• http://soundcloud.com/soundcollagemusik ShaadG

    Yes, my city is pushing through! Look for Piff PCH, Chaz McGee, Tha Elemant, Self Sufficient & Cali Cam! Along with producers Sound Collage Musik, Cairo Mayeson, Kriis Money, Dave Moss, Quad and DJ Rek all making a new sound for San Diego!

  • WestSideShep

    Ta'East x Cairo Mayeson TPS, every track is FIRE! THUMBS WAY UP ... i've been watching these dudes for years. Ta'East is by far one of the dopest emcees from the West

  • sarah760

    Ken Price ^_^ and Cairo!!! i went to school with them!!!!! Good Job guys

  • TheNiggaAye

    DOPE!! still waiting for yall to post that other nigga from sd Bam's GodSpeed JahBless album, that nigga kills shit! That Heron song he did with Chuuwee was dope!

  • bronxkidd

    whos stevie crooks on bonus? he's nice

  • Blockstarr

    dope shit