• http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lw89zlAdKq1qke5yc.gif confused

    Why is this on here...

  • cockypanites

    i played this for shits and giggles but this shit is crack.

  • FuckYouPayMe

    This was on her Vikkileaks shit.
    Lazy, rich bitch.

  • Jojoba

    yo... rich for real... she's married to the son of Edgar Bronfman thats the dude who's family owns Segrams and ran Universal/NBC for a while... so yeah... she's knows about the struggle

  • panoble

    I fully expect a remix with Jay-Z or somebody along those lines, this beat is fire

  • http://www.thelookandlisten.com Neijah

    It's on 2dopeboyz because it's DOPE

  • SMH

    WOW!!!!! Fuck this cover is so trash. SOOOO Many things wrong with it. Fuuuck I can't stand this shit... SHAAKE!!!! FIX IT NOW!!!