OCD (Moosh & Twist) – Hold It Down (Video)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2012

If I were to walk past Twist on any street, my last thought would be that he raps (no shots). But, assumptions are for assholes right? And while I can definitely be one at times, I always let the music speak for itself. I’ve seen the name in my inbox a few times and never got the chance to listen. That is until today, when the above video came through. Philly shit… I’m digging it. And if you are too, hit the jump for their latest project.

DOWNLOAD: OCD (Moosh & Twist) – Vestibule EP

  • Props for finally getting them up here. Few of the only respectable backpackers.

  • chrisL

    Dope, damn everyone a rapper lol

  • doc rovers

    pretty damn good flow

  • Yo


  • doc rovers


  • Chizom

    You should post their older stuff, it’s just as dope as this, and the videos too.

  • DK

    Actually clicked this on accident but this is dope. Does he remind anyone else of the dude from JUno lol think his name is Mike Sera or something like that.

  • Hermes_nondualist

    dope indeed… white dude looks like he’s done some time in an asylum though (no shots)

  • mutumbo

    i know oliver, the white boul. he’s kind of an asshole, but they’re pretty dope nonetheless.

  • J QUad

    The rappin is hot…… the chorus sucks

  • SCF

    Twist is refreshing to hear. A new sound and an ill ass flow. Moosh does his thing too.

  • iLL

    wow this is fucking wack wtf guys !?

  • mr_marvelous

    yea he do look like michael cera.

  • i may check this out this is pretty good

  • Diversify Yo Bonds

    lol A Michael Cera lookin nerdy white boy that can kinda rap and a dark skinned black dude, with the SLR camera video and halfway backpack/club rap style.

    There’s so many things that make these guys so stereotypically 2DBZ material that it doesn’t surprise me that Shake put the video and their whole EP project up with a cosign and back-story lol

  • Hugh Jasol

    Is this shit for real? This is like Aids to ear drums. I thought this was a parody. Fuck. Everything is dead.

  • Tone Riggz

    This shit was horrible…overhyped tbh

  • troubl3

    Idk…i was pretty impressed

  • aka ferrari

    I bet once white boy sees himself dancing like a stupid idiot ignorant immature fag , that will be the last time he dances like that. Or probably not because hes that annoying type

  • d easy

    they suck imo

  • DEEZ

    “seen this kids name in my inbox but never gave a fuck until they finally sent that check over..” -SHAKE

  • Your Average Jet


  • chris roman

    twist didn’t say shit in 1.5 verses…congrats

  • chris roman

    *beat knocks though

  • justin

    Mchael Cera lookin, Childish Gabino rapin ass white kid :D

  • chizom

    why yall hating so much tho…..there’s such a thing as constructive criticism rather than bashing a young dude working hard and doing what he loves.

  • J

    “LEAVE. BRITNEY. ALONE!” – @chizam

    lol they’ll be alright nigga. Chill.

  • yoyoyo

    theyre cool and their older stuff is tight..but the white kid needs too stop grunting so much it annoys the shit out of me

  • TheChillout

    This is made for square ass white people only!

  • j

    what are yall on? they killed that shit. quit judging by appearance

  • bullets

    why does every white rapper rap fast that shit is predictable and annoying …

  • Charles Hamilton

    why niggas gotta hate me though?

  • Debo

    This is shitty. I’d rather listen to Mac Miller fart on a snare drum and that’s not saying very much. This shit is fluff.

  • Sonix

    Yeah, It was make it on 2dopeboyz or bust for us, but at this point it’s whatever. This intersection with blogs and the industry will be interesting because at the end of the day it really is just a few people throwing up shit they like and just because those few people took the initiative to raise this platform, it doesn’t mean they have any idea what the f8ck their talking about. Cheers 2dopeboyz.

  • cockypanites

    ive seen these kids and tried to give em a chance by listening but i aint feeling it. i hope they can do better than this.

  • spaceyNYC

    This is basically Mac Miller / Drake / Tezo / MGK / Chiddy Bang

    in other words… this is nothing new, or special.

  • McBreezy


  • so

    This was cool. I liked it. There’s room for this.

  • Snaves

    More white kids than a Jurassic 5 show in Colorado.

  • The Truth

    Dear haters, what are you guys doing besides judging? Unless you can provide something better than these guys, shut the fuck up. Right now, these cats are better than about 80% of the bullshit being thrown at you.

  • aphillyated

    Haters gonna Hate. OCD gonna OCD. real rap.

  • Snoopy

    This is real hip-hop. These kids know how to throw down harder than anyone out there. Real talk

  • OCD

    They sound nothing like Mac Miller or Drake, and I would GLADLY listen to OCD any day over those fake artists. Rap fans have changed, and sometimes disappoint me… people don’t know real hip-hop anymore they’re too used to watered down shit. SMH, some people don’t know anything.

  • Think Like Ya Enemy


  • JAD534

    This is awesome. Not gonna lie. I went out and got the rest of their stuff and I wasn’t disappointed. Love this song though!

  • bones

    if this doesn’t do it for real hip hop heads, go check out their video “black forest gummy worms”

    completely different. and dope.

  • Jesus Christ

    this is kinda mainstream geared but their old shit is pretty tight im a fan

  • K.

    did somebody say overhyped? lol

    anyways this is the first i heard of em. they got a cool energy and a similar sound to Chiddy Bang which is cool.

  • DStewart

    I didn’t think I would like this at all, but after hearing this and going back to their older stuff, I was pretty impressed. I look forward to seeing what they do next.