.

  • Cam

    Nothin will ever be better than MOTM1… &I doubt this will be better than MOTM2… MOTM2 was a great CD… Doubt this will be better

  • Nate Scott, UT

    Cudi is one of the few in hip-hop that has an experimental style that cannot be duplicated without sounding exactly like him. Simple niggas are gonna hate because ya’ll are a bunch of crabs in a fuckin bucket. Truth is, he’s gonna drop this EXPERIMENTAL collabo project with Dot and it won’t sound like ANYTHING in current MUSIC, not just hip-hop. Buuuuuuut, you fuckin idiotic ignorant assholes are gonna trash the shit because it’s not his last 2 albums. Clowns fail to recognize that this nigga is, as always, stepping outside the small ass realm of wack creativity in the game today. And you call yourselves HIP-HOP fans…Kill yourself

  • ???????

    Where’s “Rocket”!?!?!?!?! mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • motionsickness

    w/e dude motm2 was better than the first. this’ll be super dope too.

  • motionsickness

    oh, and i thought there was supposed to be an empire of the sun feature? hm, let down.

  • silence


    say what you want, all of Kid Cudis attempts at rock have been insulting to the genre so far though.

  • Nate Scott, UT

    You obviously don’t know shit about bein an artist or obviously rock. If you did then you’d then you’d know that genre in itself branched off to so many sub-genres that rock is nothin but experimental. And if you know anything, this blog posts 2 genres of music, rap and hip-hop. And if you know anything than you’d know the difference between the two, rappers and mc’s. And if you knew shit about those 2 then you’d know that rappers are rappers and mc’s are artists. So stick to your simple rap shit or go find a rock blog.

  • Lol I think its so funny how some fans will jump off a bridge for their favourite artist. Some of yall are actually losing sleep because of some comments posted on here.


  • Me thinks

    Me thinks Cudi doesn’t give a shit what people think about his music. Me thinks he knows he can’t please the haters so why try.

  • _____

    I love how there’s always at least 1 “Nate Scott, UT” on every Cudi post. Say what you will about Kid Cudi, but he definitely attracts the hipster stans.

    Experimentalism is fine, but when it sounds bad, it’s still a failure.

  • kjigz

    cudder snaps on whatever he does. he is a talented artist and he is dabbling in a little bit of everything… its respectable and if you dont like it dont listen to it

  • Hopefully it’ll be good.
    Revofev was pretty rock and It was one of my favorite motm2 songs.

    (And I’m a fan but is’nt the whole man on the moon thing played out?)

  • klutch

    im down with everything cudi is doin right now. he is purposefully making obscure music. its not supposed to sound like rock or hip hop u idiots, it’ll be extremely different. it may take some getting used to this style to be able to appreciate it, but dont automatically say its trash because its weird music. weird music is the shit. rap music is filled with more cliche’s than a sports announcer uses in a season, one thing im looking forward to on this track is the lack of chiche’s and corny lines.