• gertrudeanderson


  • BadaBoom

    Add-2 and 9th Wonder yall! 3 for 3 this one is too soulful! cant wait for SOS!!!!! Drop it ADD!

  • RobK

    Add-2 just gets better every time.

  • OscarMayerHawthorne

    "What stays on my mind cut cats like kung lao hat" siiiiiick. 9th needs drop more beats like this, it takes me back. Save.Our.Souls is gonna be a classic. Modern Day Coons is the realest song that dropped in years

  • ddave

    I was feeling this shit. I might actually purchase this if tcomes out on itunes.

  • EricDean

    Add-2 is like a perfect combination between Lupe & Mr. West. He sounds a lot like Kanye ...

  • BadaBoom

    SOS needs to drop like now. I feel like I been waiting like a fiend for the past few months. Decemeber, january and Im PRAYING I get it this month. All signs point to yes but I been fooled before. *Goes back to bumping Going Going Gone* This joint is smooth

  • oscarmayerhawthorne

    Nah I can't see Kanye. Kanye can't do damage like Add does ie Ghetto Dreams. I would love to see Add2 and Lupe on a track if not at least Add-2 and Kendrick. They both got some ill ass punchlines.

  • brooks

    Oh my, Andre just made my damn day!

    Now, nigga get back in the stu and and save our souls from this musical depression please!

  • Blue

    So now who does 2dopeboyz advertise more? Add-2 or Shawn Chrystopher?

  • Dave Embry

    Add-2 is easily the most consistent spitter and its great to see people are taking notice. Common, 9th, Kendrick all showing love. Cant wait for SOS. *Going Going Gone*

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  • Sunny

    people need to stop sleeping on Add-2. if someone told me they don't think this is a good song I'd be convinced they're lying and smack em across the forehead