Game – The City f. Kendrick Lamar (BTS Pics)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 11, 2012

The epitome of Los Angeles Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar and the Game hold it down for their hometown on the set of the Game’s newest music video “The City” from his DJ Premier approved, The R.E.D Album. Video directed by Matt Alonzo.

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  • MegaMan

    Game using kendrick lamar for his buzz how sad

  • jay

    how bout two dope compton rappers making a video to a great song on the red album

  • Earthly

    awesome more exposure for kendrick lamar. its a great feature too. soon kendrick’s gonna be an elite rapper in the mainstream. thank god for another rapper that can represent hip hop positively in the mainstream.

  • lance geneva

    now i know why niggas hate miss peas.. this bitch just said “The epitome of Los Angeles Hip Hop”.. kendrick could be but game ? minus one million points miss peas..

  • marty mcfly

    You aint gotta be a fan of Game but if you a fan of Kendrick then you cant be mad at this cause is Game the biggest mainstream artist Kendrick has done a video with thus far? I dont know but just saying

  • RED

    I hope there’s a Game feature or two on Good Kid in a Mad City. The West needs to stand together on K Dot’s debut Studio Album. I’d love to see a Cube KDot track.

  • JAyP

    to limit the argument its just safe to say its a win/ win for both Kendrick = More exposure, The Game = stays relevant

  • fire this bitch

    “epitome of Los Angeles hip hop”
    on what level? not popularity nor talent…the whole team must run trains on you. yo Shake, get at me if you want a decent writer since you’ll let anybody try

  • RSBeefy

    Game is the best sound in the westcoast along with kdot
    you guys are just to busy balls deeping that ymca garbage

    keep hiphop alive

  • illicitly ill

    Kdot absolutely spazzes on this song too, can’t wait for the vid. Also, Game may not be what he was back in the Documentary and Doctor’s Advocate days, but he’s really not that bad. Better than plenty of other rappers out there.

  • FiveNine

    who the fuck is that chipmunk lookin white dude

  • Kriz

    well said ill, well said.