• http://www.djodiaka.com DJ Odiaka

    Dope track. This one has been out for awhile so thank you for posting

  • booney


  • eman

    outkast needs to do a mtv unplugged

  • http://soundcloud.com/djlankywhite DJ Lanky White

    I just downloaded this and have already listened to it 3 times, this is so fucking good

  • the rap bandit

    This is old... but its better than the new stuff from these rappers on this blog...

  • lily

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  • Roland Blaze

    This was out in July 2010.. get with the times ;) Also check out the The Heritage EP this was on, it has other classics inc. Art of Noise - Moments In Love.

  • http://www.hypnoticbrassensemble.com Hudah

    "thx for the support guy's, hbe needs ur support whenever u get turned on to our music", Hudah from HBE

  • http://www.masterbeattheatre.blogspot.com aim_shoot_made_u_look

    What up @HUDAH its all Copasetic keep doin yall thing...if you ever in Miami and need a dj holla! some good music right here HBE gets it in 4real.