A$AP Rocky Meets Rakim (Video)

blame it on Shake February 1, 2012

After telling a fantastic pampers story and revealing that he was in fact named after the God MC, Angie set it up for Rakim to come through an actually meet the A$AP front man. Up top and down bottom, the three have a blast on air. Great times indeed.

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  • Cee

    lyricaly ASAP got absolutely nothing on rakim. They’re crafts- they’re art are on two totally different levels and state of minds.

  • Cee

    lyrically ASAP got absolutely nothing on rakim. They’re crafts- they’re art are on two totally different levels and state of minds.

  • YMFM214

    you know why its so easy to root for ASAP?…because everytime dude is in front of a camera its always love and respect and he’s humble…throw in the music and the whole package that they got goin on its undeniable…at least in my opinion…goes to show that personality can take you a long way….look at wiz

  • rikmalkolm

    DOPE!!!!! New York vets gotta embrace the NEW, just as the NEW gotta respect the TRU!!!

  • HermesThoth


    Yeah man.. it’s only genuine motherfuckers that come off as being effortlessly, sincerely charismatic. Real talk..

  • Ordinarycelo

    Shake, peep that new KRIT. We need that on the site. Asap. no pun intended.


    Dope as fuck gotta love NY hip hop

  • Michael Scott

    this is beautiful… no joke

  • tiel002

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  • paulv1luv

    how can anyone dislike this? illest shit in a minute

  • DQ

    that was ill

  • spaceyNYC

    this was fuckin amazing. dislikes dont count on this one.

  • NoName

    Ok after this ima play umm tht Eric b and Rakim – I ain’t no joke and after tht a$ap Rocky – keep it g

    A good interview humble does get u places #s too haha

  • camo

    that’s love

  • Tone Riggz

    He should meet Aesop Rock next…

  • louis_lacoste

    Its good to see moments like this in Hip Hop, much respect for NY rap, old and new school

  • Ryan G

    damn A$ap seems like a real dude. Shows mad respect to a Legend in the game. Congrats on his mom for raising a respectful dude with a great sense of music. There should be more young artists that act like him


    Dont really mess wit asap too much but this was cool real talk good moment in hip hop

  • guest

    great interview, he really does seem like a genuine and intelligent kid, which is nice and sadly rare to see in rappers these days

  • fruust

    this is beautiful. rakim is a great man for showing up and showing love and rocky is a great man for being humble inte presence of the god mc.

  • krow132

    I love this. Shows you how things can be if the Old School and New School just embraced each other. most of the new cats grew up on these dudes anyway

  • Avenger

    @krow: quite the opposite, most are like tyler the creator and did not grow up on these dudes. Hence the evident lack of lyricism and unwillingness to pay dues and insult the older dudes. That’s just my two cents anyway.

  • enrico

    @avenger agreed.
    this is a great moment tho!

  • realtalk©

    This is beautiful..
    How can anyone genuinely give this a negative rating? If you thumbed this down, you’re a hater because you let your sentiments about the whole ASAP movement get in the way of what’s really happening here..

  • Rascal

    pure Dopeness! Rock seems like a real down to earth dude. its good to see that all the fame and fortune hasn’t gone to his head and corrupt who he really is. most rappers get a lil paper and some spins on the radio an tv an start actin all hollywood on niggas.

  • dirtdawg

    Rakim was SMILING

  • This is how it should be…

  • Q

    Wow what’s the chances. That was ill. Getting to meet the man you were named after. Hip Hop is in his blood.

  • xDesmond

    “Can I call my mom?” Can’t hate on dude for being humble..

  • Chase

    That shit was beautiful as hell

  • Pops

    Fucking (2)dope!! That there was one of the purest moments I’ve seen in hip-hop in a minute. All love

  • Fred Hearse

    This is awesome. Even if you don’t like Rocky’s music you have to root for dude. Lets recap. He comes out saying that dealing drugs is wack. Promotes being yourself even if others dislike you for it. Saves his fans from getting kicked out of his shows. Is named after the God MC, Meets the god MC and is super humble and calls his mom’s. I mean im not into the whole asap movement thing even though I thought toast to the gods was a nice track and I think that dude asap Nast is a beast, But if you really don’t want this cat Rocky to prosper there is something wrong with you.

  • jeremiahWRONG

    rock pounded cakes w/ rockys moms. #FACT

  • marty mcfly

    COMEONSON, I get it some of you mothafuckas like this dude cause of whatever reason, but its like its some new artists getting over right now because of things they dont do on the mic. I dont give a fuck if some rap dude is a cool person or not, just drop some dope music period. This dude showed up on 106n park yesterday and he didnt even look at the fans or at Rocksi and Terrence for more then two seconds, all he did was look in the camera and keep saying he was pretty. Smh, lets start judging rappers off rhymes and beats not for some other bullshit.

  • POW!

    @marty haters gonna hate….Live.Love.ASAP was top 5 mixtapes of the year and it dropped in what? november 2011?….its not JUST about music it never has been…look at jadakiss, styles p, cassidy, and alllll the freestyle battle rappers who can murder anyone at any time….they ALL can rap but whos looking for them?…they all dry as fuck when they start talking like normal people…like they’re machines or something…now granted jada and ghost should be a littlejaded by being in the industry for so long and never getting the commercial recognition A$AP is at the moment…but is it REALLY reason to not like A$AP?…he excells in areas more talented lyricist cant…whether it be in the way he carries himself, his personality, whatever…he carved out a niche for himself where he doesnt have to be a hard thug all the time without losing credibility like all the other new york spitters before his time…when i see jada laugh or tell a joke…i think to myself that he’s fking it to get people to like him…A$AP? nah its effortless…hes havin a good time and met the GOD someone who he was named after and he turned into a fan in a SECOND…thats respect…thats knowing his place and the place of the pioneers ahead of him…no one said he’s the most lyrical…EVER but he’s definitely got something all these other rappers on this blog dont….hes got that X Factor no simon cowell…COME ON SON!…stop hatin already its 2012 foo

  • marty mcfly

    @POW!, that bullshit that you refer to as the “x factor” is really just a rapper who is just biting everything he sees and then recycles it. Now im cool with that if thats what he wants to do but im gonna need to hear some good music bottom line. Just cause he takes his musical style from the south and some other elements from westcoast music in the 90s and then acts like thats what Harlem is about, im not just gonna act like his MUSIC is dope. Especially since Harlem artists pride themselves on originality over everything. I dont hate or like him, im just saying where is the dope music cause that little mixtape shit you talking about wasnt top 5 anything last year and trying to compare Jadakiss to this guy is ridiculous because there’s one main ingredient that separates the two. AUTHENTICITY

  • marty mcfly

    You talk about who’s really checking for the LOX and cassidy but go back to the beginning of their career and then talk because when the LOX dropped Money Power and Respect I think its safe to say they had a way bigger reaction from the fans then when ASAP drop his first single, whatever it was called.

  • POW

    @marty hate on hater, LOX is a totally different entity AND they were pushed hard by BAD BOY AND RUFF RYDERS (major labels dont forget that) this dude is influenced from people all over the country…whats wrong with that?…cassidy…WAS PUSHED BY SWIZZ FUCKIN BEATZ with robert singing hooks for his biggest single to date and jay-z was on a sampled hook produced by swizz for his second biggest track…so dont act like you didnt notice…A$AP used producers NO ONE HEARD OF BEFORE Live.Love.ASAP came out…and to blow up like he did without a powerhouse behind him like the lox and cass did…its a different time in rap and you need to either understand that or just die in the past…the internet is a powerful tool…and if the lox and cass had the internet like A$AP does then maybe they wouldve gotten bigger…but point is they didnt…if A$AP had a huge backing behind him from jump street from bad boy OR Swizz he would be bigger…but he doesnt…not til lately anyways…LOX and Cass missed their boats…sorry man…but they’ll never experience solo success like A$AP is right now…maybe 3 or 4 years from now ill be proven wrong and he just flops…maybe he doesnt…but all i know is dude is humble as fuck and genuine with it…in the world of social media you gotta have personality…one of the many ways the internet has changed the game forever…sorry but cass and all of lox still can rip any song…but only underground hip hop heads are REALLY gonna check for them…..not to mention A$AP hasnt dropped an “official” single…so you cant say the lox got a bigger response than A$AP in that regard…point blank is dude did way more with less resources and people LIKE him as a person…especially with rappers like Kanye and Jay and Wayne and Drake (im a huge jay and ye fan by the way) all rapping about the troubles of money and how hard it is to be famous and boo hoo…i have no problem supporting a dude who puts himself on display and shows he is vulnerable and human like he did in this interview…A$AP is a force whether you like it or not bro, you can harp about authenticity but i didnt know art needed critics to prove something is art…just enjoy it…if you dont…then go pop in that Hotel single by cassidy and Robert and feel nostalgic about the good old days of AUTHENTICITY…oh yeah and ummm #POW!

  • marty mcfly

    Now your implying shit that I never even said cause I never said I hate dude or there’s something wrong with being influenced ( even though he’s just straight up biting a whole style completely ) and you talking about how the LOX and Cassidy had big labels behind them like having the fucking internet isnt a greater tool for this generation when Asap could post new music and videos everyday and the artists from the era you talking about had to cut through months of politics and red tape from a label just to get one video out. Then you talk about how ASAP is more successful then Jadakiss or Cassidy? Stop it because Jadakiss and Cassidy had triple the mainstream success as this dude and further more Jadakiss had a good run for more then ten years. Good luck for this guy lasting that long. You talk about being stuck in the past as if the same artists from that era still aint gonna make better music this year then ASAP or something. You talking like I hate this dude when im just saying his whole little buzz aint even about his music its about some silly shit like wearing leather skinny jeans and some other ridiculous get ups ( like dude with a fur vest on 106 yesterday that looks like it was made outta german shepherd or some nasty shit like that ) talking about some shit from another state he aint from, which in Harlem is damn near forbidden. With gold teeth in his mouth and braids like its the 90s still. If thats all you looking for then cool but the people you trying to clown were known for MUSIC not calling themselves pretty or dressing funny style. You talk about Jadakiss and Cassidy but when they were hot, how many quality songs were they putting out on their own projects and others? Exactly so its no other bullshit that made them successful other then good music.

  • Freddy Hearsecury

    Ha damn yall cats wrote books each I agree with marty though. However as an old black man I just like to see humble young black men win (yep Bias). I peeped that 106 video too he seemed akward like he was trying to be cool. I hope he dosen’t have someone in his ear steering him wrong.

  • TheGod

    I think ASAP Rocky is ok, I respect what he’s doin. It’s cool.

    But this video made my fuckin night man. Made me really like ASAP Rocky a lot more. His mom is a sweetheart. I love shit like this.

  • Pauly D

    marty, shut yo jay-z nut gobblin’ ass UP!

  • marty mcfly

    You just mad cause you know its the truth LOL, and I dont know what Asap Recycle has to do with Jayz but I see you still mad that your hero Em ( the male version of Hanna Montana ) is NOT in any way the G.O.A.T.

  • Pauly D

    Negro, please.

    A$ap’s hype is stronger than ever. He’s at his best lyrically, his beats bump, and he makes overall great music.

    Hope off, you Beyonce clone!

  • marty mcfly

    Honky, please

    Yeah ill agree he does have alot of hype but thats about all cause musically he’s just the wannabe Houston version of Wiz Khalifa only Wiz is actually being himself and is the better artist out of the two. You can go back to bumping your idol Em now since you prolly look like a suburban Cheddar Bob. LOL

  • Pauly D

    Nigga, youse a troll, all there is too it.

    If you actually think I’m white, you’re racist.

    GTFOH hahah!

  • marty mcfly

    Yeah your right cause even the most Brady Bunchiest of white people must read your shit and think your corny as hell.

  • Cameron

    @Yung Kendrick brings so much emotion to his songs. You sound like a fuckin idiot trying to prove otherwise, listen to spiteful chant and tell me Im wrong. I did not like gudda or tyga’s verses but tyga isn’t wack.