N.O.R.E. – Lehhhgooo f. Busta Rhymes, Game & Fozzie Bear

blame it on Shake January 31, 2012

For some reason, I always cringe when I hear someone say “leh go”. And with that said, it’s said a few thousand times on Noreaga’s latest single. Awesome.

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  • doc rovers

    i gotta agree shake. its like something teen girls say before they go to a party. “gettin drinks with my girls legoooooo” smh…

  • PaperKut

    Good beat though

  • (l,k)

    prolly cuz its gay as hell to say unless youre african and thats how you actually say lets go lol

  • PaperKut

    I promise you, Africans don’t say leh go. Dumb fuck.

  • Weak

    Bit Meek Mill’s ‘Leggo’

  • Rec

    N.O.R.E. been doing it, that Scared Money EP was dope and he keep dropping heat, seems like he’s stepped it up over the past year or so or ever since announcing the CNN split.

  • Kno

    At least they used the Funky Drummer snare. Other than that — I have nothing to say.

  • who cares


  • Brandon

    This isn’t bad at all.

  • Zak

    I don’t understand how this has more thumbs down than thumbs up. I dig this.

  • (l,k)

    @PaperKut i promise you, when they have an accent, theyre more likely to, dumb fuck

  • OldAssRappers

    someone kick this doulja 40 yr old back seat riding ass nigga busta rhymes out these booths. he lost all credibility once he joined the lollipop guild

  • Cloud 9

    yea i agree with shake. but i only here little teenage females say that shit when they go to a school party… needs to drown with that “dot com” shit. lol

  • Johnny Blaze

    this shit is hotttt, game kills it

  • realtalk©

    @(i,k) africans don’t say leh go.. only people with speech impediments do.. african accents may sound funny to you yanks but your slang these days is more retarded than anything..

  • damn shame

    nore sux ballz now..his music now is shit and face it it will always will be too

  • I wonder how Jae Millz feels about this. He doesn’t even get recognition for this. LOL it’s like he’s destined to fail

  • J.O

    Its a regional thing so if your not from that part or grew up in that part you wouldn’t understand.. kinda how like NYorkers say “son” “god” or Niggaz in Philly say “jawn” or Chicago niggaz say “Joe” or niggaz from the D say “Waddup doe” South niggaz say “shawty” “ok den” “ham”.West coasters say “waddup cuz” “waddup blood” “catch a fade” (old school) Bottom line most regions/coast has there own form of communication different from others. I personally love all the different “slangs” and “accents”… How boring would the world be if we all talked alike?

  • Juanka

    J.O finished this discussion, nuff said

  • Kung the great

    J o is a bitch. I kno who u r faggot when I see u imma fuck u up then imma take ur girl beat her pretty badly then rape that bitch and tell that bitch to pay me

  • Seif

    Game killed it though. Rest sucks. LEHGO