Lute – Real2Real (Video)

blame it on Meka January 31, 2012

Directed by Preston Norales & SchylerChaise

Dopehouse, meet North Carolina’s Lute. Lute, meet the dopehouse. Now play nice.

  • IdotBdotE

    Never heard of this dude before but the shit is nice though. Ride to it..

  • BounceB

    dis dope…. why nyggaz hatin wit da thumbs downs ratio……real hip hop

  • jason


  • LongBeachToker


  • Loan

    I love it. Real hip hop. Nice vibes.

  • Ayeee!!! Goooood look Meka! Go head Lute! SchylerChaise up next too.

  • lily

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  • Psyence

    Its amazing how “true” sounding hiphop is coming more from southern and west coast emcees now. @[email protected]

  • Tobin

    Haha one of them niggaz in that crew gay, saw gay porn in his internet history at his crib, haven’t chilled with that nigga since

  • Budavinci

    Looks like a bunch of suburban kids who stay at home with they mommmas…if this real hip hop like someone said above, bring back the fake shit, this shit is boring, niggaz walking down the street trying to look scary…how original *yawnnnn*

  • Kyle

    Dope song. Sucky visuals. Needs a better camera

  • Lisa

    I agree with Kyle he should find someone who does more than direct ppl on a railroad

  • gerald

    the video is great and the song is amazing but that hoodie the mexican dude had on is wack as fuck!

  • Gstar

    put some west coast shit up! Dis shit lame!

  • datnegrofooooo

    OK track, visuals were ass.

  • fjklhgiuwehrgrgn

    didnt really fuck with it but those bitches look pretty str8 tho

  • Jessefreekem

    He bit tyler mask in that video. LAME

  • gsbsksgsbsbsksjw

    That dude always has on that crooks & castles jacket. Like damn nigga, thats the only shit you got. Dope track. Crappy video. Shouldve told a story with the vid to go with the song instead of making the typical cliche type shit that people would expect. It looks like a bad attempt at trying to remake a kendrick lamar video. #StayTrueToYourself

  • ThatOneDude

    Last time I checked we grew up on the WESTSIDE of Charlotte, NC. That goes from Beatties Ford Road all the way to Freedom Drive. Y’all want west coast then listen to Dom then. You will respect the music that the south and the east coast has to offer. We got hoods like LA got hoods. The only difference is we not LA. Come out here and see for yaself. Come chill in Trinity Park, Tanglewood…go to Hidden Valley. Bet they will bust ya head for wearing the wrong colors and talkin stupid about the city. I rep the WESTSIDE of Charlotte, NC like the rest of the “mexicans” “suburban kids” and “goons”. Let the creative flow of these gentlemen rise and give them the crdedit instead of hating on them. Lute got bars, SchyleChaise got bars, Jimmy Kelso got bars as well as Ry. Suck a dick, we gettin money.

  • imjustsaying

    Jimmy kelso doesnt have bars. Hot coffe & fat bitches was wack as fuck.

  • SchylerChaise

    Thanks for all the love, and the hate on here seems to be from supporters also. Like Lute said “You can tell the real by how the real interact”. #ForeverFC

  • Antonio


  • MJ

    people really mad. this is a good ass song from some people outta charlotte if you from charlotte and you hating on people from your city trying to put on you wack

  • WordLife

    ^^^^^^^ Truth!!!!!

  • MJ


  • SeanSky

    My niggas got on 2db and if you from the city you need to stop. Sure the video aint perfect but fuck it, gotta start somewhere…

  • @DjImperfek

    I love it. There is nothing better than ambition, persistence, and consistency in our generation. Keep it up and take the good with the bad as a steam to power these dreams.. Y.A.K. I ride with y’all…

  • Clearly Real Hip Hop… The hate Is Lovely My Niggas Doing What Niggas Hate To See Keep It Up Family … Let The Hate Rise .Salute .!!!!!!!!!

  • carlimo

    These niggaz need a new cameraman, or a real director, shit was mad unorignial…like they just let one of they homies hold the camera or some shit…mad basic, video makes the song worse

  • nut in this bitch

    ^^^ agree…cool song..>..basic video

  • slim dunkin in yo bitch

    He’s a dope rapper. I don’t really care for the video but he is spitting some dope shit.

  • BeattiesSoilder

    yea the video is played….cool song my nigga keep it up

  • Yasif

    video kinda boring, but on a positive note the rapper isnt wack

  • emergency

    Crappy ass video. But lute is definately going to be somebody. I know it was inspired by the london riots but theres nothing riot about it. Yall looked less intimidating than drake & his people in the headliners video.

  • laaoam

    Good job on this one

  • RZA

    The video’s quality makes the song worse? Who gives a fuck. The song is trill/ Go look up some Trey Songz vids if you want production value. Keep it dirty south. Dumb ass.

  • brock

    the Queen will rise