SOBs w/ Audra The Rapper, STS & Emilio Rojas (Video)

blame it on Meka February 2, 2012

I stopped by SOBs for a few hours last night and caught up with Audra the Rapper, STS and Emilio Rojas. LowKey was hosting and Meka was on the wheels. It’s not the whole show, because I dipped before Phil Ade got on, but you can get a feel for how the night was.

Audra talks about her experience at SOBs and how she prepares for a show. I learned that STS is a pretty funny dude, and that there are grown men that play with dolls in public. – rahim

  • Phil Ade was kinda the highlight of that night tho lol. Meka, were you there for when he hit the stage? I didn’t see you on my way out.


    What’s the beat/song in the background?????