• Maga D

    I think dude's from Dallas.. I could be wrong but he went by another name before 07 though.

  • Your Average Jet

    Yeah he's from Dallas...He's always went by Tum Tum. Part of the Dirty South Ridaz with Big Tuck and Fat Bastard

  • xastey

    DSR!!.. Get In my Belly.. damn Tum Tum

  • tizz_da_xtraordanairy

    Kyleon's verse was dope I like how he was bussing off the titles to UGK tracks. He is underrated for real

  • Bugz214

    Tum Tum > Dorrugh or any rapper from City Lights that get more recognition than Tum. Big Chief over all though. Eat GREEDY

  • lostinspace

    Big Sant is from Mississippi...