• Dope

    this shit is dope, whats with all the dislikes and no comments ? man i swear you haters go hard lol.

  • HermesThoth

    i fux with the sound. dope.

  • chickafilet

    Gonna bump this shit all Summer long!

  • lolz

    wyclef and wycelf? dope

  • peetthegeek

    links aint workin...

  • http://www.reidkid.com Reidkid

    His sound is so refreshing.

  • Swageezy

    @Dope. Agreed. They prolly didnt even listen to this. They saw Shaggy and disliked it from the jump lol. Either that or they can only listen to hip-hop and nothing else.

  • d easy

    a lot of these songs are boring and sound very alike. He doesn't create interesting enough melodies imo