Stalley - City Of 30,000 Wolves f. DJ Khaled (prod. DJ Toomp)

Before Stalley releases Savage Journey To The American Dream he is dropping a new series called “Songs by Me, Stalley.” Here is the first of these new offerings.

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  • BazookaJoe

    why hasn't this nigga dj khaled been shot wit a civil war cannon yet -__-

  • NoName

    Gotdamn nigga leave mmg already foreal featuring dj khaled sheeeeeit this deserves tht random acts of fuckery damn it's ashame I gotta pass on this joint and thumbs down it smh

  • BazookaJoe

    my dude has way too much potential to be signed with mmg...niggas videos always consist of rick ross exposin his breasts,an excess amount of chains,crab meats, and big booty hoes(<-these are ok). Plain and simple he should be on a label with artists who share the same interest in making good music as he does....just my ¢0.02

  • tompettasauras

    man, khaleds beats are usually dope! including this one! and stalley killed! but damn i hate him like everyone else. if he simply never spoke it would do his career wonders longevity wise. noooo way in hell would i dump this in the wip with the khaled taggs. (thats a feature now?)


  • ak spitta

    isn't this an old beat that was used by pill and game...

  • Vigilante

    Thats sick artwork, and does anyone have a download link for this?

  • Fred

    @tompettasauras son, this is a DJ Toomp beat. And DJ khaled rarely produces music. I mean, in his last 5 albums, he did a total of 6 beats.
    You are probably referring to The Runners, DJ Nasty & LVM, The Inkredibles, etc, etc.
    What Khaled does is, literally, scream over tracks. Nothing More.

  • spoofn

    keep off the last 30 sec of the song. this shit is way should it receive a thumbs down.
    Gotta say Stalley should be lookin elsewhere for a deal

  • stealthbomber

    lol this is games old beat..

  • bitch i said it

    what instrumental is this

  • tompettepeni

    @fred, word. i honestly never did much digging but when khaled came out he was a producer so i assumed he produces still... what does he do then? dj? wait...dont answer...bc i really dont give a fuck. *turns madgibbs up*


  • Mike

    I couldve sworn Cool & Dre made this beat for Game

  • allstar

    Awesome artwork!

  • DK

    Shit I've heard this on another song too but I can't remember which one, I don't think it was Game.

  • DK

    Ah, Royce Da 5'9" - Walking In the Rain

  • slim901

    DK is right, but Game went over the beat too.

    "Hustlin' (Champions Anthem)"

  • JAyP

    that artwork is TOO LEGIT

  • French Montana is a chode

    This is Stalley's year. Get down or lay down.



    DOES ANYONE KNOW?????????

  • billy

    why do people let dj khaled do things

  • wackness

    Is he Stay-lee or Sta-lee like how Khaled pronounces it?

  • silence

    mad watercolor genius. fuck the song

  • A-a-a-a-alchemist

    This is a Cool & Dre beat

  • Hunter

    DJ Khaled is an idiot. But, Stalley is and will be one of the best/underated MC's in the game. Who cares if he went over this beat, you know this joint is a heater. Not to mention LWN is a classic. For those of you hating on him go die. You should be hating on Soulja Boy or one of those half brain dead eggplants.

  • Alley SankE

    OMG who is the Artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cowboy

    Bruce Budd can find him on facebook but something is wrong with his website


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