Young Buck – Live Loyal, Die Rich (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 24, 2012

Teaming up with DJ Crisis & Drumma Boy, Buck offers up his latest project. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01 2nd Chance
02 Shit Head
03 Somethings Got Me On It
04 Go Loco f. Tha City Paper
05 No Place For Me
06 Money In The Walls
07 Drug Related
08 Death Of Me
09 Touch The Ceilings f. Starlito
10 Personal f. Cruna
11 Car Clowdy f. The Outlawz
12 Think They Know
13 Closer f. Goapele & Hambino
14 Hate On Me
15 No Smiles
16 Touchdown f. CTN
17 21 & Up
18 Get It All
19 Dusted f. Bezzled Gang
20 I’m Ready

DOWNLOAD: Young Buck – Live Loyal, Die Rich (Mixtape)

  • P.O.E

    Damn, Buck back on the scene.

  • Mr MGN

    Get Em Buck!!

  • who cares

    o.O This is random as hell. Thought he was working on Back On My Buck Shit 3? Alright I’ll check this out

  • 6151546

    Buck Back.

  • Detroit89

    does 50 cent not realize that he could become relavent again if he just stop this bullshit and make mends with buck. honestly, g-unit used to be the most well rounded crew (minus yayo) and with lloyd banks finding stardom and a return of young buck, gunit could mean something.

    the beef between 50 and buck is so stupid. I think 50 does not realize how out of touch with hip hop he is.

  • trufisbak

    d.j. crises tho? really? for real? i don
    t fuckin get it…it’s 2012, FUCK A MIXTAPE DJ… these lame fucks oughta go back being creative again and droppin their own fuckin mixtapes…like the clues n tony touches back n tha days…

  • jaydubbsjwj

    What about buck will make g unit relevent? It was about time to change clicks. Think about it? Wu tang, luda-dtp, the inc, g unit, young money, maymach music, I want another shady-slaughterhouse year or a g unit regroup ( which is a dream by the way) which is game, fif, banks, buck, yayo, olivia, hot rod, and maybe spider loc, but realistically it’ll probably be a g.o.o.d. music year cause of Sean common ye and kudi,I think people is getting tired of Ross, meek is yelling to much and Wale just goes over heads they only had like a half of year of popping but Jeezy and Freddie may have stopped that for a couple months

  • who cares

    ^You want a G-Unit reunion with Olivia and Hot Rod? Why? If there ever is a reunion (which it will probably never happen) I just want Buck, Game, 50, and Banks.

  • datboyfromthed


    some of the random dudes aint bring tough enough verses tho

  • jaydubbsjwj

    Yea olivia gives that independent women audience, if we talking take over let’s not leave any fans. Hot rod is a star. He just don’t get the right push or in the right position. Hot rod has hot records just not on the radio, I think its crazy peoples back burner rappers has so much potential bit get held back. Willy northpole got a chance to do his thing on Luda album and he did it, what happen to a album. 50 was coming with chase dat cat which is hot rod second single I think, what happen? They did the remix turned into a remake and on a mixtape. He’s on g-note records now.

  • jaydubbs

    The position changed so it was no longer the right timing in 50 eyes plus g unit was busy trying to keep the spot light on them not taking chances and expanding with rod, loc, glocc, mobb deep, olivia. He’s trying to come back with g-note or atleast he say he is but he needs big names not kidd kidd and Paris. He needs the old g unit but he’s nieve too that. He’s too rich. Banks not going to say shit and Yayo is too much a 50 cent solider and not a g unit boss to look out for the best thing for the team. But this is about young buck. Not a g unit reunion lol I’m going listen to the mixtape.

  • dvg

    Buck been puttin it down this WHOLE time. From GUnit to solo, he never put out wack music. He gave us so much quality is crazy people ain’t all on Buck. Dude is dope

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeST

    ^ i agree with DVG

  • JD

    I agree with DVG too. Dude was one of my fav artists. Who ya got? Young Buck or Jadakiss?? I’m rollin with buck, WHO YA GOT?

  • Buck


  • al

    hilariously ironic title.

    and some dude said hot rod is a star???

  • benny lava

    I love drumma boy. underrated producer.

  • Da Spaniard

    Agree with dvg too…Get em Buck!!!!

  • Joe

    I think the title means that loyalty not money is what makes one truly rich

  • Ny,Ssup

    @Detroit89 ,na man,, 50 is in retirment the nigga has made enough money and still making some! imiss a good artist like 50, with does straight tracks which killed jarules cariere xD :P

  • 10secundz

    Great Mixtape!

  • Mr MGN

    Buck Go hard

  • Buck has been wearing that chain since like 02′ / 03′ LOL. It’s all good though… I like Buck man. I think he’s an ill artist. I agree with whoever above….. G-Unit could be something… like a G-Unit 2.0 type campaign, but they need a new signee! Somebody big. If I saw a XXL cover with… 50, Banks, Buck, Yayo, (I guess they signed Shawty Lo)…and somebody like…. I dunno…they brought back Game, or somebody like …i don’t even know lol… they need a huge signing to get shit poppin. COuld be huge though…

  • chronwell

    Buck is/was the best rapper G Unit ever had. I list him right behind Ball & G ans the best outta TN ver also!

  • Malone

    Best tracks: “Somethings Got Me On It” and “Car Clowdy” feat. The Outlawz… DOPE.

  • Zany

    all i know is someone needs to make a no dj version of this cause its annoying as fucc

  • trufisbak

    “Buck has been wearing that chain since like 02′ / 03′ LOL. ”


    young buck wasn’t even in tha game like that to afford a chain like this back then ;) he started to rock that back when buck the world dropped…

  • jariz

    how are you gonna die rich when all your shit got auctioned off and seized?

  • jaydubbsjwj

    why does he say maybach music in drg related? is it a maybach beat? It’s ok and buck by far not he best that was in g unit, probely the most hood and he competing with yayo on that one.

  • BL

    gonna need a no dj version of this!