360 – What Goes Up (prod. J. Cole)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2012

Here goes the final product of what we witnessed the two working on last week.

DOWNLOAD: 360 – What Goes Up (prod. J. Cole)

  • Dreamvillian

    J.Cole can do it all.

  • drillz

    this is fucking horrible. j cole stop producing please. your album, now this? stop. leave it to the professionals.

  • GhostWrite

    Listens to first verse… Listens to second verse… Wonders how long it took J. Cole to take his vocals off but his leave his lyrics on the second. #ghostwrite #HEAVILYcoached

  • Thinker

    i can see how dude chose to go along with this crappy ass beat. i mean when you getting the beat done right in front of you, you gotta feel the connection through the process and you usually cant get ur mind out of the box and ask if this beat is even ok until its too late.

    but knocking a dude for THIS beat when he’s done a shitload of other good ones is stupid. and Cole World definitely was FULL of those good ones. cant expect them all to be great

  • MoneyBagz

    @drillz…kill yourself

  • Dreamvileeee

    looks like cole wrote the 2nd verse lol

  • PJ

    Yeah this shit is pretty shitty. Shit

  • Drew

    So these J. Cole beat haters are telling me that when they make those fire beats (i.e. Nobody’s Perfect) they’re gonna give it away to a low-key artist?

  • Wolf

    @Thinker … Chill. Its very easy to say ‘I’m not feeling it’ or ‘This beat isn’t for me’. That’s one of the MANY reasons why this song aint shit but Promo. It wasn’t made with intent to make good music. I’m supposed to be impressed cause he got a (VERY DECENT ) beat from J. Cole (and probably some Ghostwriting as well). And even the ‘ghostwritten’ verse was weak. Try again

  • yee

    You guys are all wwack and hates. This beat is sic j. Cole prod. R sick and 360 not that bad

  • JohnnyAims

    This is trash.shut up.

  • Rico

    STFU JohnnyAims and drillz it don’t matter wat cole does he makes more money than yall

  • Rizzle

    it seems like they got to him, chasing hits instead of what he feels, lets be honest most hits out in the last few years even a bum cud have written, stop this b.s cole

  • I bet if this was an actual J. Cole song most of you wouldn’t be saying half this shit. As for the beat its obviously Cole’s style. I mean come on, you guys acting as if this beat he did wasn’t like his other ones you so called “Liked.” You can tell by the drums and the piano keys he’s using that this is his signature sound. And second the beat doesn’t necessarily make the “whole” song. If this was on Sideline Story with some meaningful lyrics, a nice bridge, and Cole rapping y’all would give it so much praise. Y’all can at least be real about it. As far as ghostwriting, etc, etc… Don’t worry there’s more original J. Cole coming. Be patient, he has a few mixtapes and an album be thankful.

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