Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin. f. M.I.A & Nicki Minaj (Video)

blame it on Shake February 3, 2012

Directed by Megaforce.

After a brief hiatus, Madonna is back with first single off her upcoming album MDNA. A song which will also be performed at this year’s Superbowl halftime show.

  • peetthegeek

    im pretty sure shes gettin peed on in this video. i felt like i was gettin peed on listening to it

  • cool


    In all honesty this shit wasn’t that bad. I can see how this song could fit at a Superbowl performance. At least I know why she was chosen to do the Superbowl halftime show in the first place.

  • anthony

    M.I.A looks hot in this video. This is pretty bad though. It feels dated already. Mainly cause Madonna’s shitty nasally voice conjures imagery of a period I’d rather forget. The 90’s.

  • seriously?

    Really 2DBZ!? Really?! Fuckin’ ads all over this site too.


  • Maga D

    I see this being a hit, but at the same time, I see it being only popular for about 3 weeks tops. So uhm, good job? lol

  • GangstaPink

    M.I.A str8 shitted on NICKI. You cant put a real emcee on a track with a gimmick.

  • who cares

    Why was this posted?

  • Austin

    M.I.A. is looking sexy in this vid

  • blazzah

    this site is going downhill fast..really? maddona?? on a hip hop site?..c’mon son step yo game up!

  • Ceekay

    Make-up Duration
    Madonna : 6 hours
    Nikki Minaj : 6 hours
    M.I.A : 15 minutes!!!

  • You post this, but not M.I.A.’s (FAR superior) Bad Girls video? Damn shame.

  • wtf

    aite, two things. 1) madonna, youre not a different type of girl, youre a grown ass woman half way thru menopause. 2) smirnoff product placement?? really?? i dont think dope boyz n gurlz are the target audience here….
    on a side note, mia is redeeming feature

  • lew


  • The Author

    So this obviously got posted here mainly because of M.I.A. & Nicki Minaj, but I have to admit it’s not as bad as it could have been. It’s catchy (if u like that sort of thing) & it fits the whole Super Bowl theme. Madonna is a legend & gets my respect for what she has achieved regardless of whether I like her music or not. She also doesn’t look too bad for a woman in her mid 50’s. M.I.A. is dope & improves any track she blesses with her presence & as for Nicki… She did her usual thing & that particular thing is getting a bit tired now.

  • Playboy Dey

    I cant jerk off to this

  • meh

    nikki is fugly, but she makes those adidas trefoils look good. M I A is lookin H O T. Thank god madonna covered up those gross ass arms of hers. Shitty song…