Monica & Brandy in the Studio (Video)

Monica and Brandy hit the studio to try and recapture their past magic on their latest collaboration, It All Belongs To Me

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  • JChrome

    two females in the music industry working together!?! *passes out*

  • chompers


  • Danny

    Standard upper 1% bitches taking iPhone selfies.

    Straight up sorostitutes.

  • Left on lower 84th

    Didn't even cross my mind they are a portion of the 1%. I was thinking, '12 Brandy? '12 Monica? '98 Brandy? '98 Monica. Hmm.


    good thing brandy wasnt driving...she will still get the business though

  • Two greats

  • @Wutangfan

    That was cooooold

  • LittleMs

    Leave this shit back in the past. No one cares about there 90 asses.