• yo

    muscle car chronicles just got released

  • midnightkat


  • maria-eliza

    YES! Filling an extreme musical gap. I hope MTV doesn't eat this up and destroy it.

  • Randy

    "I hope MTV doesn’t eat this up and destroy it." exactly how will they destroy it? tired of you underground fags who disown shit as soon as it gets popular. the world doesnt revolve around you and you dont own these artists. get over it.

  • http://IntergalacticMusic.tumblr.com Dylan

    Props to 2dopeboyz for posting this.

  • Grizzly

    This shit is fucking wack. This dude needs to grow up already, these songs were corny when he was making the same shits with The Format, but at least that was 10 years ago now. You are a teenage girl if you like this.

  • Cormac

    Grizzy, youre a faggot. fuck off if you dont like it. Nate Ruess is a genius.

  • WiLL_g510

    Agree with Cormac, these dudes are bringing the old with the new. Can't help to think of Queen when listening to this. Not saying they're neck to neck with them, but clearly they studied them and other great music to create this sound, even hip hop. Open your mind and ears.