Ke$ha – Sleazy (rmx) f. Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I. & Lil Wayne (Video)

blame it on Shake January 27, 2012

Welp, that was… different. I guess Ke$ha’s budget sleaziness wasn’t enough to nab everyone for the video. Instead, we get a transvestite, Pedro, some dude in a wheel chair and a ginger to lip sync.

DOWNLOAD: Ke$ha – Sleazy (rmx) f. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, T.I & Andre 3000

  • J

    …I hate music.

  • wackness


  • zachariah

    Can’t believe I paused an Elle Varner song to watch 10 seconds of this TRASH!

  • who cares

    Stop posting this skank’s “music”

  • jomoses

    I think this is an unofficial version of this shit lol…

  • @jomoses LOL thats wat i said

    @2dopeboyz why are yall putting this trash on here

  • turftalka

    I guess she’s following that Lloyd “I Miss That” video idea by not getting the artist but instead some random ass people (+ cats) to lip synch it.

  • megatronz0r

    is Andre 3000… Pedro (Efren Ramirez) from Napoleon Dynamite?


    No homo but some of them trannies could get get gitttttttt etteeeee

  • And Won

    pedro + andre 6000 = worth it.

  • someguy

    was better than i expected it was going to be. but then again i expected it to be those trannies through the whole thing.

  • Stay Frosty

    Felt uncomfortable watching this.

  • 3rt4t2645g

    look what they’re doing the culture…2dopeboyz you’re guilty also for promoting this faggot shit

  • Jaydubs

    Random Acts Of Fuckery?

  • lance geneva

    what the fuck ? kesha definitely has the budget to get all of them niggas.. she made that tik tok shit and she writes for britney fucking spears.. she definitely got bread.. so this video is fake..

  • Sauze

    Are these niggas broke or something?? Why the fuck would any black man ever fuck with Kesha EVER??

  • ghostofsparta

    In her defense…she wasn’t in the video either, so it kinda makes sense. That said,…ugh.

  • squack

    this is some terrible music, but is pedro with jamie lynn spears?

  • LB

    the ONLY reason i watched this video is cause i wanted to see who played 3 stacks. WTF WUZ THIS SHxT!!!!