M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Video)

blame it on Meka February 3, 2012

Directed by Romain Gavras

The audio dropped a few days ago to mixed reviews. Maybe the video will sway those thoughts in the other direction?

  • Your Father

    Fuck what a hater say.
    This tune is dope and the video’s the icing on the cake.
    Makes me remember when videos were entertaining and I actually used to record em on VHS.

  • theBroKing

    for the love of god stop putting videos in the “on smash” format……

  • RSWD

    Where the fuck is Anjulie @ doeeee!

  • This video was dope

  • WiLL_G

    Video is dope, and she is mad sexy

  • mR

    fire fucking flames

  • Heavymayn

    when she was layin on the car while it was on only 2 wheels..boss as fuck lol dope ass beat too

  • swagMeterHitsRed

    rich sand nigga shit

    one of the best vids i ever seen. were all those stunts real tho? cant tell

  • HermesThoth

    OH shit! this bitch is bosse… makes me feel good about driving an e46. swag

  • titsmcgee

    this is like some terrorism gangster music tho!…what heavyman said. shoulda named the track bad bitchs.

  • anthony

    This is why you have to give M.I.A props. So fresh. The real female boss. Throwing her swagger around in a place that would rather have a woman dead than expose anything but her eyes.

  • Fuckyoupayme

    If you dislike this, you dislike sex.

  • E.

    this shiit ill as fuck ! never ever hate on M.I.A

  • Austin

    i watched and listen to this song too many times to count its so good. m.i.a. is sexy as hell

  • GangstaPink

    “light match strike FIYAH whose that girl called MAYA?? M.I.A comin bk with FIYAH FIYAH”-M.I.A….FKN GENIUS SH*T!!! Looove this VIDEO…ayo NICK?? take notes BeEeIiItTtcChh…lol j/p :p


    This was hella dope!!, but i feel like the car on 2 wheels got a little played out towards the end.

  • hater

    fuck this punjab bitch

  • Nasty Nas

    This video goes. It’s a slap to middle aged societies who dont let women drive, and she drifting nd shit. Good or bad, M.I.A. tries to talk about social issues unlike most artists. Middle eastern Drifting shits on American and Japanese drifting nd I have drifted quite a bit.

  • Nasty Nas


  • Master Lee

    This video is dope as fuck. M.I.A. Always comes hard. Much respect.

  • Dretox

    She isn’t punjab you illiterate fool. She is from Sri Lanka. She is Tamil. not quite punjab. stop hating if you dont have anything good to say.