Swerve & SYG – Hoes.Liquor.Weed.Money f. Co$$

blame it on Shake February 13, 2012

ArtByShake. Click to enlarge.

Swerve and SYG enlist the homie Co$$ for the second leak off their upcoming Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey project, dropping right here (and over at KevinNottingham) on February 21st.

More often than not in music today we hear about societies obsessions with hoes, kiquor, weed, money and other various vices, but rarely do we talk about what in our life has brought us to this mindset. This song describes that feeling. Thank you for listening and spending a few moments with our music, we hope you enjoy every second.

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  • Numba7

    Yo, this is what i’m talking about! this shit goes hard! this beat is crazy.

  • Co$$ has a dope style tho

  • SwaggerJackson

    this track just touched my soul lol. not really, but kind of.. I def be poppin vic’s and fucking mad bitches.

  • London

    This is excellent. Never heard of these other guys but they all killed it, and Co$$ is rapping like a Boss as always. Can’t forget the beat, it’s crazy. This is that real rap soul provider music. Love

  • 2dope

    this joints crazy. thanks shake.

  • Untuchd_Reno

    the track is is good, the artwork is better.

  • JayHot

    nice use of outkast you may die sample

  • GeezUp

    This is my new anthem, for real. that Co$$ guy ain’t nothing special though, they should have got someone like freddie gibbs to kill the end. You can tell it’s set up for someone just to murder it, but Coss had the weakest verse on this thing. It’s not that it’s bad or anything, It just didn’t bring the same feeling that the other to had. Either way I keep replaying the first verse and the hook over and over, i really feel that shit. The second guy says “i’m more than just a nobody that amounted to nothing”. That line gave me chills. no homo.

  • Merk

    ^^ guy’s crazy. Co$$ murdered that shit, fuck off.

  • Laced

    Geez you don’t understand what Co$$ is on. Dude can spit deep forreal. Listen to ‘Pot ash’, ‘scriptures’ or ‘through the flames’, and try to say he ain’t nothing special. At first I didn’t like him much either, but once you get used to his flow you begin to appreciate him much more. His verse was good on this song, he gave his own perspective and didn’t try to follow after the guys before him.

  • Mani

    I just listened to this on my headphones at work so I didn’t get a full listen, but between this and the song y’all posted last week I’m looking forward to this project. Who are these guys? shits certified crack in my book.