FUPM (Bobby Creekwater x Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window

blame it on Meka February 3, 2012

Fuk U Pay Me’s (one of the best group names I’ve heard in a minute) debut project will drop sooner than later.

DOWNLOAD: FUPM (Bobby Creekwater x Stat Quo) – Dope Out My Window | Mediafire
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  • DBS

    All these leaks have been pretty dope, looking forward to the whole tape.

  • iowa1

    This rite here is crazy. Can’t wait for the project

  • tompetty

    why did you tag kendrick?

  • I’m sorry to say, but I was really into Stat Quo right when he was shining, but when it took forever for his album to come out his hype went away for me. And I’ve never really liked Creekwater.

    Them together though? This shit is awesome. The 2 tracks I’ve heard are the shit. I mean these guys just click together. And there beat selection is nice. Can’t wait for this project to drop.

  • SB

    Because Kendrick is in the Alright Alright video

  • Rec

    Shit is so dope.

    Good they left Shady and Aftermath.

    They’ll make better music because of it.

    Especially not being slaves to Jimmy Iovine’s greedy jewish pop trash bullshit and Dr. Dre’s uncle tom ways.

  • Yeah, I’m hella ready for the project to come out.

  • @Rec

    “Dr. Dre’s uncle tom ways”


  • daveg

    But what you don’t know is that Stat has been fuckin with Dre for the past 3 straight years.

  • bluz

    Yeah, I gotta agree w Chi2LA23.
    Bobby Creek never did that much for me, and I fucked with Stat briefly, but it didn’t really last. But this FUPM? both tracks they’ve put out have been dead solid. They just play off each other well and get great beats

  • Jawunda

    they put out 3 songs actually…2 were dope including this one (along with Alright Alright) and the other was still nice