Cypress Hill – Roll It, Light It

blame it on Meka January 26, 2012

The ambassadors of greenery are branching out into new territory, as they team up with producer Rusko for an ambitious dubstep-flavored EP, Cypress X Rusko. The project is set to drop in April.

DOWNLOAD: Cypress Hill – Roll It, Light It | Mediafire

  • I respect Cypress Hill. Some of their earlier work is IMO some of the best hip hop. But the whole branching off into rock, dub step, etc, doesn’t appeal to me at all, I get it, but it really sucks. And I like some dub step.

    Even Korn just came out with a dubstep album. Yeah, that’s real gay.

  • who cares

    The fuck is this? This is terrible

  • elliema

    Why Chi? 2 genres can not collaborate? YOUR MOM IS GAY FAGGOTLOSER

  • who cares

    ^It’s not that 2 genres can’t collab. It’s just not every genre is good together. Dubstep is a good example. Dubstep is good with Dubstep. When people try and mix it with Hip Hop, or Metal, it just sounds awkward.

  • Mr. Andre

    Dubstep still exists?

  • Butch

    This makes me sad

  • Skylar

    Cypress fell off hard. They did the rock rap thing and now they’re on some dubstep shit. Horrible. I miss that Black Sunday shit. I respect them but their music is just bullshit now.

  • Jeepie

    Ummmm.. April’s Fools?? I hope.. SMDH