Alley Boy – I Want In (T.I. & Young Jeezy Diss)

blame it on Shake January 25, 2012

Before Nigganati drops tomorrow, Alley Boy has a few select (subliminal) words for Tip and Jeezy. Shouts to X.

DOWNLOAD: Alley Boy – I Want In (prod. Will A Fool)

  • JetsFool

    T.I. and Younf Jeezy would be the last niggas i would want to fuck with

  • d easy

    but why

  • SMH

    JetsFool: Yeah cuz you a wack ass nigga. Them two are fuck as fuck. You ain’t a street nigga either.

  • jomoses

    Gibbs homeboys stay fucking up the money… 1st Pill.. now AB smh.

  • This shit ride like a fat hoe on a Friday night

  • PiffDaddyKane

    I Agree with JetsFool. T.i and Jeezy run ATL. T.i is da king of da south and Jeezy is dat nigga in the south. And…real shit…them niggas will eat alley boy alive. As far as being on sum otha shit…T.i aint fucking wit ti and I think Jeezy was bout that life…i mean times change but I think if a nigga go der he will too.

  • (l,k)

    i dont get it, i thought he was just in a song with jeezy? what happened?

  • yung

    dude has a song with jeezy, and trouble on tip mixtape, wtf is going on?

  • wutangshogun

    word, “Four” was dope, I was hoping to see more collabos in the future. What happened?

  • bjanswers

    Awesome album title though….

  • fcxz

    clearly this nigga wants to be in the cool club with Tip and jeezy

  • Only heard this dude from some Gangsta Gibbs stuff, but I guess its safe to say Alley Boy’s career is just about over?

  • Megan


  • Niggaveli

    yous need to calm down saying peoples careers is over, in this day n age no rapper is ending anothers career…… since these dudes were all on a song together recently im guessing alley boys made this diss because of payment issues?

  • yep

    swag shit > fag shit

  • leutrim rexhaj

    alley boy is a fuckin thug, he fucked up young la for tatting his label on his face without even asking ab, straight up jumped him with his boys and taught his ass a lesson. hes not gonna blow up or anything but he doesnt have to fear much from jeezy and tip, he caters to the trap exclusively

  • k-luv

    who the fuck is ally boy……..

  • Mo_Betta206

    Who is Alley Boy? And Nigganati..really? Just another nigga trying to get fame off dissing REAL NIGGAS…

  • dee

    That niggas a thug, fuck what u heard…

  • drugante

    why did they post this horrid song for?..i thought he was a nigga from the A with lyrics that is dissing dudes b/c he was lyrical..but this dude rat herrrr!!.. is BASURA!!…*picks up garbage and throws it on the curb*..lmao

  • elloseventysix

    Lol…this dudes retarded. He’s on the same label as TI. Tomorrow morning, he’s gonna get the call from his manager saying, “yooo…ummm… What his name from the label called anddd…yea u got do a public apology, pretending that it was all miscommunication.” Lmao…

    Yo alley boy… WHO R U????

  • NDG

    SMMFH at Alley Boy. He disses T.I. & Young Jeezy, the former who had his mans Trouble on his last mixtape, and the latter who he’s collaborated with on a couple of tracks together (Pocket Full Of Money, Four, etc.). Not to mention the fact that he’s collaborated w/ Freddie Gibbs, who is Jeezy’s running mate right now in the game, and the fact that this dumb ass nigga is throwing his mixtape release party at Club Crucial, which is a club that T.I. partially owns. These niggas never cease to amaze me yo.

  • Snowgo

    T.I. bout to Shawty this lil fuk boy ass nigga.
    Jeezy won’t have to say nun.

    Send Gibbs after him.
    Gibbs gon bring that nigga soft head on a plater fo Snowman aka 17.5 aka the prince of the Trap aka the nigga with tha bald head aka da adlib yeahhh nigga aka that nigga who crippin but dont really put it out here aka The Thug Motivator nigga in 3 classes aka that nigga who sellin shit to yo momma n yo papi aka that nigga who found the best gangster rapper of his generation da Gangsta Gibbs aka that nigga who found the Equivalent to Kendrick Lamar in gangsta Rap Freddie Gibbs who got two bitches cookin the kitchen hoe.


  • who cares

    Ummm… who the fuck is Alley Boy?
    Either way this shit is terrible

  • Bp

    smh at these Alley Boy cosigns, no way yall niggas serious

  • McBreezy

    Here is a new track from Alley Boy’s Nigganati mixtape



    ^lol not mine, but that pretty much sums this up..

  • HaaaThisN*GGA!


  • WTF

    Alley boy be sucking cocks for cheeseburgers in the alley.

  • TOrrent911fdf

    only on this blog im guessing they paid u to have it up here
    front page lookin real gay rite now shakeee

  • MEGAblank1

    TI is boring and Jeezy is garbage

  • Only reason I listened to this garbage was because it was called a “Diss”!!! WTF!!

  • cj

    he sounds angry..but i dont really see a point in dissin the 2 people who basically run the city

  • JohnBoy

    i take it you kids dont know bout alley boy and dte

    him and jeezy were cool then 1 of the dte niggas robbed jeezy for a chain

    this real shit

  • Brian Kidd

    Yeah Gibbs gone go after this man. And I had high hopes for this dude too.

  • Lys0L

    damn this shits hot.

  • dg

    tell this hoe bitch to stop hating

  • Pops

    Classic talentless rapper move. I suck at rap so I’ll make a diss towards 2 guys who are highly successful at it, to try to get my name hot.

    Go sit in a corner somewhere dude.

  • dg

    ^or alley for that matter.

  • the real

    sad… this nigga jealous of tip and jeezy and the fact they both even gave time out their busy scedules to include him and trouble on their mixtapes. see people this is why you can’t help or befriend everybody. what some will do for attention.

  • JusKwak

    yeah, I was effin wit this dude until he started this dissin bullshit. At lea shawty lo had a hit record first. When niggaz gone realize that aint NOBODY the hardest nigga. So when you yellin that shit you automatically sound stupid. On top of that, being hard or havin a “hard” story aint worked for nobody in the last 10 years but 50 and Gucci. Thats 2 niggaz out of 789,000. All these dude trying to get where Ye, weezy, rozay, tip, or jizzle at. Them niggaz made hit records… period. GTFOH wit this thowin rocks the trone shit!

  • JusKwak

    yeah, I was effin wit this dude until he started this dissin bullshit. At lea shawty lo had a hit record first. When niggaz gone realize that aint NOBODY the hardest nigga. So when you yellin that shit you automatically sound stupid. On top of that, being hard or havin a “hard” story aint worked for nobody in the last 10 years but 50 and Gucci. Thats 2 niggaz out of 789,000. All these dude trying to get where Ye, weezy, rozay, tip, or jizzle at. Them niggaz made hit records… period. GTFOH wit this thowin rocks the throne shit!

  • LB

    is this the same dude that had beef with yung L.A.

    Yung L.A.???? Fxck outta here

  • kidsxwitgunz

    go head but a knife for making this shxt son. go get dizzy and play on a highway nxgga. drown yourself in your tears of your past, present and future career playa.

  • RobMenace

    Man… Thing is I really Like alley’s shit joe. Ma’fucka goes hard as hell on everything he touches and “Definition of Fuck Shit vol.1” was an instant banger.. If this track didnt come out before he dropped the mixtape ALMOST EVERYONE would click that like button once the tape drops.. But this is def not a good look for AB. I’m still gonna fux with him cuz i really do enjoy this trunk rattlin shit he’s been puttin out but hes def gonna lose a big following for this one.. Honestly if AB apologized I can see this dude really sirrin up some fame down there.

  • I fux wit Snow. If u don’t fuck wit him, fuck u. Y’all niggaz know where I stand at.

  • j

    cosign @snowgo hahaha alley boys a fool cuz hes on a track wit jeezy. he got his ass murked by gangsta gibbs on rob me a nigga. gibbs gon get him

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Alley Boy is yeah but him and DTE are some pretty official niggas in the A, as far as the streets are concerned. They’re a bunch of ignorant motherfuckers who have most of the A (and out-of-towners who come through for shows terrified.

    Seeing as how Jeezy and Tip have reached out to them I seriously doubt there will be any responses. And their conflict must stem from some behind-the-scenes shit that we don’t know about. Or pure jealousy.

    Either I doubt we will be hearing a response. Shit will more than likely be squashed before the weekend is over.

  • Nigraplease

    I know for a fact alot of you niggas saying Alley Boy is fake have NEVER BEEN TO THE A…DTE has the A on lock. Alley and his team are some of the realest niggas down here and the streets really fuck with them. They official and I doubt Ti or Jeezy would get into an actual beef in the streets with DTE. I can almost guarantee Ti aka Tip the police, will squash this behind the scenes with a phone call or something lol. Jeezy might respond but he’d be foolish to do so.

  • Ricardo

    Alley went in….fuck them old niggaz, point blank .

  • Andy

    @Jamoses, straight up tho

  • Leyland

    FUCK OUTTA HERE only in rap can niggaz pull this lame shit, let you talent speak for you , not try this lame get hot with beef approach. AGAIN FUCK OUTTA HERE…..btw did alley boy ever respond to them NY Dudes that was gettin at his punk ass

  • K.I.N.G

    @Nigraplease you bout as ignorant as this fool is, them niggas paid, they tryna enjoy their money, not have steet beef with some no name nigga, bottom line is, when it comes to RAPPING, both tip and jeezy would take a huge dump on this nigga career, so either way, he gon lose

  • Kidd

    Yall folks dnt live in ATL dnt really know wassuh so hush. Alley Boy runnig the streeets and got pull.Im mean he can put prices on alotta folks head including T.I. and Jeezy. But T.I. and Jeezy aint on that shit nomore they living the good life and lleyboy still in the streets wit it.But Jeezy has a how town full of crips thats waiting for his word.Rap Wise T.I. and Jeezy. Street wise Alleyby >T.I. Rap Wise jeezy >Alleyboy..streetwise..Jeezy=Alleyboy

  • Kidd

    And Alleyboy is by far NOT a no names person in ATL. Maybe Nationwide. But in the South he well known. Esp in Atl. He with all that hood shit.

  • K.I.N.G

    @Kidd don’t nobody gotta live in ATL to have an opinion on their music, you sound dumb, anyone with ears can tell both jeezy and tip are more lyrically talented than this fool, him having “pull” or “running the streets” ain’t got a damn thing to do with the quality of his music or lyrically ability, stfu with that shit

  • K.I.N.G


  • 5280ft. HIGH

    alley boy sucks! he’s doing it to get BIG. gangsta music aint really ridin no more! so change your style up cuz its bummy!

  • chronwell

    Bob Marley says if U get down and quarrel evryday, U sayin prayers to the devil, I say! Real Nigganati bizness.

  • Tommy Montana

    Real shit though, I stay where everything go down at in the A. Southside. Every rap nigga here gotta pass through the Southside. Duck Tape straight, but don’t fucked up. These niggas ain’t studying Duct Tape at all. As you can see, videos still being made. All these niggas grown. Suge Knight putting all these dreams in these niggas head, beefing them up. Only if niggas knew what went on behind closed doors.