Ryshon Jones – Happily UnHappy (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 10, 2012

Artwork by Gianni Lee

Rys’ latest offering drops “2mar.” now. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Ryshon Jones – Happily UnHappy (Mixtape)

  • Gene

    My Dude Ry, keep providing

  • nickd

    its already out wtf

  • SmokinAces

    Dude needs to seek some counseling ASAP. A fucking SAP!

  • Iodine

    I fucking love Ryshon Jones

  • Steelo

    Yessir! Been waiting on this since the top of the week. People need to wake up and listen to this dude. Music with substance! Keep it up young blood.

  • Balboa

    Finally something different out of Philly rappers. Dope.

  • Randy

    laziest, least interesting mixtape ive heard in years.

    11 tracks, 6 skits. lyrically subpar, and nothing but the weeknd samples?? very groupie-ish. either step your game up drastically or find a new passion . this is a major disappointment. no disrespect intended, i dont know u so i have nothing to gain in hating on you or dickriding you….but this is not even an good ep. i dl alot of mixtapes on 2db just to show support for upcoming talent that take their art seriously….but i regret taking a chance on this. you may as well call this a weeknd tribute album. ironically the best song in the jene aiko joint which i thought was mad corny.

  • Jamire Odum

    this mixtape was so uninspired. its like he just said fuck it ima make the same song 11 times in a row. not a good look

  • Onre

    I like they dark beats Ryshon usually picks but this concept was lame the first time and even lamer this time. I think he took some steps back with this one.

  • Nicki

    I’m not sure what mixtape the first 3 commentors we’re listening to but this mixtape is amazing. Not only is his flow impeccable but the story line behind each song adds a little to finally understanding the entire mixtape. You idiots are the same ones that made Soulja Boy popular, so by default your opinion doesn’t count….. But I love this mixtape. From start to finish, no skipping.

  • Sammy The Bull

    I’m not hear to give backlash to he people who didn’t like the tape. I think everyone has their own opinion, but this is nice. If you pay attention to the story he is telling throughout the project, you will understand. You also gotta do your research and realize this is a follow up to his acclaimed The Weeknd sampled tape Friday. I haven’t commented on any of dudes work yet, but I just hate when people don’t actually give it a real listen. I like this. 8/10.

  • Sean

    Anybody have a link to Ryshon Jones’ old mixtape “When You Take Over My Mind”? Been lookin for it for a while.