WZRD (KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius) – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

blame it on Shake January 30, 2012

As promised, CuDi and Dot’s new single has hit iTunes (and Amazon). Check it out below and hit the jump for the official (11-song) tracklist of WZRD, which drops February 28th.

01 The Arrival
02 High Off Life
03 The Dream Time Machine
04 Love Hard
05 Live & Learn
06 Brake
07 Teleport 2 Me, Jamie f. Desire
08 Where Did You Sleep Last Night
09 Efflictim
10 Dr. Pill
11 The Upper Room

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  • admiral jon

    cudi blows so hard

  • blair

    where’s the other new music?

  • walalta


  • chrisL


  • dre

    i’ll slapp the shit out a bitch ass nigga hatin on my nigga cudi

  • aggzworth

    where do i know this sample from… anybody?

  • Batmayne


  • vagrant45

    the sample’s from a song called “Under Your Spell”, it’s on the soundtrack for the movie Drive

  • michael

    if the whole album sound like this it might be his best album 1st one is a classic.

  • Better be released

    Where the hell is dose of dopeness?? I’ve said that song was going to be released as well!!

  • aggzworth

    Yea i realized that lie 20 seconds later but i was “posting comments too fast” lol

  • Better be released

    He** not I’ve

  • blahhh

    WHere is dose of dopeness!

  • WRZD

    CuDi is the most orginal artist in the game. Thats why he’s Kanye’s favorite. He’s A mix between JIMI & Andre 3000

  • pretty jamming. going straight to the ipod playlist

  • M&M

    Kid Cudi’s in G.O.O.D. Music for a reason

  • tyler

    this shit jamming

  • CudLife

    KiD CuDi Is GoD

  • he sample this song from the movie DRIVE

  • Yep

    Yep that’s the sample from Drive.

  • Coolin

    Sounds like bad karaoke…no seriously. Listen to it again.

  • Yep

    ^Sounds cool to me.

  • McBreezy

    now this is what im talking about cudi… dope as fuck.. pushing the boundaries at the same time

  • icon

    LOL @WZRD Dude says CuDi is original but then goes to say hes a mix between Stacks and JIMI what the hell man dont say someones original and say hes like other people in the game

  • nasir


    cudi is a trendsetter you can hear cudi in almost every new artist that comes out with new music. i heard alot of cudi in section 80 i know kendrick likes cudi music i can see the jimi comparsion but cudi is as orginal as it gets. a true livin legend

  • Mr. Wow

    You young niggas are lame. You are not only makeing hip-hop culture wack but you are making black music in general look bad. Think about the long legacy of artist we have had in the last 40-50 years and you mean to tell me Cudi is being compared to Jimi or Andre 3000? By what means? What has Cudi done that has changed the music culture we know? You were once some close minded lil niggas that didn’t get hip to other generes of music until Cudi came along and now you think you know it all. The nigga needs a voice coach bad. I’ll admit he got flava but yall young heads go way to far with the living legend ish. But yall wanna dis the older legends that still here doing they thing and still touring and such off ish they dropped over 15 years ago but Cudi a living legend? He is not that influential.

  • Lmao

    I don’t know about you guys but drive is such an amazing movie…

  • chuckie

    suck a dick. cudi got the most loyal fanbase in the game. he can drop a album saying”fuck all my fans i hope all you motherfuckers die & wish nothing but the worst for you & your family” & we will still buy it. cudi has a cult following dont give me that he’s not that influential bullshit. who are you? you just some bitch ass nigga

  • DatNewNew

    Nigga Cudi got nas opening up shows for him. The fuck you mean CuDi a God.

  • Energetikk

    at first listen i was like – Cudi’s new joint BLOWS! But i was way too fast! Already after second listen i catch myself thinking “it’s actually pretty catchy – and not in that Backstreet Boys kind of way”..

  • fagagwa

    dot da denius on twitter about dose of dopeness: “Need a couple days on DOD guys. Last minute addition on the album comes first”

  • spaceyNYC

    damn they keep delaying Dose of Dopeness.. but anyway like homie said up top i’ll slapp the shit out a bitch ass nigga hatin on my nigga cudi!

  • I hate to say it but I agree with the other people saying your jockin Cudi a little hard calling him a living legend. Really??? Two albums this one isnt even out yet either. BTW this one is him trying to do what kanye did with 808 but really this isnt even a LEGIT rock album this is just some pop ish with Cudi doing his kanye/drake impersonation. I loved his first album and maniac off the second one is my jam but this newish is MEHHH. Luke warm at best. Granted all this is opinion so its whatever, but there is no way he is a legend yet. Nobody was callin 3 stacks a legend 4 or 5 albums deep. Lets be realistic he’s got two albums one was a major hit the second was good but not necessarily classic how does that make him a legend. I swear you stans would call drake a legend already. SMH. I’d say The Dream is more of a living legend then Cudi is you know how many hits that man wrote in three years alone? SMH. Lets call The Weekend a living legend while we are at it. Legend status shouldn’t just be handed out like that honestly get a decade under your belt or do something like 50 did come in and maintain top spot for 5 years straight then maybe MAYBE you can get legend status. I can think of loads of dope artists with two or three really really good cds or one classic cd and a really good cd. Time will tell but Cudi definitely has to step it up I know im not the only Cudi fan who feels like his music isn’t at that same cailbur it used to be.

  • devin

    ^^ shut up pussy cudi co wrote 808s & heartbreak. u lame as fuck dont ever compare cudi to drake cudi been doing this shit way b4 drake bitch ass.cudi made it cool for drake to sing in his songs.ever heard of “a kid named cudi”(2008)?? “so far gone”(2009) you do the math you fuckin bitch. i hope ya mama die fuck that bitch

  • devin

    who the fuck you think wrote majority of 808s & heartbreak. you bitch niggas better learn your history & pay homage cudi been doing this shit you pussy ass niggas

  • Js

    @devin, I like cudi more too, but drake started wayy before cudi…

  • yb

    whoever doesn’t like cudi is a fucking retard

  • manny


    drake didnt start singin in his music until 2009 cudi came out in 2008 meaning cudi was singing on his tracks way b4 drake.

  • manny


    & you’re still wrong have you heard “rap hard” cudi did that mixtape while he was a teen & working at the bape store he’s been doing music way b4 jimmy.

  • manny

    i meant @js

    im high my bad lol

  • lily

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  • boss

    they need to do a better mix of the vocals, hopefully its fix when the album drops

  • peanutbutterandsmelly

    yeah kanye copied cudi with that 808s and heartbreaks shit…cudis better at it than kanye is but this is terrible…it was sounding okay for about 15 seconds then i think a whale fucked my ear drums

  • afriCAN

    Damn. Y’all do need to get off Cudi’s dick forreal.. WZRD is going to be a straight pop album. I like this song, but damn. No pop artist is a fucking living legend. Wait 5 more years and see if you still feel the same way. I love cudi. But i would never count him as a musical legend. I would guess that he’s probably gonna be remembered more for his acting.

  • DrewDogg

    MJ was a pop artist and was a living legend, just sayin.

  • Terrance

    do niggas know what the fuck pop is? this isnt a fucking pop song i can easily hear this song on a kid named cudi or motm1. this could be considered pillow talk 2. cudi been making the same kinda music since he came in the game & has yet to change. its a song dedicated to his girl jamie you pussies. like he said on twitter “I DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANNA DO!!!! WHO GON STOP ME?”

  • eZ

    na na na naaa naa na na can you heeear meee? NO nigga…

  • Dream On

    Cudi already a living legend & he only 3 albums & a mixtape in. Rapper/Actor/RockStar/Singer/Songwriter. Not to mention he co wrote 808s & heartbreak.(a classic kanye album) He’s Kanye’s favorite artist in the game.Nas opened up shows for him. I REPEAT NAS OPENED SHOWS FOR KiD CuDi(yes the same guy that created illmatic)Opened UP SHOWS FOR CuDi.All his peers respect his work as an artist(Kendrick lamar,Jay-z,Kanye,Common,Drake,Wiz Khalifa,etc) Not to mention Wiz creamed his pants after finally getting a chance to meet him. This Guy is a legend & only is gonna get better.

  • Mr. Wow

    Now you niggas wanna give Cudi props for a wack ass 808 and heartbreak album that nobody bumps? That was Ye’s wackest project and yall acting like it was classic ish. SMH

  • yo

    I like Cudi. Talented dude.

    Not feeling this track though.

  • Faced

    oooooooookay…. I was expecting everybody to be talking about how meaningless, self-obsessed, and annoying this song was. Never underestimate the power of a Cudi stan.

    PS- Before somebody accuses me of “hating” on his “creativity”, please highlight the part of this song that WASN’T ridiculously self-obsessed (it’s called Teleport To Me, for Gods sake), or the part that had some deep hidden Cudi meaning. Because all I heard was Cudi moaning, whining, and bum-bum-bumbumba-bum-bum-ing.

  • BillyClint

    prefer the original…Kudis first “album” was great tho…but as a fan u cant really call him that original when it was basically him remaking desire’s version of under ur spell at least listen to that first then come bk and comment love cudis work but this isnt GREAT and he cant sing well so he has to have original tracks concepts and lyrics this was ok but that said i still bump his music

  • john

    This is a breath of fresh air compared to all the other trash thats out there. So sick.

  • Dumbla

    Fresh Air yes..but real Hip Hop is dying. The problem are Artist like Kid Cudi that feel they are better than Rap nowadays. No respect for our 30 year old culture = Hip Hop Demise

  • elloseventysix

    What I don’t understand is… how people call this shit “revolutionary” and a “breath of fresh air”….when it’s basically a remake. Any time I hear songs that are exactly like songs that came out in the 80s and early 90s…. you’re not revolutionary lol. You’re basically 1 of the 87246579265278467274628742 people who have also heard that song….. that you’re inspired by.

    This shit is whack. Whatever happened to sampling music, and not knowing it’s a sample. Now-a-days people sample top 10 billboard hits.




  • Living Legend

  • Logic Is Fucking Gone

    I’m a huge CuDi fan, but you niggas are crazy w/ the “living legend” shit! Micheal Joradn, Muhammad Ali, Sidney Potiter, Bill Russell, etc. are living legends, CuDi makes good music, no pun intended, but you can’t be a legend at 28 and still alive, too much time left to fuck up.

  • RRHH

    Artist: Desire
    Song: Under Your Spell
    Album: II
    buy this trippy shit on amazon and fuck some trippy ass bitches to it

  • Eheske

    Combining the mixtape music with the albums, cudi is one of the top artist in my opinion. He switched it up and still was dope. He said the new one is a rock album, but his previous albums weren’t too far from that anyway. Now with the whole ” he’s God” is too much. Sounds a little obsessed.

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