J Dilla’s Dilla Day Detroit Concert (Video)

blame it on Meka February 13, 2012

T3 and Illa J

As expected Sadly, both Jay Electronica and Busta Rhymes were no-shows at Dilla Day Detroit this past weekend, but a couple other familiar faces were. Check some footage out, courtesy of HoodHype, up top and down bottom.

Phat Kat

Guilty Simpson


    rest in peace dilla! say yo to whitney for us we miss you dude!

  • the rap bandit

    Guess the Grammy’s were more important to Busta, that nigga is beyond sell out status. Watch him go triple aluminum.

  • Da Bul

    Busta being nominated for Grammy’s that’s completely understandable. But as for Jay, that’s fucked up dude

  • Heartanemic

    Jay E is hiding.

  • bladaoh

    fuck busta and jay electonica i hate it when people speak on dilla in interviews and shit sayin how much of an inspiration he is when they really could give a fuck and just say that shit so hip hop heads respect them. its actions like this that really show a persons character cause if either them two dudes really fucked with dilla they woulda been there

  • I never understand how these things happen. Did Busta not know when the Grammys were? Did his manager not know? Did his booking agent not know? Same for Jay Electronica…


    Is it always bullshit…and they allow the promoters/yancy foundation/people in charge to say they’re coming to generate ticket sales?

  • razmo

    I saw Asher Roth in downtown Detroit that night… I think he was there. Didn’t go to the show so I’m not sure.

    I know he claims the ‘underground/backpacker’ title… and what would be more underground/backpacker than showing up at a Dilla tribute concert.

  • trufisbak

    i’m kinda mad at jay elec and busa buss rite now… jackin dilla beats for all ur shit but when it’s time to esteem the man u disappear… fake industry fucks…


    asher was there, fuck busta this the 2nd time hes been a no show @ a concert i went to…they did say in advance he wasnt gonna be there tho

  • willmofo

    A snow storm couldn’t keep from going! I just wish J Elec & Bus would have brought their ass to the D!!! Taraji P. Henson was also a no-show-host of the show! Still turned out great!


    Show was amazing even with out Busta and Jay E. There was a pretty bad snow storm that night and that place was still packed. Big ups to all the attended

  • RJrice

    its a shame how SV is so fucked up. fuck T3 and illa j gettin played.


    The show was still dope without Trevor and Timothy. Asher rocked it, very impressed. Guilty was ill too, real nice accapella of Cali Hills. Dilla Day ya’ll

  • danny brown had the hypest set. phife & j-rocc weren’t there either. the promotion for this show was inexcusable. it was for a good cause though & heads love dilla, despite all the fuckery.

  • Thank you very much for that big article

  • Che

    lol @ RJrice

  • Kriz

    danny brown had the best set of the show. hands down. but i was fucking pissed Jay Elec didn’t show up…I should have known…but we did it for Dilla anyway and the show and the crowd was amazing.

  • JayDfan

    Whats the name of the 1st song they play?

  • the look of love

  • jb

    man dem niggas aint come but fuck em if u wuz there u seen all that detroit hip hop right in our city n dem niggas tore tha house down

  • jw

    promotion was inexcusable. not 2 but 4 main acts not showing up, as said up there. i guess busta had an excuse but 3 others, really? when sv was on i was like ‘damn this set is lengthy’ but then it just ended we were like whaat. also fuck illa j, im sorry, he sucked, though it was still dope to see sv live or at least a third of it