Rosa Acosta x T.I.T.S. 2012 (Video)

blame it on Meka February 12, 2012

Props to Hypebeast.

  • hmmop

    what is that beat with the Al Green sample??

  • Unfuckwitable

    Homie said “If shooting Rosa wet doesn’t fucking do for you then I don’t know what the fuck will do it for you.”

    Shooting Rosa wet doesn’t do for me but shooting Rosa nude and wet will.

  • groove

    thank you based god

  • BdubZ

    who else could be rich n famous from stretching then doin dishes?…but i STILL luv it

  • Oooo Weeeee

    The things I would eat out of her ass…you have no idea.

  • trufisbak

    i just fell in love…goddaaamn…

  • jay

    yall niggas tell me when rosa does a sex tape and what are the two beats in this video they was dope

  • hiphopfan

    I need to learn how to speak Spanish, so that I can pull a bad bitch like her…

    On a side note: Were those Hi-Tek beats? Sounds like it.

  • Skip Dillenger

    I copped the last collab tee she did with them… She’s a beautiful girl. Plus their collection is pretty dope.

  • T3M

    my computer froze at .39 i got a G’d up connection

  • T3M

    if thats my bitch based god is not fucking her

  • ypptsrte

    its official: at least 2 fags have visited this site today.

  • PNB

    The two tracks are from Freddie Joachim (L&H and My Heaven) –

  • whateveryone’sthinking

    I became fully erect while watching this video. How did 2 people thumb this down?

  • Flip

    bunch of bruno mars, that gave this thumbs dumb

  • i fuck peanut butter jars

    i like to eat bugs

  • MattIsLike_

    Thank you god

  • lonestar playa

    i’ll be gettin her pregnant each & every time around