Stalley – City Of 30,000 Wolves f. DJ Khaled (prod. DJ Toomp)

blame it on Meka January 23, 2012

Before Stalley releases Savage Journey To The American Dream he is dropping a new series called “Songs by Me, Stalley.” Here is the first of these new offerings.

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  • why hasn’t this nigga dj khaled been shot wit a civil war cannon yet -__-

  • NoName

    Gotdamn nigga leave mmg already foreal featuring dj khaled sheeeeeit this deserves tht random acts of fuckery damn it’s ashame I gotta pass on this joint and thumbs down it smh

  • my dude has way too much potential to be signed with mmg…niggas videos always consist of rick ross exposin his breasts,an excess amount of chains,crab meats, and big booty hoes(<-these are ok). Plain and simple he should be on a label with artists who share the same interest in making good music as he does….just my ¢0.02

  • tompettasauras

    man, khaleds beats are usually dope! including this one! and stalley killed! but damn i hate him like everyone else. if he simply never spoke it would do his career wonders longevity wise. noooo way in hell would i dump this in the wip with the khaled taggs. (thats a feature now?)


  • ak spitta

    isn’t this an old beat that was used by pill and game…

  • Vigilante

    Thats sick artwork, and does anyone have a download link for this?

  • @tompettasauras son, this is a DJ Toomp beat. And DJ khaled rarely produces music. I mean, in his last 5 albums, he did a total of 6 beats.
    You are probably referring to The Runners, DJ Nasty & LVM, The Inkredibles, etc, etc.
    What Khaled does is, literally, scream over tracks. Nothing More.

  • spoofn

    keep off the last 30 sec of the song. this shit is SMOKIN…no way should it receive a thumbs down.
    Gotta say Stalley should be lookin elsewhere for a deal

  • stealthbomber

    lol this is games old beat..

  • bitch i said it

    what instrumental is this

  • tompettepeni

    @fred, word. i honestly never did much digging but when khaled came out he was a producer so i assumed he produces still… what does he do then? dj? wait…dont answer…bc i really dont give a fuck. *turns madgibbs up*


  • Mike

    I couldve sworn Cool & Dre made this beat for Game

  • allstar

    Awesome artwork!

  • DK

    Shit I’ve heard this on another song too but I can’t remember which one, I don’t think it was Game.

  • DK

    Ah, Royce Da 5’9″ – Walking In the Rain

  • slim901

    DK is right, but Game went over the beat too.

    “Hustlin’ (Champions Anthem)”

  • JAyP

    that artwork is TOO LEGIT

  • French Montana is a chode

    This is Stalley’s year. Get down or lay down.



    DOES ANYONE KNOW?????????

  • why do people let dj khaled do things

  • wackness

    Is he Stay-lee or Sta-lee like how Khaled pronounces it?

  • silence

    mad watercolor genius. fuck the song

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    This is a Cool & Dre beat

  • Hunter

    DJ Khaled is an idiot. But, Stalley is and will be one of the best/underated MC’s in the game. Who cares if he went over this beat, you know this joint is a heater. Not to mention LWN is a classic. For those of you hating on him go die. You should be hating on Soulja Boy or one of those half brain dead eggplants.

  • Alley SankE

    OMG who is the Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cowboy

    Bruce Budd painted…you can find him on facebook but something is wrong with his website