Playboy Tre – Look At This Sh!t: Superbow Edition (Video)

While Playboy Tre, B.o.B and the likes trying to enjoy the game, a fan would rather take pictures..

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    dude takin pictures of the dude takin pictures

  • ghfff

    Hes making fun of the dude taking pictures and hes the dumbass videtaping him.

  • Truth

    Just gonna keep it real and say.... Playboy Tre is a douchebag

  • Jeremy

    people take pictures at games whats the big deal..

  • Jmillz

    Whos the real jackass here....of corse someone is gonna take pictures of the super bowl game...

  • james dean

    I would've turned around and took a picture of Tre...Why wouldn't you take tons of pictures at the Super Bowl?

  • Micah

    man yeah this nigga ignorant as fuck, what he worried bout the next man for, if he wanna take pictures let him take pictures

  • yupp…

    theres a difference between taking pictures and doing what he did in the middle of video, which was stand up and block tre's whole view of the game. now if he was doing that the whole time then that is annoying.

  • kd

    I dont get it. I would take HELLA picture if I was at the SUper Bowl. shitttttttttttttttttttttt

  • cmon son

    wow Tre! I like your music but seriously!?!?! Imagine someone wanting to take pictures at the Superbowl??? ASSHOLE!!! HOW DARE HE??

    B.O.B. will have you going to plenty more of these..ease up on the people that more than likely wont be so lucky..

  • Drapper

    Playboy's a dick

  • JL

    haha so sensitive. You know Tre was drunk. It was the Super Bowl. listen to a track or 2

    'up in benihanas drunk as fuck drinkin all the saki, damn right i want a double fried rice, i'm gettin bread'

  • Yo this nigga is ignorant......and he need to hop off B.O.B. dick...

  • hateu

    Who is this idiot and why is 2bdz posting it. Talk about posting anything. You guys post anything. This idiot taking about look at this guy taking pictures, but yet his dumbass is video taping this shit for over 2 mins. Talk about dumb ass!

  • Q

    Dying at "you need some beat material?! You use lotion or the sock?" hahahA

  • Rize

    Disgusting behaviour. Seriously, skippin dude's verses from now on. You cut.

  • Disgusting behaviour. Skippin dudes verses from now on. You cut.

  • Belve

    If I'm at the Super Bowl (or any other sports event for that matter)and a dude is jumping up in my way of watching the game to take pictures of cheerleaders... I'm going to act way more ignorant than Tre.
    I can see other people pointing out that they see the irony of videotaping a dude taking pictures because I was thinking the exact same thing. However
    a)He is doing it to point out said behavior and
    b)He did all his FROM HIS SEAT not with his camera all in front of other folks.

    If you skip verses from a guy without listening, your not a fan lost, your a hater with no purpose in life.

  • LB

    ladies and slobs, the point was that the guy was taking pictures over and over in front of them. not once or twice...many times over. and not of the game, of the cheerleaders. SMDH. Get 'em Playboy.

  • beblab

    obviously the man aint even american, probably a tourist whom doesn't even understand the well articualte faggot tre(but then again who would be able to understand the shitness from his huge, clearly, obese mouth. look at that fat faggot pussy tryin be all funny and shit, just reaaally going for the attention. pathetic.

  • dboss

    You're the asshole taking video, cursing, and calling this white dude a "nigga" in front of a bunch of people!

    PS. Tre, thanks for following me on twitter, can't say I returned the favor hahaha

  • dboss

    Meanwhile, you're taking video of this guy, cursing, and in the process making everyone around you uncomfortable as hell.

    PS. Hey Tre, thanks for following me on twitter, can't say I returned the favor!

  • inside information

    Look at this shit. Look at this nigga. The nigga runnin with a broken fuckin leg. How is he running with a broken leg?

  • alfamega

    this nigga playboy tre is wack, grade a clown ass nigga

  • kato

    this is why black people get a bad rep!

    good job tre