Bow Wow – Do It To The Fullest f. Cory Gunz & Jae Millz

blame it on Shake January 25, 2012

Shortly after taking on the 5 Fingers Of Death segment with Sway and Devi Dev, Bow Wow hits XXL with his latest. Why does Millz come in loud as all fuck? Who knows… Underrated, coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow – Do It To The Fullest f. Cory Gunz & Jae Millz (prod. Cardiak)

  • jaydubbs

    bow reused that weak sway flow, cory was ok coulda been better but its new, um millz, first it doesnt sseemed mastered right and its regular millz nothing special. just a roster filler and a hood support if shit go down lol

  • Dadadamn

    Not bad. Bows flow is repetitive on every song. Cory was dope and Jae was Jae. Millz hasn’t went as hard since he signed to YMCMB but hes still a dope rapper and his past work shows that. This shit does need to be mastered though. Overall its not a bad track. But there’s room for improvement.

  • luffeyz

    Bow wow should have stuck to acting IMO. He had somewhat of a brighter future in that lane.

  • Cam

    This beat is a fucking crisis. Corey’s verse is a semi-problem…the other two verses are ehhh…imagine slaughterhouse or kendrick on this shit tho

  • Your Mom

    Bow wow is such an average ass rapper, and that’s all he’ll ever be. But this one wasn’t all that bad, mostly cause of Gunna though.

  • Cloud 9

    havent herd it yet 100 bucks says cory gunz killed it lol

  • Haha, I thought exactly the same when Millz verse starts

    Cory > Bow > Millz

  • O.F

    I said lil bow wow you just don’t know

  • Maga D

    I won’t even listen, I know Bow wow’s wack. He tried to switching his image since about 4 years ago & it’s not been working.. Maybe cause his name’s “Bow Wow” c’mon son, nigga can’t even bark

  • Deez Nutz

    I couldn’t even make it past bow wow verse b4 i turned this shit off

  • Hater


  • EricDean

    I think if Bow Wow changed his stage name to “Shad Moss” and focused on the lane that LL Cool J once ran, he would be good. Most of his fans are women, so he should play up to that. I don’t think any real hip-hop heads take him seriously – and signing to Cash Money doesn’t help his situation. That’s not his image and he comes off as fake/trying too hard.

    Leave Cash Money, sign to a neutral label, and rock the LL lane playing up to your female fans. ‘Cause this … ain’t working.

  • Mr. Andre

    I don’t even need to listen. Shitty engineer. That’s why the levels are off.

  • jlee1214

    Bow Wow has changed a lot since he first started in this industry but what has stayed the same is his flow. Do us a favor and mix it up Bow

  • c’mon maaannn

    Real talk what song were yall listening too??? Im no where near a bow wow fan but if you really think his verse wasn’t the best of the three.. ya… CG actually has some nice bars but this wasn’t his best work. it was pretty much mediocre x3

  • 38

    cory is so underrated

  • egyle

    omg stop this shit, if you listen to young money I bet you used to listen to n’sync. fuck 2dbz for posting this shit

  • asks

    Bow Wow was nice. Millz was weakest here. What are ya’ll listening too? Ya’ll acting like Bow Wow is Soulja Boy, Lil B, or Ace Hood. He’s not an attack rapper but he got flow.