Monica & Brandy in the Studio (Video)

blame it on Shake February 9, 2012

Monica and Brandy hit the studio to try and recapture their past magic on their latest collaboration, It All Belongs To Me

  • JChrome

    two females in the music industry working together!?! *passes out*

  • chompers


  • Danny

    Standard upper 1% bitches taking iPhone selfies.

    Straight up sorostitutes.

  • Left on lower 84th

    Didn’t even cross my mind they are a portion of the 1%. I was thinking, ’12 Brandy? ’12 Monica? ’98 Brandy? ’98 Monica. Hmm.


    good thing brandy wasnt driving…she will still get the business though

  • Two greats

  • @Wutangfan

    That was cooooold bro…lol

  • LittleMs

    Leave this shit back in the past. No one cares about there 90 asses.