Wale – Albert Pujols f. Rick Ross & Fabolous

blame it on Meka January 31, 2012

I guess whomever held on to this lost Ambition track figured now that Al signed a bajillion-dollar deal with the Angels they would let it go… weeks after the fact. Tagged up for your (dis)approval.

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  • jomoses

    *hears Wale’s verse mentioning “informants” * *cuts song off*…cool beat though.

  • M&M

    Great! 2 songs released today based on athletes

  • yung

    does wale come off as corny to anyone else?

  • TOrrent911d

    damn they all killed it !!
    rap 2012

  • Danny

    Anybody smart enough here to understand how to spell Pujols?

  • JAyP

    Fab killed it!

  • Tto

    @danny…right. one would think as long as they held onto the track they might have been able to spell the man’s name correctly before actually letting it loose.

  • STL grown

    Fuck Pujols that money-hungry bitch! He’ll never be in a World Series again.. and how the fuck is fab gonna shout out STL??

  • Danny

    @ STL Grown..word man. We’ll be fine without him

  • tommy

    fuck Albert Pujols, he is a faggot.

  • Uncle Phil

    Fuck Whale. That hoe ass nigga just disrespected the angels with this ugly ass track. Worst mainstream rapper out.

  • poopiemode

    this song sucks a lot of cock. listen to the bass thumping its the same time signature every song. “you people” are suppose to know about good rap instead kids from college know about better rap than this trash. They rhyme off the base synthesis. atleast they brought up st. louis other than that this song sucked god’s cock

  • frank

    idk why ppl r hating on wale, and fab on this