Swerve & SYG – True Story (prod. Ops)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2012

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

I first caught wind of Swerve and SYG when they enlisted me to knock out the above artwork for their upcoming project. While going back and forth with drafts, he sent over a few songs and I enjoyed everyone one of them. Fast forward to now… the dopehouse is teaming up with Kevin Nottingham to help usher in their upcoming project, Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey, dropping February 21st. On the first leak we get two stories about the key events from their childhood that help put growing up in a broken home into perspective.

  • D Sulz

    Ay fam, I really relate to this, good job shake keep em comin.

  • Numba7

    Pretty cool track, good find shake. This and that luck-one track are what im talking about. I’m glad your back on your Hip-Hop shit.

  • SMH

    How is it warm whiskey when the whiskey has ice cubes in it?

  • Numba7

    ^^ good point. Whiskey’s pretty warm with only 2 cubes in it, if its straight. Maybe that’s what shake was going for.. maybe it should be cold winters and whiskey on ice. Either way, pretty dope cut if you ask me.

  • crown_royal

    dope artwork. whiskey always be gettin warmed up

  • MindOvaMatta

    really, really, really, dope. I needed this. I was starting to feel like rap was boring, and all the artists I had hope for the last couple of years got boring. I’ve been just listening to old classic albums & R&B like it was 06-07 again. The last couple of days you guys have brought me at least 5 new artists that I am real excited to hear more from. This week/weekend has been seriously fucking awesome! keep it up 2DBZ.

  • It’s alright, verses are real dope. the first guy is a lot better than the first and it kind of made it sound off balance. He’s not bad, just kind of overshadowed. Hook could have def been done better. overall its a good lil joint — kept my attention, nothing mind blowing.

  • than the second*

  • Silentcreepa

    dope art.. crazy dope art. How much do you charge shake?

  • 80808

    whiskey warms even when cold, yo. 80 proof & up.

    this is nice.

  • Yo, Ops is the hometown homie. Rochester has that real ish. Thanks to 2DopeBoyz for helping put the ROC on the map with cats like Ops (Optix), Emilio and Hassaan!

  • Ryan

    Super dope ops kills it on the beat as always!

  • “whiskey warms even when cold, yo. 80 proof & up.”

    wooooord up.