DJ Whoo Kid On Big Pun Pulling Out An Uzi On Him (Video)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2012

In the latest untold story from Whoo Kid, he reminisces about a time when he cursed Pun out because he thought he was a promoter, only to get an uzi pulled out on him by Pum himself.

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  • eastside

    jack a foooooool that nigga said ” ALLIGATOR HANDS” AHAHHAHAHAHHAA

  • Scrilla

    if Pun was alive and heard that “Alligator Hands” shit, Whoo Kid would be dead by the time you finished watching this video. RIP Big Pun.

  • Y

    Why would Whoo Kid get killed for something that somebody else said dumb ass?

  • Michael Scott

    damn RIP to Pun.. he was a fuckin g

  • wordup

    mongoloid ass interviewer, whoever the fuck.

    anyway, real shit. RIP Big Punisher…and its STILL fuck jay-z. the “god mc” didn’t want it with Pun or Terror Squad. anybody who remembers history remembers the Kit Kat club and what’s really real.

  • JD

    You fuckin blog nerds…”yo son, Pun is mad real son, he’s gangster, , the kit kat club blah blah blah…” Pun is dead.

  • pascal

    in the beginning he said 1000 was a big deal he never had that kind of money, 2 min later he said they making 20gz with a mix tape back than in the streets. uhhh huuh