Deep: NaS x Columbia Records Illmatic Release Party

blame it on JES7 January 29, 2012

I know, I’ve been slacking hardbody on these (2)Deep posts. I blame it on my lack of a good camera, and I’m not a fan of pulling images from the internet if I own the product I’m showcasing. *shrugs* I think the dopehouse will thoroughly enjoy this one though. I forgot exactly where I stumbled upon this audio, but it was definitely a few years ago. This was recorded live from NaS’ Illmatic release party, presented by Columbia Records (as I typed that, for some reason, the Fugees Red Intro popped up in my head. Ha!) NaS and co., including brother Jungle, navigates through three four cuts off Illmatic with ease. Always wondered if there was video footage of this. As a bonus, you can catch the NaS audio (pre-Illmatic) of some freestyles (some of them off-the-dome, some of It Was Written) while on the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito show after the jump.

01. Intro / Represent
02. It Ain’t Hard To Tell
03. The World Is Yours
04. Life’s a Bitch f. AZ
05. Outro (Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long)

NaS x Stretch & Bobbito Pt. 1

NaS x Stretch & Bobbito Pt. 2

DOWNLOAD: (2)Deep: NaS x Columbia Records Illmatic Release Party

  • LazyEyedWonder

    Yo JES you are an incredible Hip-Hop Expert. I know folks write you off as the Uncle Rico of Hip-Hop Blogging lol..But I peep it all god. Stay Teaching..I hope to teach folks about the real one day too..& Im only 18. (But My Mind Is Older) Peace JES.

  • Soft & Wet

    Big ups for this, JES. Awesome stuff.

  • jules verne

    awesome stuff, thanks man
    had the stretech and bobbito shit already, one of them he spits a verse off memory lane


  • the rap bandit

    This has been circulating for a while on the internet… 2dopeboyz is late. Very. LOL. But its better than 99 percent of the crap posted.

  • Enlite

    This is like listening to Moses preach the 10 commandments – and that “Represent” beat is raw as fuck!! NAS……GOAT

  • HermesThoth


  • daed :) Nasty Nas= G.O.A.T

  • “This has been circulating for a while on the internet… 2dopeboyz is late. Very. LOL.”

    never once did JES say anything about it being “exclusive” or “new” or any of those other terms. the shit is from over 15 years ago… of course its not new. smh… some folks ALWAYS have nevative things to say.

  • AdanGenny

    who’s nas’s hype man for the release party? annoying as shit.

  • Rock

    ^ Jungle, I believe. His mic was way too loud. That’s where your crew supposed to be there and tell you to switch mic’s between songs.

  • triPAUD


    lol jung was gasssed

  • The rap bandit

    Yep. I always have something negative to say… Me and JES will be eating pork chops while talking about building and destroying.

  • musichead189

    Good looks JES…..this is a real precious find as huge Nas fan. Illmatic is probably my favorite solo Hip-Hop album ever & definitely one of my all time favorite albums ever period.

  • musichead189

    Its pretty awesome to listen to some shit like this that actually took place around the time the album first came out.

  • AP*

    damn didn’t know that the ‘nasty’ intro was from here

  • Kno


  • VMB

    I got the video Video Music Box..with shots fired at the end.

  • TheBreaks

    That last song is Risin to the Top by Keni Burke not mary jane girls

  • Loved the reference to The Score

  • camoflaguelodge

    this ish is ill son but i could do without the gentleman hollering all on the tracks