Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka January 26, 2012

At long last, Emilio’s BBC-sponsored project is finally here, with the likes of The Olympicks, M-Phazes, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and more lending their sounds. All he needs now is for you to lend your ears, which I think you will. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Emilio Rojas – Breaking Point (Mixtape) | Mediafire

  • Ordinarycelo

    Glad to see Emanny workin with people outside of Joe Budden.

  • $$$

    Emilio deserves success. Hope this pushes him.

  • jessy

    FINALLY!!! LET’S GO!!!

  • xastey

    eh mediafire still up.. shocking.. Good music

  • SMH

    Fuck yes! Finally… this dudes been putting in work forever! Dudes got mad talent…

  • cici

    This shit is crazy so far 5 in…going to be project of year calling it in January

  • does this have Green Lantern screaming all over it?

  • gronk w/ slampieces

    wheres the asap rocky feature?

  • pro is too ill

    why do rappers still use DJs? come on… downloading this off the strength of Blame Me.

  • Raffle

    This is not a mixtape this is an incredible project

  • OPT

    If he doesnt make this XXL freshman cover then the staff over there needs there ears checked !!! CONSISTANTLY GIVING US CLASSIC MUSIC !!!

  • randall

    Hey Yo…XXL…smarten the fuck up

  • j

    the title track is one of the coldest ive heard in a minute. emilio rojas is one of the best rappers alive

  • Conor

    Haven’t listened yet and I’m sure it’s fire but what’s with the low quality? 192 kbps?? A project like this deserves 320

  • Quion

    No one is really fucking with Emilio. This project is incredible.

  • Chiguy

    Emilio is that dude. Never disappoints.

  • andrew

    Good to know that hip hop is in good hands. Thank you Emilio.

  • JeremyL

    Very complete project. Don’t know how one artist makes I Got It, Spic, Look Up, and I Thought You Knew. This one going to be getting played for a really long time.

  • The Ghost Of Max B

    why is this guy still making music?

  • mikeyfresh

    yo wtf are you guys listening to? this mixtape is full of songs for bitches and even those are misses. really disappointed. i like Emilio but this shit is trash.

  • Todd


  • bowzer

    Cover to cover dope and complete project. Thoughtful shit, shit for girls, rapper shit. As per usual Emilio comes through.

  • loso


  • Blackstarr

    Just finished listening…disapointing.

  • smkn

    my favorite rapper right now, if you haven’t heard em b4, check out hiz song called Champion.

  • lentel

    I don’t see what there is to complain about. Dope rhymes, dope beats, dope music.

  • tolander


  • cancelled

    Been waiting on this and not let down at all. Dope stuff Emilio!

  • ZekeBK

    lol funny how people show mad love on the internet for this dude! every show he does in NY, nobody gives a single fuck

  • crabb


  • antelopeHIGH

    I fuck with this shit hard body

  • ToplessBitches

    I saw Emilio in NY with Pusha and people was fucking with him. Don’t know what homie is talking about. About to download and check this shit out now.

  • Trendz

    Hopefully XXL will pay attention to this. I doubt it though.

  • davydave

    i saw the him at sob’s twice last year and nobody cared it’s true tho haha

  • comealive

    Every time I have seen homeboy live he has been really dope. Looking forward to hearing some of this shit live. Really dope project.

  • dirtnasty

    lol this is wack. raks one>>> emilio rojas

  • franko


  • CLASS8


  • RideOnEm

    That shit cray!!!

  • CalvinC

    I like his music, videos, and live show. Very dope and very complete artist.

  • Kendall

    Emilio never let’s down. This is the truth right here.

  • French touch

    new music from emilio, good day !!!

  • singsang

    Homie always delievers

  • Iota

    Heat as per usual. Good work Emmmilllliiioooo

  • frv

    Fuckin’ ill.

  • xavier

    Hey yo XXL…please put this man on the cover.

  • dave

    Woah I was expecting this to be great after all that hype… ad judging from his previous works – i always believed him to be an extraordinary storyteller. ALL that went to shit with this EP. He’s just rapping about bitches – there were only 2 solid tracks on this showing the “real” him that we thought we knew. Oh well

  • Derrty D

    oooohhhh.. high key, Pussy and Cologne is fuckin awesome.

  • dutchman

    Recession Proof>The Natural>Life Without Shame>This piece of shit.

    I’m not a fan of Emilio anymore, i’m tired of bullshit songs about bitches.He lost credibility

  • santonio

    I fucks with this heavily

  • Wally

    Emilio is like bubble gum rap, you listen, you’re like ok i like it it’s cool but the next hour you forgot about his song.

  • ssandie

    this shit is weak as hell. Change Registers.

  • pelepele

    yeah I fuck with everything he does. anyone saying it is wack or “bubble gum” just is not listening.

  • TuRnZ

    It is funny how mad people get at artists for growing. What did you want for him to make the same five records his whole life? Emilio is a balanced artist. He does Spic, Breaking Me Down, Bold and Arrogant, Pussy and Cologne, Sympathy For The Devil, etc. Appreciate an emcee who is so versatile. Because he talks about females at times does not mean all he does is talk about bitches.

  • ebro

    raw shit

  • d easy

    he can do better

  • 5Roc8City5

    Dead ass this shit it weak. I don’t understand why people are feeling this so much, unless they never heard this cat before. Emilio was one of the dopest I heard for the last few years, but Breaking Point is straight trash. The only good songs are Breaking Point, Classic, Middle Finger, Take a Good Look Around & the bonus. The rest of the songs are your typical bitch hits made for the radio.

    It’s unfortunate because ever since Life Without Shame, I’ve noticed Emilio getting progressively worse as an artist. There have been rumors that he’s getting ready to sign with Maybach and that faggot Rick Ross, so maybe that’s why he’s trying to sellout. But this shit is annoying. You’re letting down your city, man, but fuck it I see you’re just after the green and not doin this for Hip Hop anymore.

  • ddeezz

    Always funny to see people hating on success. Emilio grows and gets more attention and now he’s wack? Kind of funny to say that. Breaking Point is the truth.

  • comicallyreal


  • bwizz

    Different from his last projects but its all about progression…can’t please everybody. This project is great, i played it front to back. Look up is amazing and powerful, pussy and cologne is catchy and commercial, good balance overall 4/5.

  • biggaP

    Garbage, his worst project.