• http://www.blackmusicblvd.blogspot.com Nate Native

    linkage please haha

  • realtalk¬©

    How does this have 9 thumbs up and no link or anything to hear this shit?
    I swear some dudes just click the thumbs based on names or something..

  • step

    dudes ... kids* simpletons...

  • GreenIndex
  • realtalk

    2 reasons for the thumbs up. phips. & spitta. they dont make bad apart, and they only make great music together.

  • http://www.twitter.com/theartofcoolin TwinLOUDpack

    LINK... Plz & Thank You

  • Kalia

    Here's the sharebeast link:


  • silence


    they only make great music period. the consistency is strong with these ones.