Bow Wow – Five Fingers Of Death

blame it on Meka January 25, 2012

Yeah… Bishop Lamont’s freestyle > Shad Gregory Moss’. This negroid can’t even not curse…


DOWNLOAD: Bow Wow – Five Fingers Of Death | Mediafire

  • is it just me, or the player is not working since, like, yesterday?

  • Dave Chappelle

    ^True that.

  • McBreezy

    ^^ I concur.. fix it

  • realtalk©

    All the thumbs up must be for Devi Dev.. cause Bow Down is trashhhh

  • KC

    ^^^ agreed

  • Ervin Mitchell

    this shit is actually straight….real niggas will respect it….fakes will reject it. Lol its so funny how everything on this site that shake and the other nigga say they like gets thumbs up and everything they hate on gets thumbs down. LMAO just watch and you shall notice it….smh…get a brain of your own. This shit is kinda hard…definitely better than some of these other fuck boys that ya’ll dick ride

  • RedLion23

    Bow Wow smokes???????Geee how the time flies i remember this nigga was on Like Mike…..NOWWWW he’s cussing and rapping with a high????Just who do you think you are??Ohh I forgot you’re aunder Wayne’s label so you feel as though you gotta get high….lmao

  • jlee1214

    Bow Wow has changed so much from when he first started out.. guess that’s what happens in this kind of industry

  • JN789

    Recycled bars from ‘Brown Paper Bag Freestyle’ back in 07..

  • Figg St.

    Like there has to be a point Meka & Shake where you stop posting bullshit. Do you honestly think anyone with some nerve of hip-hop in that visits your blog wants to hear “Bow Wow” “freestyle”? Or Soulja Boy or Maino or Masspike Miles or Chevy Woods or or or. Keeps going on. I’m done with this blog man y’all used to be the best.

  • Figg St.

    And fuck a picture of Chris Brown and NaS in the studio

  • TyeChi

    I have a better question.Who the hell is that chick on his right #shecangeddit.

  • sj

    lmao i think its devi dev…sexay

  • jaydubbsjwj

    reminds me of a carter 1 wayne

  • This post should just be about Devi Dev.

  • silence

    niggas is hating to the nth right now. He did well