2012 Grammy Awards Performances (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas February 12, 2012

Nicki Minaj – Roman Holiday

Live performances from the 54th Annual Grammy Awards. Check the jump for the rest of the clips and keep on refreshing as we’ll continue to update.

Jennifer Hudson – I Will Always Love You

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Rihanna & Coldplay – We Found Love, Princess of China & Paradise

Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby

Chris Brown – Turn Up The Music x Beautiful People

Alicia Keys & Bonnie Raitt – Etta James Tribute

Shouts to Yardie.

  • JB

    Like that Bruno Mars… would love to see him live.
    And liked Breezys MTV performance better

  • Batman

    I can’t believe the cut off the Foo Fighters with party rock anthem.

  • I know it won’t be posted here, but cmon Taylor Swift. She’s insanely stupid rich now, and pretending to be backwoods piss poor? Knock it off

  • Yooooo

    Taylor Swift can get it! Whoever that nigga is who adele songs are about ikno that nigga tiggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhtttttttttt..

  • DiazAndy

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  • tup! !

    Post Adele yo I missed it! Thanks

  • it was hott a great show

  • lmao

    ROFL @ Yooooooooo smh

  • SMH

    Nicki Minaj’s performance gave hip hop in general a bad name to the culture. Its a fucking disgrace that they even let her perform that shit song let alone her. The grammys is a joke.

  • efwafewaf

    holy fuck Nicki Minaj is a fucking faggot talentless piece of shit.. That’s gotta be the most irratating performance and song Ive ever heard/seen

  • Its what happens when you are nothing more than an asset/puppet. She gets told what to do hence the fuckery.

  • joey

    that performance was disrespectful. not even a good song to back it up.

  • late

    im just now hearing “all eyez on me” greatest hip-hop album of all-time

  • SMH Nicki. And this is what people want their female rappers to be? Cmon.

    P.S., Gaga wants all her shit back from Nicki. She’s misused it for too long now

  • cam p

    dont know illmatic and life after death are up there as well

  • yung

    ppl act like this world can’t have more than one weirdo. ain’t nobody jackin shit from no damn gaga. stfu

  • late

    @cam p

    i agree with life after death i just cant get into nas.

  • PhiLLmatic

    Wow, i was embarrassed to be a fan of hip-hop after watching Nicki’s performance… its funny how adele can just stand up there in the same place and capture everyone’s attention with her voice and nicki has to do all that crazy shit to distract you from her lack of talent.

  • yuehj

    i always said big’s life after death was the best album to smoke blunts to. it’s the equivalent of getting drunk and watching a mob flick

  • JB


  • nate86

    @late – how can you not get into ‘illmatic’? you must be fucking deaf. smh…

  • late


    maybe because every version i tried listening to had very shitty quality.If it doesnt sound good i cant listen to it.Plus i feel like alot of people overrate it because its nas im not one to jump on bandwagons.

  • diesel

    @late – you’ve got that backwards son. people people don’t overrate illmatic because of nas, they overrate nas because of illmatic

  • NoName

    I had to leave my girls place couldn’t watch the Grammys but I’m watching this the walking dead and they should throw nicki in there haa

    And how ppl say damn thts a baby making song abt certain artists tht nicki vid smh bet be a murderers anthem there haha smh crazy shit with tht vid

  • Frost

    hell yea, son…

    bout to watch that new episode…

  • what?

    @diesel how can you overrate Nas because of Illmatic? it was Nas who made Illmatic, so any rating you give to Illmatic you have to give to Nas.

  • Frank

    dont some of you you people ever get sick and tired of complaining about nicki minaj and hip hop. if u dont like her just dont watch. just last week the same people that were bashing the grammys saying they dont mean shit are the first niggas to watch and comment on the videos. its hilarious. why cant you regulate which hip hop u listen to and which hip hop you dont? stop subjecting us to your complaining cause we really dont not a fan of nicki but i accept that there is enough room in hip hop for niggas dont buy albums anyway so u waive ur right to having an opinion that people listen to

  • late


    you sound dumb as fuck BOY!!!! fuck wrong with you SON?

  • Joey Joe Joe Jr

    “Roman” couldnt do a normal hit song? What the hell was that

  • random

    Nicki Minaj has to be the best female troll ever.

  • chompers

    after the first 30 secs of nicki performance I cut it off.

  • Nicki’s whole performance is ready for all Illuminati analysis. Have at it. lol

  • LupeXperienc

    WOW!!!!! Nicki Minaj is just horrible period. I wouldnt mind if the mass media didnt force this shit down our throats & misrepresent all of HIp Hop with this crap. This is what we get when Missy Elliot & Lauryn Hill leave the game, and when a legend like Lil Kim falls off. I feel so sorry for females & the way theyr represented in HipHop.

  • last night we witnessed nikki career ender lol

  • adi Pre

    Adele killed it.

  • pilk

    the contrast between adele and rihanna was too funny ^^

  • Kejije

    you idiots act like nicki minaj represents hip hop and not just herself. probably the same niggas who act like the people on “random acts of fuckery” speak for all black people. stop letting what individuals do define your people/culture. that’s what ignorant people do. nicki is being nicki… there is nothing here that even remotely resembles gaga. hip hop has has had multiple categories for decades. grow the fuck up if you dont like something don’t watch it. either way just spare us your bitching


  • me

    That performance was worse than water board torture. She is beyond whack. It’s time to destroy and rebuild. This shit has gotten out of hand.

  • Why do u fucks hate

    Stfu me stop complaining u pussy bitch kid

  • 2ndera

    Agree with frank and kejije. I never listen to nicki and dont care for her music but she also isnt giving hip hop a bad name. She is a pop artist with rap elements thrown in here and there, she definitely doesnt represent hip hop to me and thats ok. Commentors on here act like she has to make music for “hip hop.” i never understand this silly notion. She can make music however and for whoever she wants to. Many of her fans hate hip hop that doesnt make their preferences better or worse than ours, just different. She is far from done so get use to it, those saying her career is over are in denial…

  • the realest

    i always said big’s life after death was the best album to smoke blunts to. it’s the equivalent of getting drunk and watching a mob flick

    yuehj said this on February 13th, 2012 at 12:10 am

    ^ yup. but that is cuz of puff

  • K dot

    WTF are you niggas talkin bout how she not giving hip hop a bad name? Did you watch that shitty performance? yes the fuck she is. Half them people at the Grammys dont give a fuck about rap period,With that being said, This fake bitch who is titled a FEMALE RAPPER performs the shittiest song alive and a horrible performance at that. Meanwhile giving rap all together a bad name for the non fans of it. LOL @ Niggas in the C-section tryna defend this stupid bitch cause they lil sisters love her.


  • JAyP

    I would have rather watch her perform stupid hoe