• Kayla H.

    thanks for the share, I'm definitely a fan! the rawness in her voice reminds a little bit of dia frampton:

  • ying

    this is literally the dopest shit i've heard in a while. thanks meka!

  • http://www.reidkid.com Reidkid

    This track is smooth. Great voice, slick production.

  • bigwill516

    You can say what you want but the Neptunes never fell off for over 20yrs non stop this is nice wish it was warmer here to cruise to

  • http://www.masterbeattheatre.blogspot.com aim_shoot_made_u_look

    Ima blend the sh*t out of this one..yur! nice share

  • http://www.frolab.com djjamad

    Yo, this dat sh!t that gets you laid. All you herbs that have to pay for a$$ make sure you add this to you playlist. This is all dat! Going on new Afromentals mixtape ASAP! THANKS!!!!!!!

  • mikeyfresh

    this shit is crack.

  • quas

    the dizzee rascal version is some of the smoothest shit ive heard

  • J.Clot

    this is incredible...

  • http://www.5rgASf3.net URL

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