T.Shirt – Yonkers Freestyle

blame it on Shake January 31, 2012

The NY emcee rocks over my best friend’s break out single. The Fuck, available now.

DOWNLOAD: T.Shirt – Yonkers Freestyle

  • damus

    Ohh. Who is your best friend? This beat goes.

  • JAD534

    Before it gets absolutely insane in the C-Section let me just say that this is pretty awesome!

  • TAHAHAHAHAHA long laugh wiz


  • SpicRic

    this the dude that did the video hanging upside down?

  • Stir

    DEAD at the caption, Shake you are a funny guy! Still waiting for you and him to sort stuff out though, you’d both benefit from giving them exposure on here, and beef is outplayed this year.

  • Miles

    T-Shirt is wack.

  • Numba7

    T-shirt is wack. ^^ and also, ya, not that it’s any of my business, although rappers having beef with other rappers,bloggers,labels,industry folk is hella played out…. but bloggers having beef with rappers,bloggers,labels,industry folk is super lame. That’s just a weakness really. You don’t have to like him, but your job is to cover music, so cover music, and his job is to make it, so he’ll make it.. i mean doesn’t that seem logical? all that other shit is just talk. I know that i only really check this blog, this is how i know about music, this and hiphopdx. So if you guys don’t post it, i don’t get to know about it, and i gotta go looking about it when i hear, and thats fucked up. Like the lupe fiasco thing… all that stuff.. if there’s anything I don’t like about this blog it’s just Shake gets in stupid beef and then as lazy as it makes me sound, I gotta go looking around the net other places to get the music I like.. that aint good for your business killer, you know that. It makes people leave your site, to another, maybe you can afford it, but no great businessman ever felt like he could afford a loss.. at least he never created a loss, and stuck behind it based on principles.

  • FuckNumba7

    Numba 7 fuck you, you’re a faggot, I’m gonna rape your whole family. Now can I be on your website bitch?

  • Numba7

    ok, I see your point their.. lol. but lupe? comeon.. thats just pointless.

  • HH fan

    Its obvious, this guy creates accounts…. then talks back/ forth with and about himself on posts.

  • PWR

    Keeping the hype going. Dope. Everyone needs his ‘THE FUCK’ tape.

  • Fuck Shake and them 2dopesmokers. Stop posting Frank Ocean shit

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “…my best friend’s break out single.”

  • the creator

    T-Shirt is fucking shit. The original Tyler song was awesome. This guy is fucking wack