Raekwon: Our Solo Careers Hurt the Wu-Tang Clan (Video)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2012

During a sitdown with VladTV, The Chef reveals that he believes the Wu’s solo careers ultimately hurt the Clan as a whole. Agree/disagree? Do yourself a favor and check the four-minute clip above for some knowledge.

  • 4 Reelz

    I believe the homie rae is right. The solo careers did hurt the Wu’s image aa a whole. Nowadays you can’t piece together what the Wu is, even if you brought back ol’ dirty and all the other members together. However I doubt that staying together would have left everyone in as a good a state as today, as a classic is created by a state in time. real talk

  • Spike

    All those early solo albums are classics, But I see what he’s getting at.


    I love rae but I dont agree with him here. The rza is the most important part of the puzzle here. Rza had total control of wutang production from Enter the 36 Chambers to WuTang Forever. About 5 years. During that time is when Wutang’s legacy was cemented. In my opinion the only person who really succeeded after that (as far as putting out wutang caliber music) was ghost. Others may disagree with me though.

    WU-Tang could be together for 50 years and if rza isnt heading up the production im sorry but the sound just wont be there.

  • marty mcfly

    I definitely think Wu tang did a excellent Job for the culture but I kinda understand what he’s saying as far as like a corporation. Like if the WU brand was like the Roc or Badboy or some shit like that but hey hindsight is 20/20.

  • Maga D

    I’m with Rae on this. The Rae/Ghost/Method Man album last year was proof of what he said

  • Kirk

    Wu tang is forever…

  • peetthegeek

    meth, ghost, rae, rza, and kinda the gza succeeded solo, but you know the other members were addin shit to the collective, and you know they all brought out the best in eachother, and i think rae’s sayin they coulda rode that wave for say another 5 years before they split. but hey, rza had the 5 year plan, its what brought em together at the beginning, and his plan worked, all rae is sayin is that it worked so goddamn well it coulda been the 10 year plan. church, but que sera, sera, they are all still legends. the game is forever in debt.

  • The only Wu-tang albums that´s great are the 1st & 2nd ones, maybe the third one too,after that they fell off.

    hey rea wbat ABout BCC===?????

  • Gee Dot Que

    cant even front on the whole situation, shallah speaking the truth. i agree with him. if u take the work ethic that was put into OB4CL2, Big Doe Rehab, RZA’s movies, and method man’s ventures…we could possibly have another classic Wu album right now! You can tell how things started to dwindle down during/after The W album. After everyone started seeing some type of reaction from the solo careers…the collective energy put into the clan work suffered as a result. Just look at the promotion the 8 diagrams album…there was an animated video and a tour. THAT WAS IT!
    I feel every that the solo careers of the clan had them all thinking that they could still be successful as a collective off the strength of everyone’s solo endeavors as well as the predated history of the WU. But they fail to remember that 36 chambers came out in 93…almost TWENTY YEARS AGO…thats damn near 4 diff generations of music and fans to appeal to…

  • jason

    rae and ghost not participating doesn’t help things either. #justsayin

  • wu

    Funny how Rae has time to do this interview but wasnt on their tour that just finished. Damn shame

  • YoungCosby

    I kinda agree with Rae, but I believe that the egos and creative differences were the issues that plagued the Wu. It’s hard enough with just have 2 or 3 in a group, let alone 10. 10 different egos and personalities are not always gonna get along at the same time all the time. Plus, people all have their own idea of what direction the group should be heading in as far as image and sound. It’s the one thing in all groups that is the cause of the breakup.

  • Asada

    not in the early and mid 90’s but after Wu-Tang Forever the solo’s definitely hurt them

  • I understand how going solo hurt Wu Tang as a group but damn you gotta admit they represented hip hop and still do…rip ODB Wu TANG Forever!


    RAE is the man for that. Esp cause he is one of the successful ones. Not one of the bitter ones. Respect King.