2012 State Of The Union Address (Video)

blame it on Meka January 25, 2012

For those that may have missed Barack’s (possibly final) State Of The Union Address last night, you can now view the entire thing as an “enhanced” version. Looks like I know what will be playing in my background for the next hour or so.

What did you think of the President’s latest speech. Are we still giving him a chance? Does he still have what it takes to lead the country for another four years? Have you lost faith in him? Let’s get an actual, mature (I know that’s hard to do around these parts) conversation going; I’d like to see your actual thoughts.

  • GtotheFO

    He’s been disappointingly moderate but undoubtedly better than any republican president

  • Tracy Morgan

    Yo Slick, I Don’t Vote, Ya’ll Going Buy Some Of This Meat Or What?

  • mrcarlita

    I only caught the ending last night, but the concluding minutes where he speaks on bipartisanship are amazing. Hopefully, he practices what he preaches and works with the republicans as much as he wants the republicans to work with him.

  • S-rob

    Although he did not live up to most expectations and undoubtedly raised the debt, he is still a strong leader and looks more stable than any republican candidate

  • theBroKing

    “Let’s get an actual, mature (I know that’s hard to do around these parts) conversation going ”

    if you doubt the maturity of your readers then why ask them their opinion?

  • Newt Gingrich

    Obama deez NUTZ!

  • yo

    if he ran the country as well as he gave speeches our economy would be fixed already

  • Jaymacka

    I’m Canadian, so I don’t have an inside influence on any of the US political system, but I thought that for the first time that I’ve seen, President Obama was attempting to put his foot down on some issues, which was good to see considering this may be his last term.
    I also think the President has some great ideas regarding education and tax reform, but it unfortunately all costs money at the end of the day, and he might be biting off more than he can chew in such a potentially short time span. I will say though, that last night’s speech did a good job of touching on a large number of areas across the political spectrum.

  • Poltical Jugganot

    President Obama spoke on a lot of things that are important to us as Americans. Only problem is will the Republicans get down to business and try to compromise and provide innovative solutions to solve the problems we have. Since he took office they have tried to sabotage his presidency. They have misled people into thinking he’s trying to ruin the country purposely. C’mon get real let’s stop the bullshit. President Obama is trying his ass off to fix things but they won’t let the brother live. They don’t try to work with him they just oppose, oppose and oppose.

  • NeSS

    i juss cant trust wat any politician says…they juss say wat sounds great but they all juss make decisions based on wat lobbyists & wall street want…this countries run by da rich for da rich so i dont buy anythin obama says or any president for dat matter

  • phrayzermusic

    co-sign @yo said.. but unless he gives in on a lot of things nothing will be accomplished in a 2nd term, him and the speaker of the house have completely lost faith in eachother. its unfortunate, but oh well politics will go in and out of office and things will always cycle for better and worse no matter which party is in control

  • Zombie

    Obama did all he could do in these last four years. He had to raise the debt to make us spend more in order to better the economy. He brung back majority and (potentially) all of our troops from Iraq. He killed Osama (even though we don’t have clear full evidence yet) and he helped stop gaddafi’s rain as dictator. He can’t fix everything remember at the end of the day congress has to vote whether any of Obama’s bills should be passed some were and some weren’t. Besides at least that SOPA and PIPA bills weren’t passed. I mean out of 5 stars I give him a 3.5 out of 5 cuz he faced alot of issues and even though its taking him AWHILE to fix this nations problems, he’s at least doing something about it rather then just saying “vote for me again”.

  • NoName

    State of the union > fake rapping rappers with “realist” saying

    I saw # comments on tht Ross shit but I ain’t checking but I refer watching an address which is 65% bullshit but it’s better then songs where it’s 99.9% bullshit but do u.

    And hope Obama gets another 4 yr term I’m hoping

  • def jux

    SOTU is an empty gesture. The President spews empty rhetoric that sits in the American public’s psyche for 24 hours (or less) before cascading into the ether. It doesn’t matter what’s said, but how it’s said, and Obama looked very presidential. He catered to his base in an effort to re-mobilize the left for the upcoming election. But that’s gonna be a cakewalk for him, whether Romney or Gingrich gets the GOP nomination. Expect low voter turnout this November.

  • eddie

    I don’t think its fair to down play the impact Obama has had on the country. It was in horrible shape, no one was going to fix that in four years. I have not lost hope like others and see him simply taking on to many challenges. The GOP will not work with him but will quicky turn around and say how bad of a job he is doing. How the fuck is Romney only paying 15% taxes… How is it okay for Gingrich to have been working for Feed Mac? He isnpleasing everyone but we have to realize its better than where we were with Bush or better than where we will be un less we all vote for Ron Paul! LOL

  • Based

    He speaks a good game and all but it doesnt matter who is in office America is just fucked.

  • Josh

    I think that we need to drastically cut the amount of federal aid we provide to other countries. I’ll use Africa as an example. Yes, the statistics regarding HIV and other diseases are staggering, and there are many MANY people living in poverty and deplorable conditions. But while we work to improve the lives of those internationally, we continue to face an extreme poverty problem in our OWN COUNTRY. There are men, women, and children in virtually every city across America who are homeless and lack access to basic needs such as food and clothing. Walking in downtown San Antonio, I observe many mentally ill veterans who are on the streets receiving no help.

    If we concentrate our resources on these issues within our borders instead of focusing on the problems of the world, only then can we begin to heal as a country. I feel very strongly that if we fix, or at least strongly repair, our own problems, we will then be better equipped to handle improving other countries.

  • PRalines

    Honestly, Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that knows what the hell he’s talking about. He has some wacky ideas, but he’s definitely the most informed/intelligent of all the candidates. I’d rather see him in the white house than any of those other jokers. Plus, its not like he’s gonna be able to pass every policy on his agenda. I do like Obama but he’s trying to make everyone happy and as a result, nobody is. If he does get reelected, I believe that he will be able to push and hopefully have more success with left wing policies, since he won’t have to worry about being elected for second term anymore.

  • marty mcfly

    That election is gonna come down to two people and two different sides this year. Its gonna be Obama vs Newt Gingrich. Everybody has their opinions and their views on politics but these two options are what its most likely gonna come down to. So I think you can pretty much choose who to vote for outta these two.

  • Mr. Newton

    Before he took office things were in disarray. What do you readers suggest he do cut spending across the board ?? Ask for more money from Congress ?? We have deep issues in this country that set us back 20 years. In 4 years I doubt anybody could fix the mess Bush created. Jobs were outsourced, the Bush tax cuts were implemented, we engaged in War over seas. Does anybody look at the debt created by the 2 WARS ?? Nooooo, you guys just say Obama created debt, the debt was already there. We spent 1.2 Trillion in Iraq are you kidding me ?? Where were you guys then ?? You guys were focused on saying Bush knocked the towers down or BRING THE TROOPS HOME. Now you guys are political consultants I’m not a consultant but I can tell you we have this wrong. President Obama isn’t a problem as much as right wingers WANT you to believe, the political system is broken and has been for a while. The GOP is defiant and aggressive in it’s efforts to take down the president. Thats clear to people who are smart enough to know. I don’t agree with every thing President Obama does but I support him because he’s accomplished some great things.

  • 38

    ron paul 2012

  • thatrealshit

    in the end it probly comes down to the fact that obama is the lesser of two evils if hes running against romney or gingrich. but i do think he did a fairly good job in his first term: he was determined to kill osama when the bush administration had all but given up hope, he got us out of iraq, he’s killed nearly 200 al-quaeda leaders in afghanistan, and the number of jobs has slowly increased since the beginning of his presidency. its difficult to fix an economy in 4 years, but i think the end of obamas term has really helped to him to gain some steam, hes made a great effort to bring bipartisanship and understanding into the whitehouse and that is something i dont think either republican front runner will do

  • the realest

    barack is the man. simple as that. the nigga literally has the toughest job in america. folks can hate and throw all kinds of ridiculous-ass bullshit if they want, but obama saved the social programs. you know, the section 8s, the welfare/foodstamps/disability/ all that shit. and folks, more than ever, rely HEAVILY on those things. if obama wasnt president, those would have been the FIRST things cut. and will be if he isnt given a second term. thats the realest.

    understandable? yes. fucked up? hell the fuck yes. but highly likely.

  • seven ate nine

    It was a nice rah-rah speech with a lot of nice things said, but the US is far from recovered from the deep recession/borderline depression.

    RIDDLE ME THIS: Yeah, in the last 18 months or so the Republicans can be called obstructionists from getting anything done, BUT, why didn’t Obama do all this shit he says he wants to do now when the Democrats had majorities in the House + Senate???

  • dtb

    I like Barrack’s personality and charisma, but that doesn’t fix the country. We need new blood in the white house. Obama didn’t live up to his expectatioins, point blank.

  • seven ate nine

    Oh and another thing. The jobs created/employment #’s are misleading. We’re talking service-industry type jobs that were created. McDonalds type jobs. (McDonald’s just posted record profits by selling their cheap-ass diabetes inducing food, so how well is the economy really doing?) So yeah jobs were created, but how many are really jobs that provide a livable wage??

    Also, people who have given up looking for jobs or who are under-employed are not figured in to the unemployment rate. People who got laid off from their job paying $70K/year and are now making $25K/year trying to support a family are struggling big time.

  • the realest

    ^ that is true. but c’mon, the nigga was given FOUR years. not a few months. and half of the democrats are republicans dressed as democrats.

    where obama fucked up at was not making it MORE of a crisis. but the republicans/media was bitching about the lil ass 700 billion stimulus that was just enough to saved the economy, but not fix or stimulate it. it just stopped it from getting worst. the debt and all that bullshit increases by the second, the RIGHT plan can take care of it in an instant. focus on whats important.

    plus he has put plans to get ppl working by fixing our infatstructure, but republicans block that shit to bcuz it doesnt generate THEM any money.

    does obama get a perfect grade? hell no. but considering the decline started way before bush, it started with regan and then 25 years of deregulations and bogus policies, obama should be judged on a 8-year scale. considering it took 25 to get here.

  • Timothy

    He’s a puppet be real.

    Its funny to me how you sheep’s actually think he actually
    is a president & runs this country.

  • the realest

    ^ the president doesnt “run” the country. never did. smh yall so confused.

  • a

    This year will be my first year ill be able to vote and I have to say I probably wont. all these politicians lie and say what we want them to hear but turn around and do something completely different in office. If I did vote id say leave Obama in office. No point in taking the man out when hes just really started the job. If we put someone else in it’s basically starting over and then we’ll set ourselves back another 5 years. Let Obama finish what he started n then come to the determination whether or not he was successful. He’s done great for what he was handed in 2008. No one can fix America in less than 4 years

  • kika117

    Your economy been SOOOO fucked up, it would take 10 presidents (or presidencies) to fix it! If y’all vote for anyone else than Obama, you’re doomed! FOr real, WHO ELSE do you have in line to be president? THe republicans are a bunch of clowns that canibalise amongst each other right now! Is that politics? Who can put the other person in the worst light, who can come up with dirty stories about the opposition? Sorry, but american politics are a farce! Obama is the best thing that has happened to you. Do not forget how important it is to have someone representable to actually represent your country! If he cannot change anything, at least he is not frowned upon like his retarded predecessor!
    Just some little advise from overseas!

  • GeeZuP

    Obama is a great president but he can’t really get anything done or change much because of Congress that is ran by a majority of Nazi Republicans who only favor the rich and wealthy…I would like anyone to name anyone to name a guy who can undone what took Bush 8 years to completely fuck up in 4 years…don’t worry I’ll wait

  • Master Lee

    @GeeZup I completely agree man. Obama is a phenomenal president. I think he will go down as one of our best ever. But Obama can not get anything done with a Republican majority congress that is hell bent on stopping everything that he tries to do. If you want to judge Obama judge him on his foreign affairs. He doesnt need to go through congress to get those things done. What has he done? He’s killed Bin Laden and Kadafi within six months. Now imagine would he could have done in the US if he didnt have to deal with Republicans trying to stop him purley for political gain.

    I thought Obama’s speech was fantastic last night. He’s set the tone for this election year. He is not going to do anything that compromises the working middle class over the wealthy. I think that Obama is going to get elected regardless of who he faces. I think the country needs him for another 4 years. Our country might be in ruins if he doesnt win another term because the Republicans dont give a fuck about anyone besides the rich.

  • kamu

    An upcoming war against Iran, More bailouts for his wallstreet masters, The censorship of the internet ( wich he didnt even mentioned btw), and the upcoming economic collepse. Oh did i mention this house nigga just finished signing that fucked up bill wich any American citizen can be detained and not allowed legal representation). Yes he the right men for the job alright ( sarcasm at its finest) give Dr. Ron Paul a chance but thats even if he makes out to represent the Republican party.


    Joe Biden be lookin’ at Obama like he’s spittin absolute FIRE in tha mic all throughout the whole speech… LOL

  • KAMU


  • marty mcfly

    @the realest, You cant say the president doesnt “run” the country like he doesnt have any type of say whatsoever cause the president is the single most powerful person in the country when it comes to the hardest decisions cause his opinion carries the most weight internationally and globally. Now @anybody else, I just gotta keep it real and say that I wish you could see the expression on John Boehner’s face (the guy sitting behind Obama on his left side) while he gave this speech cause the way he looked at Obama during the whole speech is really the way those republicans feel about most of YOU in this country. The whole battle in washington isnt even about politics or about whats best for the country. ITS ABOUT RACE and thats the 100% truth. I know it may sound fucked up and some people mite actually believe thats not the case but the racism is so obvious that to act like you cant see it would only mean you didnt follow politics the last four years or your just disconnected from reality. Most those people sitting on the left side of Obama in that room didnt hear not a single word he said last night and its because all they saw was a black man so they automatically hate him with all their heart. You can believe what you want but the truth is the truth. Now US THE PEOPLE are talking about politics and the economy and whats best for the country but THEM meaning the people you see in that room, they dont care about this country they only care about money and RACE and the reason why you feel the tension when Obama talks about congress and how they not willing to do anything but sit around all day and do nothing is because they hate the fact they have a black president not because he wasnt doing a good job cause remember these problems we have now were created before he went in the WHITE house in 08 and he’s been challenging all the major issues and showing signs of progress. This isnt about whats right for americans or even about fair politics, most of the fighting and bullshit procrastination going on in washington stems from arguments between the all the factions in government based on half truths or straight up lies, the rich wanting more money and keeping their thieving ways secret and RACISM against any minorities striving for progression. 80% of the negative shit said about Obama is because he’s black and after four years if you cant see that then your dumb, deaf and blind. THE END

  • K.

    HA 0:17:13 he says semen

  • zookeeper

    You’re an idiot, Obama is just like the typical politician (liar/doesn’t give two fucks about you)… except he’s the President and happens to be black. The biggest issue is the debt he keeps ballooning, why didn’t he talk about that… fucking moron. I believe this is a failure as far as what should be seen by the first “black President” but then again I am not surprised.

    Ron Paul – someone with the balls, character, and consistency to make the right decision, not try to blindly keep repeating the same foolishness. You guys deserve Obama… Change, lol… you man what you’re reducing the value of the dollar to? Spare change.

  • marty mcfly

    @zookeeper, he talked about the debt for a half hour so what are you talking about? I know for a fact that alot of people dont understand what he’s saying or the words he’s using. So just listen to the speech and then write down the information you see in that blue part of the screen. Then go research that information on all those subjects and you’ll see that the money he’s talking about equals billions of dollars PER WEEK. Now that money is spent on things that benefit the rich and that benefit OTHER COUNTRIES not us. That part where he talks about a Trade Enforcement Unit is key and most americans have no clue about the impact on how that aspect of business effects our economy. He talked about jobs and keeping businesses here and I can name ten other things that he spoke on that all effect us but people just dont understand them. I promise you the NO other candidate will address these issues cause they have no real plan and their cowards and they to stupid to even try to make too many changes. He talked lowering payroll taxes and he talked about private sector funding vs public in terms of health care and union labor for manufacturing companies. He talked about where MONEY GOES, what needs to be done to shave off debt and about other shit that no one else will. ESPECIALLY ISSUES LIKE INSIDER TRADING, listen to what he’s saying after the 45 minute mark about “the corrosive influence of money in politics” or “the way congress does business” Cause the last president to straight up call these people out for unethical practices in politics, got his head blown off for doing it (JFK) HELLO. Then he talks about the slow reaction time on making decisions in comparison to how they worked for Bush. Throughout this whole speech he said things that are really an attack on they way alot of people in this government handles business, he just said them in a certain way but most of this stuff effects the DEBT, THE OVERALL ECONOMY AND THIS COUNTRIES FUTURE. He said “higher education cant be a luxury, it is an economic imperative” This is true and on top of that, YOUR taxes go to funding educational programs that end up charging you more money. Smh, There is no puppet master controlling what he’s saying people cause 1st of all if that was the case he definitely wouldnt say those things and on top of that, he’s the first president to write HIS OWN SPEECHES in more then a decade. @zookeeper since you also used his race to say why your not surprised he’s a failure in your opinion? See what I mean people? Again just write down all that information in the blue side of the screen during the speech then do your homework and see for yourself that this guy is slowly turning around a downfall thats damn near IMPOSSIBLE to turn around in 20 years, he put in alot of work in just four and im sorry Ron Paul or anybody else just cant match Obama’s work ethic or intelligence in any way at all and on top of that he’s a real “N word” and honest president. Thats why you mad and you say he doesnt give a fuck about the people? Well thats not what damn near his whole administration thinks especially since more then ten of them were from his team in chicago and he took them from those streets to the white house with him like some kinda political G Unit. Now get mad again…

  • Yasser

    I lost a lot of respect for him when he signed the National Defense Authorization Act which allows the military to indefinitely detain terror suspects, including American citizens arrested in the United States, without charge.

  • O

    He’s been horrible, he is a paper president who has been bought. One of which never did anything that he said he was going to do right until it benefited him IE removing the troops from Iraq. I am an American living abroad and it’s ridiculous that you see him passing bills like the National Defense Authorization Act on December 31, 2011 so that it wouldn’t get any static. If that isn’t the move of a snake then maybe using drones to boom civilians in Afghanistan. He’s no worse than Bush! we all put our hopes in this man and really a lot of people had faith that he would somehow lead us to a better place. We as American’s shit we as a human race should expect more from our leaders, they should be impressing us and the idea that we shall have to choose the weaker of 2 evils should not be acceptable. In any business, if all the people that are interviewing for the same position are shit then you don’t hire them. You continue to look until the right person is found. America needs a president with balls and a grasp on what the PEOPLE need. We are in need of more jobs, FREE health care (and yes Obama did try but it was not enough), less wars, build up our country, give people the chance for a prosperous life. Places like Detroit, Philadelphia and other that are poverty stricken and resemble a 3rd world country, who is taking care of them?
    We have so much to improve and yet no one is willing to accept the fact that a MAJOR reform is required!!!!

  • marty mcfly

    You guys still talking about a debt that you yourself could not figure out how to lower because you can barely figure out how to lower your own personal debt so how can you talk about the debt of a whole country without all the facts? Now your talking about bills and acts that deal with national security that are a hundred plus pages long that you yourself have not read so how you criticizing acts that you dont have all the information on? That also goes for me as well cause since you and me do not know all the information of these acts and we definitely do not have all the public or the classified information of these bills and acts, its just not wise to demonize Obama for information you have limited knowledge of. You dont have to cosign anything he has yet to do cause I myself will not cosign anything unknown BUT I think you people need to look at what he’s done the last four years whether you agree or not, and most of all DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THIS MANS LIFE STORY SO YOU CAN FULLY UNDERSTAND HIS CHARACTER AS A MAN AND I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL RESPECT HIM AFTER YOU KNOW HIS LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER 2008.

  • Chief Rocka

    Great speech. If only people Congress would work with him!

    He’s got my vote for sure.

  • rico

    great speech yes, thats what this man does best, no? i ask one thing from all you obama fans go watch a few speeches from 2008 and then compare is words to action over the last 4 years, you will see is action are the poler opposite of his words.. wake up please, before its to late. killin osama, killin gaddfi how does this make for a great leader? killin one who was supposedly the killer of 3000 americas, no investigation, no facts just a story cnn tells you. the other a detector in a foreign, which the us really has no business ones so ever being in and dealing with, but of course gaddfi was moving towards a gold standard, now the us can’t be having that going on, the FED must run everything! right. stop believing he propaganda people, news outlets that tell you iraq had nukes that were never found by the way, now the same propaganda outlets are sayin iran has nukes, who in are history are the ones that have shot of the only two nukes ever? umm even the dummies should know this one, of course the U.S.A killing over 200k. sorry im getting a little of topic, to the ones that say listen to what he’s really saying, do some real research obama has been the most warmongering president of all time.

  • rico

    i us to be a obama fan, in till i woke the fuck up.

  • rico

    oh and sure i guess he helped push away sopa and pipa, but once again behind all of your backs he’s goes and gets this going… “ACTA” Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, this makes sopa and pipa seem like a good thing everyone really needs to read about this on wikipedia, go check that one out and see if you still have any type of respect for this so called leader.

  • rico

    President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever ‘ACTA”

  • rico

    President Obama signed an international treaty that would allow companies in China or any other country in the world to demand ISPs remove web content in the US with no legal oversight whatsoever ‘ACTA” was signed by Obama on October 1 2011

  • marty mcfly

    @rico STFU, your argument is over iraq and other foreign affairs of war that werent STARTED by Obama, they were ENDED by him. Then you imply that Osama Bin Laden and Gaddfi were innocent of murdering thousands of people. COMEONSON. IF Obama was a white man then the media would praise him like Jesus and I dont blame ALL white people cause the truth is MOST white people in this country want Obama for four more years but its the same news media that your trying to defend that dont want you to know that. In four more years Obama will go down as the president that saved america and ill bet money on it cause the proof and evidence has been adding up its just that anything positive about him continues to be swept under the rug. Right before he gave this speech he gave the green light on some navy seals to go somebody else in a foreign country so its like stop hating on Obama for actually doing his job. Joe Biden 2008: “It may sound crazy but Obama mite actually this guy, this couldnt-possibly-exist guy, inside and out. I have never seen a candidate with such a burning passion and concern for the future of america”. Oh yeah and just so you know, its way to early to see the full effects of all his work but in 2017 when america is doing 50% better in most areas you’ll understand.

  • marty mcfly

    I mean, Joe Biden said Obama mite actually BE this guy… And about the China shit? Obama has took more legal actions against China then Bush did ever did. Bush sold us out and were still feeling the effects of it today. Obama has signed many bills, acts and treaties so until you have proof of the totality of all these issues negatively effecting americans then first get your facts straight. If Obama is hurting this country then ok but you gotta have some evidence of that thats concrete proof and it cant be traced back to something Bush started in the first place cause then Obama aint creating the mess, he’s cleaning it up when no one else could or would.