Brown Bag AllStars – I F*cks With That (prod. DeeJay Element)

blame it on Shake February 9, 2012

ArtByShake. Illustration by No. 5

Round 3! The 2DBZxBBAS project is shaping up quite nicely, don’t you agree? One more leak tomorrow then the Brown Label EP drops in it’s entirety on Monday.

DOWNLOAD: Brown Bag AllStars – I Fucks With That (prod. DeeJay Element)
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  • 3 for 3!!!!!!!!!

  • jinjure jaw

    Lyrics. Beats. Song making. All on point

  • Rotten seed

    3 for 3. Elements got beats.

  • Joe

    YOOOOOOOOOO I seen this on

  • Joe

    Just kidding, I’m a piece of trash with a shitty website that gets no traffic, so I spam on one of the biggest sites in hip hop =)

    This song > my life

  • lionel

    this is my favorite of the three so far. reminds me of somewhere between beatnuts and pharcyde.

  • BTH

    holy shit this is crack!

  • khep

    i dont fucks with sharebeast.piece of shit

  • Shun Doobiest

    Woahhh. This is CRACK.. BBAS puts in hella work

  • khep

    but this track goes!

  • Blaster

    The best group right now without a doubt!

  • jess

    Who’s the other guy on the hook with soul khan?

  • tompetty

    dope. slowly becoming a fan.

  • “Who’s the other guy on the hook with soul khan?”

    that would be E Holla

  • jonny

    I’m going insane over this BBAS week!!!

  • this is the best week of my life man! these joints have been hot!!

  • Nionicle


  • problem child the great inventor third party crew squad representer

    This shit is refreshing. Im tired of wack rappers gettin shine. I tell you who I fucks with

    Elzhi, Phonte, Kendrick Lamar, blu, Homeboy Sandman, Action Bronson a little, and the BBAS

  • This is my favorite of the first three. great execution. dope song.

  • pussymeat

    hot hot heat

  • BW

    I love that “We stop time like Zack Morris” line

  • BrownBag Everything!!

    Consistently killing shit.

    Artwork is dope too.

  • 2FUEL

    Again another hot joint, fucks with this..