Wale On SOPA, Common, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake January 26, 2012

Sitting down with, Wale reveals that he doesn’t really have an opinion on SOPA (which is crazy to me as dude is the perfect example of what type of artist should be well versed in such a topic). He also talks about mood music (/no Joe Budden), shares his thoughts on Common’s Sweet and more. Ambition, available now.

  • Cee

    he doesn’t have an opinion because he is ignorant. intoxicated with the fantasy life of no bullshit, partying, and shitty ass pop music.

  • Considering when you go to hulkshare, his name and face is there as an artist who uses the service to promote his music…not knowing about SOPA is fucking unacceptable

  • shava

    I’m confused. Does he not know about SOPA or is he trying to keep his mouth shut?

  • Brian

    Wale is a salesman. He is selling his brand. He doesn’t make music. He markets lies. Dude tries to act like he is a conscious rapper but signed to a label run by the most ignorant rapper in the game today. Yeah Wale. You’re really conscious and socially responsible by being in videos throwing ones over titties. Stupid is as stupid does. I can say I’m an astronaut but until I go to the moon I’m just a regular mother fucker.

  • zf;akd]g;m

    he said, “we(new-wave swag rap) have to work harder than they(hip hop icons) did in the 90’s?”

    that statements alone sums up what this guy is made of. no respect for the culture or art form…all bout $$$$$

  • Detroit89

    Honestly there are very few rappers who are that intelligent on politics. You either have guys who know nothing or guys who believe in far out crazy conspiracy theories.

  • Thinker

    ^^^^ shots at Lupe?

    I’m amazed how much hate dude gets for being associated with another man. Something new to hate on everyday. Smh

  • JR

    ^what Cee said

  • dre

    this bitch nigga 4got dont nobody know him outside of the internet. actin like he yeezy or somebody fuck outta here.

  • fsdfjdsfhskfkfjsk

    shake isnt really necessary to reference budden? you’re infatuation with the dude makes me not want to like his music, it’s seriously fucking ridiculous. oh and kyle fucking williams bitch, kyle williams

  • fsdfjdsfhskfkfjsk

    is it*, your*, and one last time kyle williams


    @cee damn nigga you are one judgmental, conclusion leaping motherfucker straight up. that was some bitch made shit to say.

    he doesnt know much about SOPA, get the fuck over it you emotional ass nigga. the world doesnt have to share your passion and your hatred. This sopa shit is starting to turn niggas into haters.

  • Misunderstood_NonRacist

    stupid uneducated nigger like the rest. pay attention to the news every once and a while, its not that hard. especially with something like SOPA. Something that DIRECTLY affects him and his music career. Disappointed in Wale. lost a lot of respect for him. Cant say im surprised though……smh

  • Randy

    unlike most of yall Wale got a job and busy schedule. what kind of assholes gets mad that a busy person isnt fully up to date on current events? Or maybe he just not really interested in it at this point… learn to be more tolerant of peoples choices and interests. just cause a nigga dont believe in the same shit you believe him doesnt give you the right to act like a bitch about it.

  • Abe

    You know in all honesty this sounded like he truly doesn’t know anything or is too afraid to say anything. And his last album was nice but nothing compared to his mixtape days. The conscious in him was slowly worn down and he’s about his money now. He worked hard to get that but it’s sad that he lost the original drive he once had.

  • K.

    i agree with Cee and Brian. He acts deep but continues show us shallow.

  • MMGvaleverga

    Conscious? This ignorant motherfucker is bending over and offering his African butthole to UMG. Kissing the industry’s ass,

  • NeSS

    you wanna be conscious but you dont have an opinon on somethin dat would drastically effect your business…da only people it wouldnt effect is da mainstream cats…i feel like he might be startin to lean dat way…& im a wale fan

  • Randy

    you guys are starting to sound like conservative christians. believe what i believe or i send you to hell.

    no matter how this nigga responded – unless it was anything short of fuck sopa with a aids dick you niggas would be cursing him the way you are now.

    fuck you niggas for real. wale dont owe you niggas nothig. most of yall probably bootlegged his album anyway.

  • jrugged

    I feel like if you read the text of SOPA many of your “fuck you guys, Wale’s too busy!” opinions would be a little different.

    But that would require that you read. Much easier to call someone a hater.

  • P.H.I.L.L.Y

    Wale sucks.

  • Stay Frosty

    Reading a newspaper is not that hard, googling something is not that hard, either he wants to not answer the question or he doesn’t have an opinion on it.

  • protoman

    basically seemed like he didn’t know the specifics so didnt speak on it rather than come off looking/sounding stupid. said he was a fan of how things are as of now. whats there to be mad at? people love to diss this dude for no reason.

  • Creative-Mind?

    “I went to speak at my old high school and I told them straight up, ‘Look, if you really want to make it out of this ghetto, you have to work hard, you have to stop blaming white people for your problems and you have to learn – how to rap or play basketball or do something! You’re trapped! You are trapped.’ You have to get to entertaining these white folks, nigga, get to dancing!” – Dave Chappelle.

  • They have to work harder now, than they did in the 90’s? This guy is a fuckin’ idiot.

  • guest

    wait, what did you all really expect? honestly. and what is wrong with “all about making money” isnt that the main goal here in America? why do you all get so offended about shit like this, makes no sense.

  • SB

    Niggas mad cuz he aint have a opinion? if you had your own opinion
    u wouldnt be mad if he doesnt have one so fuck all you dicksuckas

  • nate

    why the fuck should wale know about SOPA? Is he hosting copyrighted content on foreign websites? No? then SOPA doesn’t affect him. ignorant as fuck take 10 minutes to read what the law will do.

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