Your (2)Dope Opinion: Who Will Best Benefit From Pharrell/The Neptunes Collab?

blame it on Meka January 26, 2012

Skateboard P linked up with a variety of artists over the last few, and the folks at BBC have been chronicling each one. It has me thinking, out of everybody you see pictured here which artist do you think will rock over a Pharrell Williams/The Neptunes beat best? Check out all the pictures, then hit the c-section below with your answer.

*waits for someone to pick an artist not pictured, like Reh Dogg or some dumb shit*

Busta Rhymes & Leah Labelle

Sammy Adams

Kendrick Lamar

Wiz Khalifa

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  • dirtdawg

    look at that weed, man

  • adi Pre

    Miller of Kendz.

  • $$$

    Honestly, none of them. I know the Div have a picture with P. Like would kill Neptunes production.

  • Electrotherapy

    Kendrick Lamar will tear that beat apart

  • yo

    Probably busta. you guys have heard light that ass on fire right? oh ok. second would be kendrick just cause its kendrick.

  • Kendrick Lamar would probably benefit the most, he will find the flow and go from there. Just my guess.

  • Jim jones

    Anyone but Wiz Khalifa….

  • Mikey G

    all of them should fuck if you cant benefit from a pharrel beat take your ass hoooome/


  • Everyone will say Kendrick but I don’t think he will flow too well over a Neptune beat. But he’s still miles ahead of everyone else there so at the end, Kendrick will have the best tracks with the Neptunes.

  • thomaspettington’

    busta needs a banger to get back in this, look at him, dressed like a jersey shore reject… kdot doesnt need a handout. wiz could vibe out to some snoozable p joints but he needs bars more than beats. and who is sammy adams? he could benefit from a day job.



  • Wiz.. Im actually kinda anxious to see how Wiz tackled it.

  • Jax

    Kendrick or Wiz. Anyone but whack ass Sam Adams.

  • Lys



    K.DoT!! hands down!!,, but i would LOVE To See *BLu* get a hold of Sum Skateboard Beats!! #PAiD DuES 2012 is gunna be SiCK AF!!

  • twoface

    obviously sammy adams will BENEFIT the most..he needs more mainstream publicity but hes def got his target audience on lock..

    for the “best” song that could be produced ima have to go with busta or kendrick

  • King

    I think you guys forgot that J. Cole collaborated with him too…

  • grandpa-j®

    whos dude between Miller and Busta up top?

  • LazyEyedWonder

    Market wise I’d say Busta…Just because folks young and old know him. It wouldn’t do much for Kendrick except solidify.. I’d say his challenge is expanding from outside e blog circuit if possible anyone agree?

  • Kendrick, Busta, Wiz…. In that order….

  • tompettilini

    @lazyeyed def agree. did you see q’s sales? i think hes barely sold 5k. but if you judged by the web buzz youd think hes platinum. they gotta break through that barrier somehow. im not sure if p’s the answer tho


  • thenigga

    mr. lamar hands down

  • DOPE

    We seen what Busta and P are capable of, always some good shit.
    Idk whp\o that white boy is. and of course my nigga Kendrick would do some damage, so Kendrick Lamar.

  • tradez

    @grandpa-j® its reek da villian i think….

  • sUMIT

    Anyone know if Chad still assists on beats? Its been P only since “I’m Beamin” from what I’ve heard.

  • kd

    Wizzle man

  • Sift

    Forgot about rozay and t.i.

  • nigganati

    NOT SAM ADAMS… wtf pharrell? sammy adams sucks, im better than that fool and i dont even rap.
    Definitely kendrick, he’s gonna go nuts on whatever soundscape pharrell/the neptunes create for him

  • Andy

    obviously Kendrick, if Pharrell ever picks anyone on YMCMB, or any Taylor Ganger, or any fucking clown like Sam Adams, or Mac Miller, over Kendrick Lamar, he’s a fucking moron. That’s really all there is to it.

  • @sUMIT Chad usually does the cleaning up/mixing and over-all musicality parts. Sometimes he does his own beats too.

  • PiffDaddyKane

    I say Kendrick…well busta buss…nah kendrick…Damn thats hard. Buss been murduring shit for the past year and thats not 2 mention da old P and Busta shit….But Kendrick will kill it and really be thankful for the beat. Fuck…Kendrick Lamar on a P productin featuring Busta Buss. Lol. Thats the illest shit nigga.

  • SoulREd

    well everything i wanted to say has been said, so , K.Dot,Busta,Wiz, and honestly, Skateboard and Snoop need to link back up. That was beautiful music, real rap.

  • gangrene23

    hey andy, he asked who would BENEFIT the most, NOT who would make the best track. scary ass.

  • lance geneva

    chad for the most part does the synths and pharrell fucks with the drums but there are times when pharrell fucks with the synths.. he was the sole producer of Hell Hath No Fury.. But Kendrick would slaughter one of his beats.. He has the most unconventional flows that I would love to hear over these beats..

  • killa

    Reek Da Vill .Strong Island stand up Exit 21 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • twoface

    hey andy, he asked who would BENEFIT the most, NOT who would make the best track. scary ass.

    @gangrene23 thats exactly why i said sammy adams!

  • Alan W.

    My guess is that kendrick would benefit the most from this. Kendrick can take whatever is given to him and can probably turn that into something amazing

  • Maniak

    That white kid is Fucking up Hip-Hop

  • in (a particular) order:

    0- Busta (as in, he’ll remind us all of that ol Busta x P sound)
    1- Kendrick
    2- Wiz
    3- Mac Miller

    That Sammy Adams guy tho… *tries to find politically correct words (unsuccessfullly)*… sucks.

  • Justin P.

    the Hiiipower conglomerate will reap the most benefits from the musical wizard….

  • tizz_da_xtraordanairy

    It would be nice to hear Kendrick Lamar on the more darker Neptunes beats like the ones on Clipse’s “Hell Hath No Fury” I’m sure he could come up with a dope concept and murder those types.

    For Wiz, he would be more suited for the smoother P beats like the ones they give to Jay-Z like “Allure” or Snoop’s “Beautiful”.

    And Busta, just give him a hot club banger and let him rip it. Or you can give him a real smooth joint for the ladies and let him grab some hot female R&b artist to complement it.

  • Lo

    Busta…. Busted

  • @tizz_da_xtraordanairy I couldn’t agree more. Well said.

    Kendrick x Pharrell can create the most amazing track of the year… But at the same time, those beats Pharrell gave to Game during the RED Album sessions were very, weak. I hope he’s elevating the west coast sound with these new tracks.

    Busta Rhymes tho… could you imagine a 2012 version of What it’s Gonna Be or Still Shinning… Sheesh!

  • tizz_da_xtraordanairy

    @Fred I agree about the early RED album sessions them P beats sounded real mediocre and for a while I thought Game was really going to use them. I’m glad none of them made the album, it had killed my anticipation. I’m glad the final product came out dope minus them.

  • realtalk©

    Not as excited about Pharrell working with these rappers as much as the other young artists he’s been working with..
    Cris Cab, Yuna, Alyssa Bernal, Maxine Ashley..

    Kendrick doeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Pedro

    Kendrick or Wiz, because the beat types that the Neptunes/Pharrel do

  • Daddy, none of em but Reh dogg will benefit from a Neptunes production.

    Come home already I’m hungry as fuck. Miss you mek.dot.

  • Wiff!

    P has fallen off since hell hath no fury. aka its been 6years since he put something dope out. and before that even he was weak. the glory years are gone.

  • thekang

    Anyone know where I can order that goodies pharell has on? The grey “dope” one

  • Purps McNuggets

    thats kendrick with that on ^^

    At least know who you are copying

  • TheFuck?

    kendrick, but not for the benefit side of it, jus the fact that no one else up there deserves the shine.
    Busta- been making bad moves for a minute now
    mac miller & wiz- have the same flow and cancel each other out (hatin’)

    as for that sam adams dude, i had never heard of him. i went and listened… exactly whats sucking the life out of hiphop. Dude is wack as fuck, and ill admit thats some pure hatin’ right there.

  • jackSson

    A$AP too was in the Stu with Skateboad P

  • if your talking about who would do a Neptunes beat justice… then its def Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes… them oher dudes suck ass

  • Yezzir!

    Kendrick would benefit more cause them other dudes would ruin a Neptunes beat with their wackness. I can’t wait to hear Kendrick on a Neptunes beat shit would be so dope!

  • i4c1o2

    its obviously going to be kendrick.

  • Seriously. Can anyone give a a Weezy F. Baby Aka Lil Wayne aka lil tunechi aka carter carter carter carter. I mean, Lil Wayne would spit philosophical metaphors all day over the sweet sounds of the nepties beats. I mean why would you even want to hear any song from the lames in those pictures. I mean a side from the hot chick (M.I.L.F.-I can’t explain what that is cuz mad youngings are on this site, but WTF dude who are those guys? I don’t wreckognize them or ever heard of any of those wanksters in those photographically pitchers. Bottom line I vote the greatest rapper ever, Weezy F. Baby. I mean Lil Tunechi is sooo hot on wax and every thing he spits turns to gold, platenum, etc. so my vote wOuld be for Lil Weezy. I would say he is the best rapper in the America’s right now. Did anyone of you ever listen to his 4 carter albums? Can anyone say Fire! Holla City of Squalla. I am hoping for a lp of Rick Ross and lil wayne, maybe they can get a pharell beat and a neptunes beat on their joint album. Lately lil Wayne has not been releAsing a lot of material, possibly because I think he is working on a masterpiece album. But no one can touch Lil’ Wayne. Hey, now that I am thinking about it, how dope would a callab with dr dre sound with sweet Weezy. Lil wayne is from new Orleans, I think he lives in holly groveg. Also, I was thinking, lil wayne should release a joint Album with Baby aka The Birdman. Cash money is the hottest label out right now. Lil Wayne for life!

  • dude

    so wheres the link to the bbc site?

  • marty mcfly

    I definitely say Wiz Khalifa cause Pharrell fits is style of music. Kendrick + Pharrell? I dont know how that would sound…

  • That Guy

    Lil B… Safest bet in my eyes. Crazy ass flow in that Ellen Degeneres joint. “Put me on the couches
    Interview my girlfriend
    Swag, swag, swag, swag
    Brang-dang-dang your girlfriend”. UNREAL

  • lll

    hahaha no Lupe Fiasco, Tyler pic?

  • If anyone said Sam Adams, Wiz or Mac Miller, they need to kill themselves… QUICKLY.

    K. Dot would rock over the beats very well, especially if Pharrell gives the production a great jazz flavor.

  • dre

    i’ll say wiz if he get on there with that weed rap & singing like on mac & dev this might be his best song ever.

  • JPM

    I really wanna see what Kendrick would do with a Neptunes beat

  • Lupe’s working on a full EP with P…