Danny Brown - Jay Dee's Revenge (prod. J Dilla) [Snippet]

To help promote Dilla Day (details shown above), Danny Brown rocks over some production from the late great J Dilla. And before everyone gets in arms with the whole "ohhh Dilla didn't produce this for Danny Brown" bullsh*t, it's all for the sake of remembering Jay Dee! Unfortunately we only have a snippet for now, but vinyl is being manufactured and their will be copies at the event.

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  • Bigwill

    Cant wait till the 10th im there

  • 30 Chainz

    @Bigwill me too. Jay Electronica, Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson, Busta! i am so pumped for it. Especially for Danny Brown.

  • thinking_cap

    Gotta go,

    Have to make to 2hr drive over

  • dude

    the five foot assassin with the roughneck business

  • ace boogie

    this shit will be amazing cant miss this

  • Wonton Soup

    "that bitch look just like Wishbone" LMAOOO hahahaha young Wonton used to watch Wishbone on the regular

  • Dilla + Danny+ Yessir!

  • illslick


  • aiiiiight!! can't wait..

  • nyc22

    This beat is ban anas.

  • lucidity

    thing is this beat is so nuts it's almost better as just an instrumental

  • I wanna listen to this so bad right now but I'm on my iPod... Can never go wrong with Danny Brown and the greatest producer all-time J DILLA r.I.p.

  • Michael Scott

    damn rip to the greatest and Danny Brown is funny as fuck but such a beast

  • make u white

    gimme da whole shit or im gon kill myself unknawmysayin

  • omgreally

    Damn shit is sooo dope

  • LiveWire


  • J△SH.

    p e r f e c t i on


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